Series 25985

Governor Leavitt Chief of staff records, 1993-2003.

11.70 cubic feet and 25 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series consists of the subject files created by the chiefs of staff and deputy chiefs of staff of Governor Michael O. Leavitt.

Scope and Content

This series consists of records created by the chiefs of staff and deputy chiefs of staff of Governor Leavitt. It contains correspondence, reports, subject files and other records that enabled the chief of staff to advise the Governor in setting policy, coordinate the executive branch, direct communications for the administration, and manage numerous state agencies. Governor Leavitt had five chiefs of staff over the course of his administration: Charles Johnson (January 1993-July 1997), Bob Gross (August 1997-January 1998), Robert Linnell (interim chief of staff from January to March 1998), Ted Stewart (March 1998-October 1999), and Rich McKeown (October 1999-November 2003). Staff members whose records are included in this series are Charles (Charlie) Johnson (1993-1997) and Robert (Bob) Linnell (1998). Linnell's files also include some material accumulated during his tenure as deputy for intergovernmental relations (1994-1998) and later as the Governor's liaison for local governmentrelations (2000). Also included are records created by Vicki Varela who served as deputy of communications (1993-1997) and deputy chief of staff (1999-2000).
A variety of topics are represented in the series ranging from economic development, education, and funding for Interstate 15 to social issues such as abortion, gangs, and health care. Notes and programs collected from a number of professional and political conferences are included as are several articles from prominent magazines related to the Governor and Utah.

Research Note

There are no records retained from chiefs of staff Bob Gross (1997-1998), Ted Stewart (1998-1999), or Richard McKeown (1999-2003).


By staff member, thereunder by subject.

Boxes one through seven contain Vicki Varela's files, boxes eight through eleven contain Charles Johnson's files, and boxes twelve and thirteen contain Robert Linnell's files.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Public. The secondary classification is Private: This series contains some private information.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Custody History

This series was transferred by the Utah State Archives by the governor's office administrator Michael Smith.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by Brandon Metcalf in May 2006.

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Container List

111State of Utah-Health Professions Education Cost Study, September 1996
112Analysis of strategic affiliation options for University of Utah, 1997
113Salt Lake Regional Medical Center and PHC regional hospitals
114U of U Health Science Center Strategic Plan, 1995
115Hospital mergers and Columbia Healthcare meeting
116University of Utah memorandums
117Milken Institute Education Conference, June 1998
218Museum Proposal for Santa Clara, Utah
219People for the USA handouts
2110Healthcare in rural Utah, September 2000
2111University Hospital (1 of 2)
2112University Hospital (2 of 2)
2113Utah Medical Association
2114Health Care issues (1 of 2)
2115Health Care issues (2 of 2)
2116University of Utah: Financial Analysis for Affiliation Strategy
2117University Health Sciences
2118Health Sciences Center
221Balanced budget
222Baby Your Baby
223Base closure
225Attorney General
226Articles by Governor
227Approval rating
3210Air quality
3211Airplane use (Governor)
3212Advisory Commission Intergovernmental Relations
3214Abortion rehearing
3216Cabinet Council retreat
3217Cabinet (1 of 2)
3218Cabinet (2 of 2)
3219Bush bills
3221Centennial schools
3223CATO Institute Policy Analysis
3225Conference of the States (1 of 2)
3226Conference of the States (2 of 2)
4227Concealed weapons
4228Civic journalism
4230Centennial values
4231Federalism Summit
4232Federalism book
4233Issues of democracy
4234European community
4235Envision Utah
4238Endangered species
4239Education partnerships
4241Duties (Vicki Varela)
4242Economic development
4243Domestic violence
4244Defense conversion
4246Council of State Governments
431Media seminars (1 of 2)
432Media seminars (2 of 2)
433Utah Health Policy - Telemedicine Association
434Media policy
435Governor's Mansion
436Light rail
438Legislative summary
539I-15 funding
5311Juvenile crime
5312Kudos to Governor
5313Health print
5314Highly impacted schools
5315Hill Air Force Base
5316Hill Defense Depot Ogden
5317Higher Education
5318Hispanic media
5321Internet taxes
5322Gambling (1 of 2)
5323Gambling (2 of 2)
5325Gang suppression
5327Gee whiz
5328Gift policy
5329Government growth
5330Governor's travel
5331Grand Canyon Visibility
5332Grand Staircase
5333Growth Summit
6335Foster care
6336Fiscal focus
641Nuclear waste
642National Governors Association
643Personal income growth
644PIO Meeting (Public Information Officers)
645PIOs (Public Information Officers)
647Public Information Officer
648Public Service announcements
6410Russia Institute
7412Western Governors Association, 1995
7413Western Governors University
7415Word Perfect
7416Workforce Development (1 of 2)
7417Workforce Development (2 of 2)
7418Workforce Services
7419Welfare reform
7420Western Governors Association, 1994
7421Western Primary
7422Whirling disease
7424Wildlife resources
8425Writing tips
8426Worldwide Web
8427Workplace safety
8429Youth Violence
851Defense conversion
852Escalante proposal
854Health care
855Health Care Reform
856Quiet quality
8510Minimum wage
8513Mug shots
8514Nuclear waste
8515Open space
8518Prairie dogs
8520Progress report, 1994
8522Reelection campaign
8523Regional Primary
8524Research & Development tax credits
8525Republican Governors Association
8526Senate Bill 199
8527School Calendar
8528Senior Staff
8529Smart Utah
8530Special Session
9532Leavitt speeches
9533Tax cuts
9534Sex offenders
9535State of the State, 1997
9536Tax increase
9538Unfunded mandates
9539Volunteer summit
9541Welfare reform
1061Financial World ""The State of the States"" (May 11, 1993)
1062Financial World ""The State of the States"" (Sep 26, 1995)
1063The Industry Standard ""The Missionary"" (Aug 14, 2000)
1064Governing ""Public Officials of the Year 1999""
1065Financial World ""Ranking The States-Utah Ranks #1"" (Nov 18, 1996)
1066Journal of Public Service and Outreach (Summer 1997)
1067A Republican Journal of Thought and Opinion Common Sense (Winter 1995)
1068Mike Leavitt campaign flyer
1069Salt Lake City: Magazine of the Mountainwest (March 1997)
10610Net News (October 1994)
10611Time ""Rising Republicans"" (August 19, 1996)
10612Utah Business Magazine ""Rural Utah Rising: The People Price and Politics of Governor Leavitt's Rural Agenda"" (April 1998)
10613Ski Utah Winter Vacation Planner (1997-1998)
10614From Vision to Reality: A Western Virtual University (Feb 6, 1996)
10615American Civilization interview with Leavitt (March 1995)
10616Utah Spirit ""Leavitt or Orton Who's best for Utah Seniors?"" (Oct 2000)
10617State of the State Address (Jan 17, 2000)
11618Beehive History: Utah's Governors (1992)
11619Spectrum ""Gubernatorial Report Cards: Summer 1994"" (Spring 1995)
11620Southwest Utah (Fall 1993)
11621Inauguration notes, 1997
11622Virtual University file
11623Photograph portrait of Governor Leavitt and photograph of Leavitt with Vice President Cheney
1271Border to Border Bikathon, 1995
1272Declarations, January 1995
1273Declarations, February 1995
1274Declarations, March 1995
1275Declarations, April 1995
1276Declarations, May 1995
1277Declarations, June 1995
1278Declarations, July 1995
1279Declarations, August 1995
12710Declarations, September 1995
13711Declarations October 1995
13712Declarations, October 1995
13713Declarations, November 1995
13714Declarations, December 1995
13715Various declarations
1381Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, 1994
1382Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, February 1995
1383Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, March 1995
1384Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, April 1995
1385Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, May 1995
1386Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, June 1995
1487Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, July 1995
1488Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, August 1995
1489Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, September 1995
14810Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, October 1995
14811Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, November 1995
14812Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, December 1995
14813Governor Leavitt correspondence copies, 1996
14814Hill Defense Depot Ogden (1 of 3)
14815Hill Defense Depot Ogden (2 of 3)
15816Hill Defense Depot Ogden (3 of 3)
15817Federal retirees
15819Special Session April 19, 1995
15820Oshkosh Truck in Tooele Army
15821Tooele Army Depot
1692Water (1 of 2)
1693Water (2 of 2)
1694Growth meeting, November 1995
1695University Hospital negotiations
1696Huntsman Cancer Center
1697Columbia/Health Care Association agenda
1698Huntsman Center
1699Champion Health Care Company
16910Columbia Heath Trusts
16911Open space
16101English Village
16102Growth Summit (1 of 2)
17103Growth Summit (2 of 2)
17105Monitored Retrievable Storage
17106National Guard
17107Outreach meetings
17108Ox Bow Jail
17109Special Session - Education
171010Special Session
171011University renovations
171012Margaret Thatcher
171013Trooper Comps
171014Office of Recovery Services
171015Total Quality Management
181016Union Pacific and Southern Pacific merger
181017Railroad merger (1 of 4)
181018Railroad merger (2 of 4)
181019Railroad merger (3 of 4)
181020Railroad merger (4 of 4)
181021Railroad (1 of 2)
181022Railroad (2 of 2)
181023Express Pipeline
181024Pipeline map
181025Bureau of Mines
181026Commuter link opening, UDOT
18111Transportation, November 1996
18112Legislation, February 1997
18113Hot Spots budgets, February 23, 1997
19115Transportation funding (1 of 2)
19116Transportation funding (2 of 2)
19117Polls, 1995
19118Political, 1996
19119Child Welfare reform
191111Performance based funding mechanism
191112Legislation 1997 (1 of 2)
191113Legislation 1997 (2 of 2)
201114Budget 1997 (1 of 2)
201115Budget 1997 (2 of 2)
201116Budget 1996
20123Bountiful correspondence, 1992-1993
21124Western Transportation Corridor
21125Western Transportation Corridor
21126Underground and Siting Power (1 of 2)
21127Underground and Siting Power (2 of 2)
21128Utah Transit Authority
21129Cottonwood Heights incorporation
211210Wendover (1 of 2)
211211Wendover (2 of 2)
221212Outreach program
221214Legacy Highway
221215Nursing Home Committee
23132Statewide Strategy meeting (R.S. 2477)
23133Statewide Strategy meeting (R.S. 2477)
23134Wasatch Front Regional Council (1 of 2)
23135Wasatch Front Regional Council (2 of 2)
23136Utah Association of Special Districts
23137Veterans Advisory Council
23138Governor's Road Preservation team
23139Utah Association of Counties
231310Conference of Salt Lake Valley Municipal Mayors
241311Utah League of Cities and Towns Legislative Policy Committee
241312Anti-Nuke lawsuit (1 of 2)
241313Anti-Nuke lawsuit (2 of 2)
241314Utah Advisory Council of Intergovernmental Relations (1 of 2)
241315Utah Advisory Council of Intergovernmental Relations (2 of 2)
251316Tribal Economic Development
251317Miscellaneous emails
251318Military Affairs Committee
251319Executive Director Search Committee Veterans
251320Quality of Life team meeting
251321Indian energy development
251322Strategy team