Series 26002

Governor Leavitt Programs of the First Lady, 1993-2003.

8.20 cubic feet and 17 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

These are the subject files handled by the staff of the First Lady, Jacalyn S. Leavitt, and document the various events and programs in which she participated.

Scope and Content

These are the subject files handled by the staff of the First Lady, Jacalyn S. Leavitt. The series documents the various events and programs in which Mrs. Leavitt participated in during her service as First Lady. The records include children's books authored by Mrs. Leavitt, correspondence, conference programs, meeting minutes, reports, and speeches. The bulk of the series pertains to Mrs. Leavitt's literacy program, the immunization of children in Utah, and the Governor's Initiative on Families Today (GIFT).
The series consists primarily of the records maintained by Mrs. Leavitt's assistant, Judith George. Many of the handwritten notes composed by Mrs. Leavitt are merely photocopies of the originals. Mrs. Leavitt's annual schedules are included in the series, as well as files pertaining to her involvement in the National Governors Association (NGA), Republican Governors Association (RGA), and the Western Governors Association (WGA).
GIFT was created in 1994 under the direction ofGovernor Leavitt to foster and enhance healthy, positive, and caring family interaction. The initiative sponsored a number of family and marriage enrichment conferences statewide throughout the year in conjunction with several partners, including the Commission for Women and Families. A vast amount of programs, budgets, keynote speaker bios, and correspondence from these annual conferences are contained within the series.


Alphabetical by subject, thereunder chronological by date.

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This series is classified as Public.

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Custody History

This series was transferred by the Utah State Archives by the governor's office administrator Michael Smith.

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These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by Brandon Metcalf in November 2005.

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Container List

111Adult Roles and Responsibilties, 2000
112Adult Roles and Responsibilties, 2001-2002
113Adult Roles and Responsibilties Correspondence, 1995-1997
114ALERT (Action for Leadership, Education, Resources, and Training), 1997
115Americorps, 1995
116Atlanta Olympics, 1996
117Baby Your Baby, 1993-2000
118Ballet Folklorico, 2003
119Best Friends Foundation, 1995
1110Between Us, 1999
1111Board of State History, 1995
1112Book about Governor Leavitt's Desk (The Tornado Desk), 2001
1113Boys and Girls Club, 1998
1114Boys Town, 1996
1115Bravo Award, 1995
1116Cache Valley Children's Justice Center, 1997
1117Capitol Discovery Day, 2003
1118Capitol Christmas Tree lighting, 1993-2003
1119Care-A-Van, 1994-1995
1120Catholic Community Services, 1994-1997
1121Centenarians, 1995-1996
1122Character Education (Hero Hunt), 2003
1123Chevron Breast Cancer Awareness Program, 2000
1124Child Care, 2000-2003
1125Child Lures-The Power of Positive Prevention, 1993
1126Child Welfare Foundation, 1998
1127Children's Center, 1994
1128Children's Health, 1995-1997
1129Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), 2001-2003
1130Children's Museum Award, 1995
1131Children's Museum of Utah, 2000
2132Children's United Nations, 1999
2133Christmas-nativity Puppet Story, 2002
2134Christmas Box House Foundation, 1998-2001
2135Community Assistance and Resource Event, 1996-1997
2136Community Assistance and Resource Event, 2003
2137Community of Caring, 2003
2138Community Nursing Service and Hospice, 1994
2139Community Services Council, 1996-1998
2140Conference on Volunteerism, 1995
2141Correspondence, 1993-1994
2142Crusade fro the Homeless, 1998
2143Days of '47 Correspondence, 1994-1996
2144DDI Vantage 25th Birthday, 1996
2145Education, 1996-1997
2146Events, 1993
2147Events, 1994
2148Events, 1995
2149Events, 1996
2150Events, 1997
2151Events, 1998
2152Every Child By Two Agendas, 1993-1995
2153Every Child By Two Correspondence, 1993-1995
2154Every Child By Two Immunization Task Force, 1997
2155Every Child By Two Immunization Task Force, 1998
2156Every Child By Two Immunization Task Force, 1999
2157Every Child By Two "Plan for Action," 1993
2158Every Child By Two, Washington DC Luncheon, 1996
2159Every Child Can Read, 1998
2160Faith-Based Community Issue, 2002
2161Faux Paw the First Cat on Internet Safety, 2001
2162First Lady's Schedule, 1993-1995
2163First Lady's Schedule, 1996
2164First Lady's Schedule, 1997
2165First Lady's Schedule, 1998
2166First Lady's Schedule, 1999
2167First Lady's Schedule, 2000
2168First Lady's Schedule, 2001
2169First Lady's Schedule, 2002
2170First Lady's Schedule, 2003
2171GIFT, 2003
3172GIFT Advisory Board Minutes, 2000
3173GIFT Advisory Board Meetings, 2000
321GIFT Asian Conference, 1997
322GIFT Asian Conference, 2001
323GIFT Asian American Achievement Awards Banquet, 1999
324GIFT Black Community Conference, 1997
325GIFT Black Community Young Achievers Conference, 1997-1998
326GIFT Black Community Young Achievers Conference Packet, 1998
327GIFT Budget, 1997-1998
328GIFT Celebration of Marriage Attendee Evaluations, 2001
329GIFT Celebration of Marriage Budget, 2001
3210GIFT Celebration of Marriage Evaluation Reports, 2001
3211GIFT Celebration of Marriage Exhibitors, 2001
3212GIFT Celebration of Marriage Keynote Speaker Bios, 2001
3213GIFT Celebration of Marriage Mailers, 2001
3214GIFT Celebration of Marriage Publicity, 2001
3215GIFT Celebration of Marriage Schedule and Reception List, 2001
3216GIFT Celebration of Marriage Workshop Proposals, 2001
3217GIFT Celebration of Marriage Attendee Evaluations, 2002
3218GIFT Celebration of Marriage Evaluation Reports, 2002
3219GIFT Celebration of Marriage Program, 2002
3220GIFT Celebration of Marriage Proposals, 2002
3221GIFT Celebrationof Marriage Attendee Evaluations, 2003
3222GIFT Celebration of Marriage Evaluation Report, 2003
3223GIFT Celebration of Marriage Keynote Speaker, 2003
3224GIFT Celebration of Marriage Program, 2003
3225GIFT Central Utah Conference, 1999
3226GIFT Central Utah Conference on Families, 2000-2001
3227GIFT Chinese-Japanese Family Conference, 1995
3228GIFT Community Leaders Conference, 1996
3229GIFT Community Leaders Conference, 1997
4230GIFT Community Leaders Conference Evaluations, 1997
4231GIFT Community Leaders Conference, 1998
4232GIFT Community Leaders Conference Attendee Packet, 1998
4233GIFT Community Leaders Conference Correspondence, 1998
4234GIFT Community Leaders Conference Keynote Speaker, 1998
4235GIFT Community Leaders Conference Planning Minutes, 1998
4236GIFT Community Leaders Conference Press Clippings, 1998
4237GIFT Community Leaders Conference Evaluations, 1999
4238GIFT Community Leaders Conference on Literacy, 1999
4239GIFT Community Leaders Conference Minutes, 1999
4240GIFT Community Leaders Conference, 2000
4241GIFT Community Leaders Conference Agendas and Minutes, 2000
4242GIFT Community Leaders Conference Attendee Packet, 2000
4243GIFT Community Leaders Conference Budget, 2000
4244GIFT Community Leaders Conference Correspondence, 2000
4245GIFT Community Leaders Conference Evaluations, 2000
4246GIFT Community Leaders Conference Planning Board, 2000
4247GIFT Community Leaders Conference Site Coordinators, 2000
4248GIFT Community Leaders Conference Taping, 2000
4249GIFT Community Leaders Conference Utah's Promise-A Healthy Start, 2000
5250GIFT Conference Information, 1997-1998
5251GIFT Conference, "The Kimono," 1999
5252GIFT Conference Schedules, 1999-2000
5253GIFT Correspondence, 1994
5254GIFT Correspondence, 1995
5255GIFT Correspondence, 1996
5256GIFT Correspondence, 1997
531GIFT Correspondence, 1997
532GIFT Correspondence, 1998
533GIFT Exhibits, 1997
534GIFT Family Concert, 1999
535GIFT Family Conference, 1991
536GIFT Family Conference, 1992
537GIFT Family Conference, 1993
538GIFT Family Conference, 1997
539GIFT Family Conference, 1998
5310GIFT Family Conference Evaluations, 1995
5311GIFT Family Conference Evaluations, 1996
6312GIFT Family Conference Evaluations, 1997
6313GIFT Family Conference Packet, 1998
6314GIFT Family Conference Speech, 1995
6315GIFT Foster Family Award, 1997-1998
6316GIFT Fundraising Letters, 1999
6317GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Award Winners, 2002
6318GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Award Press Kit, 2002
6319GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees(Cache County), 2002
6320GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees(Davis County), 2002
6321GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees (Salt Lake County), 2002
6322GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees (Statewide), 2002
6323GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees (Utah County), 2002
6324GIFT Gold Medal Marriage, 2003
6325GIFT Gold Medal Marriage Nominees, 2003
6326GIFT Gold Medal Marriage (Utah's Longest Married Couple), 2003
6327GIFT Hispanic Conference, 1995
6328GIFT Hispanic Conference (Provo), 1997
6329GIFT Hispanic Conference (Salt Lake), 1997
6330GIFT Hispanic Conference, 1999
6331GIFT Hispanic Family Conference, 1998
6332GIFT Kids Count Conference, 1995
6333GIFT Korean Family Conference, 1995
6334GIFT Literacy Conference Correspondence, 1999
6335GIFT Literacy Conference Handouts, 1999
6336GIFT Logan Marriage Conference, 1997
6337GIFT Logan Marriage Conference, 1999
6338GIFT Logan Conference, 2000
7339GIFT Logan Conference, 2002
7340GIFT Marriage Awards, 1999
7341GIFT Marriage Conference, 1994-1995
7342GIFT Marriage Conference, 1995
7343GIFT Marriage Conference, 1996
7344GIFT Marriage Conference, 1997
7345GIFT Marriage Conference, 1998
7346GIFT Marriage Conference, 1999
7347GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1993
7348GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1994
7349GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1995
7350GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1996
7351GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1997
7352GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1998
7353GIFT Marriage Conference Evaluations, 1999
7354GIFT Marriage Conference Presenter Evaluations, 1997
7355GIFT Marriage Conference Press Packet, 1999
7356GIFT Media Campaign, 1993-1994
741GIFT Music and Education Program, 2000-2001
742GIFT Music and Education Program (Northern Utah), 2001
743GIFT Native American Conference, 1999
744GIFT Native American Conference, 2000
745GIFT Native American Conference, 2001
846GIFT Native American Conference, 2002
847GIFT Native American Conference, 2003
848GIFT Native American Conference Art Contest, 2003
849GIFT Native American Conference Correspondence, 2001
8410GIFT Native American Conference Poetry Contest, 2003
8411GIFT Newspaper Clippings, 1998
8412GIFT Northern Utah Conference, 1998
8413GIFT Northern Utah Conference, 2001
8414GIFT Northern Utah Conference, 2002
8415GIFT Northern Utah Family Fun Night, 2003
8416GIFT Ogden Conference, 2000
8417GIFT Orem Conference, 1997
8418GIFT Pacific Islander Young Achievers, 2001
8419GIFT Pacific Islander Young Achievers, 2002
8420GIFT Pacific Islander Young Achievers, 2003
8421GIFT Polynesian Conference, 1997
8422GIFT Polynesian Young Achievers, 1998
8423GIFT Polynesian Young Achievers, 1999
8424GIFT Price Conference, 1994
8425GIFT Putting Marriage on the Public Agenda, 1999
8426GIFT Regional Conference, 1994
8427GIFT Richfield Conference, 1998
8428GIFT Roosevelt/Vernal Conference, 1995
8429GIFT Roosevelt Family Conference, 1995
8430GIFT Roosevelt Conference, 1997
8431GIFT South Valley Marriage Conference, 2000
8432GIFT South Valley Marriage Conference Keynote Speakers, 2000
8433GIFT Southern Utah Celebration of Marriage, 2003
8434GIFT Southern Utah Family Conference, 1999
8435GIFT Southern Utah Women's Conference, 1997
8436GIFT St. George Conference, 1996
8437GIFT St. George Conference, 1998
8438GIFT Tooele Conference, 2000
8439GIFT Vernal Conference, 1998
8440GIFT Vernal Celebration of Family, 1999
8441GIFT Wasatch County Conferences, 1998
9442GIFT Wasatch County Conferences, 1999
9443GIFT Wasatch County Conferences, 2000
9444GIFT Yellow Pages for the Family, 1992
9445GIFT Yellow Pages for the Family, 2000
9446GIFT Youth Issues Alliance, 1996-1999
9447Golden Key awards, 1994-1995
9448Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Articles, 1995-1996
9449Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Centennial Commission, 1995-1996
9450Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Centennial Commission Minutes, 1995-1996
9451Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Centennial Events, 1996
9452Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Centennial Service-a-Thon, 1996
9453Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Centennial Values, 1996
9454Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Character Education, 2000
9455Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Correspondence, 1995-1996
9456Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Master Calendar of Events, 1995-1996
9457Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Music, 1996
9458Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Packet, 1996
9459Governor's Commission on Centennial Values: Publications, 1994-1996
1051Governor's Commission on Marriage, 2000-2001
1052Governor's Commission on Marriage, 2002
1053Governor's Commission on Marriage Agendas and Minutes, 1999
1054Governor's Mansion, 1992-2003
1055Governor's Mansion Brochure and Fire, 1993
1056Governor's Mansion Cookbook, 1995-2002
1057Governor's Mansion Cookbook: Recipes from U.S. Governors, 1993
1058Governor's Office of Black Affairs, 1995-1996
1059Great Start Correspondence, Nov 2000-Apr 2001
10510Great Start Correspondence, May 2001-Aug 2001
10511Great Start Correspondence, Sep 2001-Jan 2002
10512Habitat for Humanity: Women Build, 2001
10513Health and Safe Kids, 1996-1997
10514Health Sciences Advocates, 1998
10515Hispanic Advisory Affairs, 1998
10516Hook-a-Book, 1995-2000
10517I am Your Child Foundation, 2000
10518Immunization, 1994
11519Immunization, 1997
11520Immunization, 2000
11521Immunization, 2001
11522Immunization, 2002
11523Immunization: Care-a-Van campaign, 1996-1999
11524Immunization: Children's Assistance and Resource Event, 1993
11525Immunization: Children's Mobile Immunization Program, 1996
11526Immunization: Correspondence, 1993-1994
11527Immunization: Correspondence, 1997-1999
11528Immunization: Drive to Immunize, 1999
11529Immunization: Events, 1997-1999
11530Immunization: Ogden conference, 1993
11531Immunization: Ogden conference, 1995
11532Immunization: Salt Lake County conference, 1995
11533Immunization Task Force, 1993
11534Immunization Task Force, 1994
11535Immunization Task Force, 1995
11536Immunization Task Force, 1999
11537Internet Safety Mousepads, 1999
11538Jacalyn S. Leavitt Bio, 2001
11539Jacalyn S. Leavitt Essays
11540Jacalyn S. Leavitt Family Christmas cards
11541Jacalyn S. Leavitt Internet Home Page, 1997
11542Jacalyn S. Leavitt: Role of the First Lady
11543Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches, 1994
11544Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Kiwanis, 1996
11545Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Northern Utah, 2001
11546Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Sky View High School, 1993
11547Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Utah Federation for Youth, 1997
11548Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Valley Fair Mall, 1993
11549Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: Volunteer conference, 1995
11550Jacalyn S. Leavitt Speeches: "We Welcome the World," 2000
11551Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1992-1993
12552Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1994
12553Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1995
12554Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1996
12555Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1997
12556Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 1998
12557Jacalyn S. Leavitt Thank You Letters, 2000-2003
1261Kids Count, 2000
1262Later School Time, 1998
1263Later School Time, 1999
1264Later School Time, 2000
1265Later School Time, 2001
1266Legacy Award, 1998
1267Legacy of Peace, 1995
1268Legislative Dinner, 1994
1269Legislative Spouses' Activities, 1994-1998
12610Legislative Spouses' Lunches, 1993
12611Legislative Spouses' Lucheon, 2000
12612Life Skills Conference, 1994
12613Light the Fire Within, 2001
12614Light the Fire Within press Kit, 2001
12615Literacy, 1998
12616Literacy: Articles, 1999
12617Literacy: Committee, 1998
13618Literacy: Dr. Ray H. Barton, 2000
13619Literacy: Scholastic Read 2004
13620Literacy: Reading Rally, 2003
13621Literacy: Starting Early Publications
13622Make Marriage Work, 1999-2000
13623March of Dimes Gourmet Gala, 1995
13624Marriage conference in Washington D.C., 1999
13625Mary Baldwin College Correspondence, 1996
13626Mrs. Leavitt's National Guard Minute Man award, 2001
13627Mormon Tabernacle Choir nomination for National Medal of Art, 1996
13628Mother's Day Awards, 1998
13629Mother's Day Award Nominations, 1998
13630Mother's Day Awards, 1999
13631Music Education, 2000
13632National Governor's Association: Arts Awards, 2000
13633National Governor's Association: Arts Awards, 2001
13634National Governor's Association: Awards Program, 2002
13635National Governor's Association: Governor's Directories, 1995-1996
13636National Governor's Association: Governor and Spouse's Directory, 1998
13637National Governor's Association: Governor and Spouse's Directory, 1999
13638National Governor's Association: Governor and Spouse's Directory, 2000
13639National Governor's Association: Governor and Spouse's Directory, 2001
13640National Governor's Association: Governor and Spouse's Directory, 2002
13641National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 1993
13642National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 1994
14643National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 1996
14644National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 1997
14645National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 1999
14646National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 2000
14647National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 2001
14648National Governor's Association: Governor's Seminar, 2002
14649National Governor's Association: New Governor's Seminar, 1996
14650National Governor's Association: New Governor's Seminar, 1998
14651National Governor's Association: New Governor's Seminar, 2000
14652National Governor's Association: New Governor's Seminar, 2002
1471National Governor's Association: Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy, 2000
1472National Governor's Association: Smoking Correspondence, 2000
1473National Governor's Association: Spouse's Leadership Committee, 1999
1474National Governor's Association: Spouse's Retreat, 1999
1475National Governor's Association: Spouse's Seminar, 1998
1476National Governor's Association: Spouse's Seminar, 2003
1477National Governor's Association: Spouses Today, 1993-2003
1478National Governor's Association: State Service Award Nominations, 1995
1479National Governor's Association: Summer Meeting, 1999
14710National Governor's Association: Summer Meeting, 2000
14711National Governor's Association: Summer Meeting, 2002
14712National Governor's Association: Summer Meeting, 2003
14713National Governor's Association: Underage Drinking Inintiative, 2001
14714National Governor's Association: Winter Meeting, 1996
14715National Governor's Association: Winter Meeting, 2000
14716National Governor's Association: Winter Meeting, 2001
14717National Governor's Association: Winter Meeting, 2003
14718National Teacher of the Year, 1995
14719Newcomers Club, 1995
15720National Institute on Alcohol, Abuse, and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 1999-2003
15721Oasis House Visit, 1995
15722Olympic Memories at the Mansion, 2002
15723Olympic Publications, 2002
15724Opera Guild Luncheon, 1996
15725Pennies by the Inch, 1995
15726Pennies by the Inch, 1996
15727Pennies by the Inch, 1997
15728Pennies by the Inch, 1998
15729Pennies by the Inch, 1999
15730Premiere of "I've Decided," 1998
15731Read to Me, 1999
15732Read to Me, 2000-2003
15733Read to Me: Agendas and Minutes, 1998
15734Read to Me: Brochure
15735Read to Me: Budget Reports, 2001-2004
15736Read to Me: Champions Challenge Golf Tournament, 1999
15737Read to Me: Correspondence, 1998-2003
15738Read to Me: Donations, 1998-2000
15739Read to Me: Funding Reports, 1998-2000
15740Read to Me: Gifts Given at Hospital
15741Read to Me: Hawaii, 1998
15742Read to Me: Hospital List
15743Read to Me: Janice A. Dole, 1998
15744Read to Me: KSL TV Spots, 1999
15745Read to Me: Literacy Articles
15746Read to Me: Mexico Trip, 2003
15747Read to Me: Mrs. Leavitt's Suggested Reading List
15748Read to Me: News Releases, 1999
15749Read to Me: Spanish Translation, 1998-2003
15750Reflection of Governor Leavitt's Public Health Legacy, 2003
16751Republican Governor's Association, 1994-1996
16752Republican Governor's Association, 1997
16753Republican Governor's Association, 1998
16754Republican Governor's Association, 1999
16755Republican Governor's Association, 2000
16756Republican Governor's Association, 2001
16757Republican Governor's Association, 2002
1681Richfield Public Library, 2002
1682Rite Aid Women's Health Foundation, 1999
1683Safe Kids Coalition, 1994-1999
1684Scholarships and Savings, 1998-1999
1685School Visits, 1995-1998
1686Sex Respect (Parent guide), 1990
1687Sex Respect (Student guide), 1990
1688Sexual Commitment and Family (High School text), 1990
1689Shaken Baby Abuse, 1997-1999
16810Shakespeare Festival, 1996-1997
16811Stitching History Fashion Show, 1996
16812Therese Anderson Correspondence, 1999-2000
16813Three R's Project, 1996
16814Too Smart to Smoke, 1999
16815U for Utah by Jacalyn S. Leavitt, 2002
16816Utah/California Women's Award, 2003
16817Utah Chapter for the Prevention of Child Abuse, 1994-1999
16818Utah Coalition for Families Award, 1998
16819Utah Conference on Strengthening the Family, 1988
16820Utah Council of Volunteers, 1992-1995
16821Utah Food Bank Against Hunger, 1994-2000
16822Utah Library Association, 1994
16823Utah Reads, 1999
16824Utah Women's Achievement Award, 2001
16825Women's Commission, 1994-2000
16826Women's Groups, 1998
16827Women's History Awards, 1997-1999, 2003
17828Worth Remembering by Jacalyn S. Leavitt, 2000
17829Worth Remembering Plan, 2003
17830Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Tucson), 1993
17831Western Governor's Association: Seminar (South Lake Tahoe), 1994
17832Western Governor's Association: Seminar (St. George), 1994
17833Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Park City), 1995
17834Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Omaha), 1996
17835Western Governor's Association: Seminar (San Antonio), 1996
17836Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Medora, ND), 1997
17837Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Seattle), 1997
17838Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Girdwood, AK), 1998
17839Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Jackson, WY), 1999
17840Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Las Vegas), 1999
17841Western Governor's Association: Seminar (San Diego), 2000
17842Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Couer d'Alene), 2001
17843Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Phoenix), 2002
17844Western Governor's Association: Seminar (Montana), 2003
17845Wheelchair Foundation, 2003
17846Women's Health: Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society), 1993-1997
17847Women's Health: Breast Cancer Campaign, 1994
17848Women's Health: Breast Cancer Early Detection Program, 1994
17849Women's Health Campaign, 1996
17850Women's Health Campaign, 1996
17851Women's Health: Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center, 1996-1997
17852Women's Health: Rape and Sexual Abuse Centers, 1996-1997
1791OVERSIZED: Atlanta 1996 - The Centennial of the Modern Olympic Games
1792OVERSIZED: Character Education Posters
1793OVERSIZED: Devereaux Mansion & Pre - Olympic Events, 2001