Series 2847

Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks. Administrative records, 1948-1979.

7.75 cubic feet

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

The records in this series are diverse and show various aspects of the agencies function. The series includes budget records, various reports, policy and procedure records, legislative material, training records, directors files, subject files, maps, commission meeting minutes, and information from individual state parks administered by the division. A large portion of the series is composed of various forms of correspondence. This correspondence record includes documentation between the division and various federal and state agencies. It also includes correspondence between the division and private outdoor recreation advocacy groups. Another large portion of correspondence documents interactions between the division and general public. All forms of correspondence highlight the workings of the division as well as policy and procedures in the protection and administration of public lands in Utah.

Scope and Content

This series is comprised of various administrative records created by the Division of State Parks and Recreation. This division is part of the larger Department of Natural Resources. Consolidation of individual agencies under the broader Department of Natural Resources occurred in 1967 with the mission of improving state efficiency and preventing the duplication of work that was occurring between disparate state agencies.
The records in this series are diverse and show various aspects of the agencies function. The series includes budget records, various reports, policy and procedure records, legislative material, training records, directors files, subject files, maps, commission meeting minutes, and information from individual state parks administered by the division.
A large portion of the series is composed of various forms of correspondence. This correspondence record includes documentation between the division and various federal and state agencies. It also includescorrespondence between the division and private outdoor recreation advocacy groups. Another large portion of correspondence documents interactions between the division and general public. All forms of correspondence highlight the workings of the division as well as policy and procedures in the protection and administration of public lands in Utah.



There is no obvious arrangement of records in this series. Often individual boxes have an alphabetical arrangement by subject, but this doesn't fit into a larger pattern linking all boxes within the series. It was determined that in lieu of formal organization, original order of records must be maintained. Boxes were numbered according to the accession information designated upon their initial arrival at the Utah State Archives.

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Copies of these records are located at Utah State Archives
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This series is classified as Public.

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These records are available for reproduction and use.

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Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by Jim Kichas between November 2010 and October 2011.

Related Material

Publications from the Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks., Series 2851, may contain information taken from these records.
Park development project files from the Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks., Series 3137, could have further record of the development and operation of the parks and recreational areas cited in this series.
Annual reports from the Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks., Series 22903, contains published information that was generated with information found in these records.
State parks pamphlets from the Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks., Series 22904, contains promotional material with information taken from these records.
Proposed legislation working files from the Department of Natural Resources. Division of State Parks., Series 25240, contains legislative material that may reflect many of the issues documented and discussed in these records.

Container List

111967-1969Finance Department
121965 Apr 21Governor Rampton's Cabinet Meeting
131957-1962Attorney General - Letters and Opinions
141963-1969Attorney General - Letters and Opinions
151964-1968Attorney General - Opinions
161957-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
171963-1966Legislative Council
181958-1962Legislative Council
191965-1966Little Hoover Commission
1101957-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
1111975Wheeler Machinery vs. Division of Parks and Recreation
1121968-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
1131967-1968Miscellaneous Correspondence
1141958-1968Miscellaneous Correspondence
1151965-1975Miscellaneous Correspondence
1161958-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
1171969Industrial Development Advisory Council
1181969Industry Economic Advisory Council
1191964-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
1201964-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
1211968-1969Four Corners Regional Commission
1221968-1969Planning Guide - North Temple Complex Headquarters, SLC
1231968-1969Coordinating Council Minutes
1241957-1969Finance Commission
1251968-1969Miscellaneous Correspondence
211971Department of Finance
221961-1969Utah State Building Board
231970-1976Building Board
241967-1968Miscellaneous Correspondence
251965-1966Business Regulation
261957-1969Governor's Office
271957-1969Department of Wildlife Resources
311965US Department of Labor Manpower Administration
321958-1965US Coast Guard
331958-1965US Coast Guard
341963-1969Corps of Engineers
351964Utah State Advisory Board - Vernal
361966-1969Coast Guard Magazine
371966Coast Guard Tally
381967US Department of Labor
391967Boating Laws and Regulations
3101967-1969Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
3111963-1966Department of Interior
3121966-1969Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
3131967-1968Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
3141965-1969Neighborhood Youth Corps
3151964-1966National Parks Service
3161972National Parks Service
3171966-1967National Parks Service
3181966-1969Boating Issues
3191966-1968National Parks Service
3201969Grand Canyon National Park - Master Plan Hearing
3211968Projects Summary
3221966-1967Bureau of Reclamation
3231967Bureal of Reclamation - Logan Development Office
3241968Bureau of Reclamation - Tyzack Reservoir
3251966-1968Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
3261961-1967Department of the Interior - Secretary
3271960-1969Coast Guard Rules and Regulations
3281966-1969Coast Guard - Boating Safety Liason Letter
3291967-1968Federal Offices
3321962-1968Geographic Names
3331969Federal Power Commission
3341966-1968Forest Service
3351967-1969Forest Service
3361966-1969Forest Service
3371969Weber State College
411968-1970Brigham Young University
421967-1968Alpine School
431967California State Polytechnic College
441968College of Southern Utah
451967Utah Technical College at Salt Lake
461967-1968University of Illinois
471967Texas A&M University
481966-1969University of Utah
491969Colorado State University
4101965Dixie College
4111969Kansas State University
4121966-1967University of Michigan
4131966-1969Utah State University
4141971Utah Technical College
511960-1968Outdoor Boating Club of America
521960-1968Outdoor Boating Club of America
531960-1968Outdoor Boating Club of America
541958-1968Navajo Tribal Council
551958-1968Navajo Tribal Council
561967-1969National Conference of State Parks
571966-1969Boating Division - Citations and Warnings
581959-1961Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Committee
591959-1961Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Committee
5101967National Conference on State Parks
5111957-1966National Conference on State Parks
5121957-1966National Conference on State Parks
5131961-1970National Conference of State Boating Administration
5141961-1970National Conference of State Boating Administration
5151961-1970National Conference of State Boating Administration
5161961-1970National Conference of State Boating Administration
5171964-1968National Campers and Hikers Association
5181966-1968National Boating Law Administration Association
5191966-1968National Boating Law Administration Association
5201966-1968National Boating Law Administration Association
5211958-1960Outoor Boating Club of America
5221958-1960Outoor Boating Club of America
5231967National Parks Service Advisory Board Roster
5241957-1965National Association of Travel Organizations
5251965-1967Natural Beauty Conference
5261964National Conference of State and Federal Inter-Agency Committees for Recreation
5271968-1969Miscellaneous Brochures and Pamphlets
5281957-1968National Forest Recreation Association
5291963-1968National Wildlife Federation
5301957Navajo Trail Association
5311966-1967Office of Economic Opportunity
5321960-1965Outboard Boating Club of America
5331969Outdoor Recreation Assistance Agency
5341959-1969National Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission
611959-1960Boat Ramp Construction
621958-1965Visitor Statistics
631968-1970Rental Schedule - Ranger Residence
641961-1964Purchasing Regulations
651965Proposed Work Program
661961-1966Office Procedures
671963-1969Interoffice Memo's - Aldin O. Hayward
681963-1969Interoffice Memo's - Aldin O. Hayward
691963-1969Interoffice Memo's - Aldin O. Hayward
6101961-1969Board of Parks and Recreation
6111968Western States Boating Law Administration Association
6121961-1965Fees, Policies, & Procedures
6131961-1965Fees, Policies, & Procedures
6141961-1965Fees, Policies, & Procedures
6151950-1973Directives Code
6161968Miscellaneous Correspondence
6171969Memo's - State Park Employees
6181968Memo's - State Park Employees
6191966-1967Memo's - State Park Employees
6201962-1964Mailing Procedures
6211966-1967Labor Laws
6221965-1970Memo's - F.C. Koziol
6231958-1965Memo's - Dwight C. Freeman
6241960-1965Grazing Policy
6251964-1965Flag Flying Procedures
62619721972 Winter Olympic Proposal
6271967Wilderness Study - Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
6281961-1967Western States Boating Law Aministrators Association
6291961-1967Western States Boating Law Aministrators Association
6301961-1967Western States Boating Law Aministrators Association
6311966-1968Western River Guides Association
6321964Western Interstate Water Conference
6331964-1966Weber Basin Water Conservancy District
6341964-1966Wasatch Chamber of Commerce
6351967Vernon Watershed
6361958-1967Vernal Chamber of Commerce
6371967Historic Vehicles
6381964Revenue Bonds
6391964Payroll Procedures
6401965Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission Operation Manual for Rules and Regulations
6411964Official Document Policy
6421975Environmental Policies
6431965Governors Commission Appointments
6441967Wilderness Hearings
6451966-1968Western States Boating Law Administrators Association
6471972Southwest District
711974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
721974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
731974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
741974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
751974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
761974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
771974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
781974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
791974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7101974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7111967-1968Enforcement Consolidating
7121974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7131974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7141974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7151974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7161974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7171974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7181974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7191974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7201974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7211974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7221974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7231974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
7241974-1975Miscellaneous Division Correspondence (Pink Copies)
811957-1965General Correspondence
821957-1965General Correspondence
831957-1965General Correspondence
841957-1965General Correspondence
851957-1965General Correspondence
861957-1965General Correspondence
871957-1965General Correspondence
881957-1965General Correspondence
891957-1965General Correspondence
8101957-1965General Correspondence
8111957-1965General Correspondence
8121957-1965General Correspondence
8131957-1965General Correspondence
8141957-1965General Correspondence
8151957-1965General Correspondence
8161957-1965General Correspondence
8171957-1965General Correspondence
8181957-1965General Correspondence
8191957-1965General Correspondence
8201957-1965General Correspondence
8211957-1965General Correspondence
8221957-1965General Correspondence
8231957-1965General Correspondence
8241957-1965General Correspondence
8251957-1965General Correspondence
8261957-1965General Correspondence
8271957-1965General Correspondence
921958State Parks and Recreation Commission Meetings
931960State Parks and Recreation Commission
951957-1958Department of Public Welfare
991958-1959Utah State Park and Recreation Commission Meeting
9101957-1959C.J. Olsen Correspondence
9111960Director - Personnel Correspondence
9121961Western Governors Conference
9131958-1959C.J. Olsen - Speeches
9141957-1958C.J. Olsen Correspondence
9151957-1958C.J. Olsen Correspondence
9181958-1960Albert Albertson
9191958-1960William J. Hart
9221958Speech Material
9231958Speeches - Annual Utah Recreation and Parks Conference
9241957-1959C.J. Olsen - Speeches
9261966Purchase Requisitions
9271958C.J. Olsen - Speeches
9281967Uniform Items Issued
9291970Miscellaneous Files
9301965-1967Material Requests Completed
9321958Maps and Photographs
9331958Termo-Fox Supplies Information
9341964Standard Park and Recreation Uniform Sizes
1011961-1963Daily Financial Progress Report
1021967-1969Manual Biennium Budget Requests
1031967-1969Preliminary Budget
1041967-1969Annual Appropriation Act
1051968Administration Budget
1061965-1967Acquisition and Development Budget Request
1071965-1967Administration Budget Request
1081965-1967Anasazi State Park
1091961-1963Daily Financial Progress Report
10121965-1967Summary of Budget Requests
10131965-1967Summary of Budget Requests
10141959-1965Summary of State Park Programs
10151965-1966Work Program
10161965State Park Road Development Requests
10171965-1966Boating Application Requests
10181963-1965Natural History State Park Budget Requests
10191963-1965Old Capitol State Park Budget Requests
10201963-1965Other Park Areas Budget Requests
10211963-1965Pioneer Monument State Park Budget Requests
10221965-1967Dead Horse, Indian Creek, and Goosenecks Requests
10231965-1967Dixie State Park Complex Budget Requests
10241965HB 249 Appropriations Legislation
10251965HB 251 Appropriations Legislation
10261965-1967Natural History State Park Budget Request
10271965-1967Old Capitol State Park Budget Request
10281965-1967Pioneer Monument Budget Request
10291965-1967Wasatch Mountain Budget Request
10301963-1965Acquisition and Development Budget Requests
10311963-1965Administration Budget Requests
10321963-1965Anasazi and Circle Cliffs Budget Requests
10331963-1965Camp Floyd State Park Budget Requests
10341963-1965Dead Horse Point Budget Requests
10351963-1965Dixie State Park Complex Budget Requests
10361963-1965Goosenecks State Park Budget Requests
10371963-1965Indian Creek and Newspaper Budget Requests
10381965-1967Camp Floyd State Park Budget Requests
10391958-1966Payroll Recommendations and Action-Merit System
10401960-1972Merit System Director Correspondence - Howell
10411967-1968Personnel Organization Chart
10421967-1974Work Schedules
10431962-1969Travel Per Diem Expense Regulations
10441957-1967Travel Funds
10451962-1969Travel Information
1111970Dead Horse Point State Park - Tourist Letters and Answers
1121970Dead Horse Point State Park - Duplicating
1131969Dead Horse Point State Park - Tourist Letters
1141962-1967Dead Horse Point State Park - Letters
1151967-1968Dead Horse Point State Park - General Information Letters from Office
1161969Dead Horse Point State Park - Letters from Office
1171970Dead Horse Point State Park - Letters from Office
1211957-1963Associated Civic Clubs of Northern Utah
1221957-1963Associated Civic Clubs of Southern Utah
1231960-1961Association of Inter-Mountain State Park Directors
1241968Beautiful America
1251969Bingham Canyon - Kennecott Copper Corporation
1261964Beaver County Commission
1271961Northeast Staet Boating Law Administrators
1281961North Central States Boating Law Administrators 3rd Conference
1291960North Central States Boating Law Administrators Inagural Conference
12101958-1967Boating State Legilsation - HB 76
12111965-1966Cache Geological and Archeological Society
12121963-1965Cache Valley Water Safety Council
12131958-1966Cache Chamber of Commerce
12141965-1967Bristlecone Pine
12151968Causey Creek Reservoir Restriction
12161965-1968Carbon-Emery Fish and Game Association
12171961-1968Canyon Country River Marathon Association
12181963-1967Citizens Committee for Outdoor Recreation
12191966Cinder Cones (Fillmore, Utah)
12201966-1971Central Utah Resource Development Association
12211963Appropriations Act
12221965Anti-discrimination Act
12231960-1961Affidavit of Publication
12241958-1959Acquisition and Development of State Parks
12251966-1969Antiquities Legislation
12261968Acquisition and Development Considerations
12271971Public Access Senate Bill 202
12281959Legislature Activities
12291965Housing and Urban Development - SB 31
12301967Appropriations Act HB 311
12311969Appropriations Act HB 354
12321965Wasatch Mountain State Park Legislation
12331968Utah Employment Security Act
12341959Uniform Boat Regulations
12351961State Parks and Recreation Commission
12361959State Parks and Recreation Commission
12371959Right of Eminent Domain
12381959Central Utah Water Safety Council
12391967Camping and Trailering Directory Questionnaire
12401963-1969Box Elder Resource Conservation and Development Project
12411966-1968Boy Scouts of America
12421968Emery - Archaeological
12431968Box Elder - Archaeological
12441957-1958Permit - Archaeology - Petrified Wood Pictographs
12451961American Society Range Management
12461967American Society for Public Administrators
12471962American Recreation Society
12481964American Landmarks Celebration
12491963American Institute of Park Executives
12501975American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
12511964America-In-Miniature Corporation
12521964-1969American Automobile Association
12531975American Association for State and Local History
12541962-1963Association of State Park Directors
12551967Motor Boat Tax
12561967Litter and Pollution Control - HB 47
12571959Fish and Game Legislation
12581964Fee Charging Legislation
12591959State Land Board
12601960-1961Boating Law - HB 4
12611966-1967Boating Laws
1311967-1968Biennium Appropriation Request
1321959Preliminary Draft Report
1331969Fines from Judge - Satisfied
1341958State Parks and Recreation Annual Report
1351960State Parks and Recreation Report to Governor
1361962-1963State Parks and Recreation Annual Report
1371962-1963State Parks and Recreation Directors Report
1381960National Parks Service Reports to Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
1391959Potential Utah State Parks Inventory
13101959Report to Legislature - Official Copy
13111959Acknowledgement Letters
13121959Acknowledgement Letters
13131960State Parks and Recreation Report to Governor
13141961-1962Biennium Report to 1963 Legislature
13151959Report to Legislature - Distribution List
13161967-1968Land and Water Conservation Program
13171964-1965Official State Park Name Report by Commissioner Moyle
13181964Road Study Reports
13191961-1964Progress Reports Multi-Area
13201959-1965Report of Alto-Brighton-Heber-Park City-Timp Committee
13211963-1964Location of Fire Extinguishers
13221964-1965Land Aquisition Reports
13231964-1965Highway Signs and Flagpoles Installed
13241964-1965Visitation Data
13251959-1963Boating Supervision General Reports
13261961Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission Report to Governor
13271965Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission Report to Governor
13281964Director's Report News Letter
13291960-1963Director's Report
1411962-1971Buoys (Information)
1421965Cancellations to the State
1431966Cancellations to the State
1441963-1970Idaho Boating Reciprocity
1451976Boating Education Programs
1471962-1964Rules for Operation of State Owned Boats
1481967-1968Master Boat Lists
1491967-1970Boat Livery's
14101965-1973Boat Registration Materials
14111965Regatta Correspondence
14121966Regatta Correspondence
14131967Regatta Correspondence
14141966-1967Radio Procedures
14161964National Gold Cup Awards - Boating Division
14171968-1970Lost Permit Correspondence
14181963-1969Life Preserver Rules and Regulations
14191967-1968Park Designations
14201967-1969Boat Application Requests
14211964-1967Boating Rental Concession
14221963-1967Boat License Accounting Policy and Procedures
14231971-1976Boating Registration Policy and Procedures
14241966-1967Boat Number Corrections
14251965-1970Boat Numbers Cancelled
14261966-1972Boat Number Corrections Verified
14271969Boating Master List
14281967-1969Boating Laws Requests
14291967-1969Bicycles - Establishment of Bikeways
14301967-1969Annual Park Permit Requests
14311966Travel Rules and Regulations
1511958Emery County Application tot he Utah State Parks and Recreation Committee
1521966-1967Master Plan - Despain and Associates - 701 HUD - Uintah County
1531967-1969Hardware Ranch
1541969Golden Spike Centennial
1551967Fairview Museum
1561958-1966Employ the Handicapped Committee
1571974-1975Environmental Impacts
1581964Emery County Commissioner Meeting
1591967Echo Mill - Morgan County
15101967Duchesne County Master Plan
15111963-1968Daughters of Utah Pioneers
15121966Credit Union of Utah State Employees
15131958-1965Cottonwood Canyons Association
15141966-1967Conservation Development - Box Elder County
15151964-1967Community Service Council
15161962-1967Committee on Children and Youth
15171967-1968Columbia - North Pacific Study Publication
15181965-1966Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee
15191968Colorado Region (Upper) Comprehensive Study
15201968Civil Defense Corporation
15211967-1969Box Elder County
15221956-1959Bluff Chamber of Commerce
15231964-1965BLM Advisory Board
15241959-1966Boating Advisory Council
15251959-1966Boating Advisory Council
15261959-1966Boating Advisory Council
15281958Midway Booster's Club
15291957Kamas Lions Club
15301960-1967Intermountain State Parks Conference
15311968Hunting Policy
15321960Holladay Lions Club
15331964Heber City Chammber of Commerce
15341967-1968Governor's Trip
15351964Greater Salt Lake Youth Fitness Foundation
15361957Greater Utah Valley Incorporated
15371959-1961Gun Clubs and Presidents
15381967Gasoline Refund Survey
15391957-1966Five-County Organization
15401964Farm and Ranch Managers and Appraisers
15411958Murray Chamber of Commerce
15421966Moab Chamber of Commerce
15431969Moab Airport
15441966Master Plan Application - Carbon County (Castlegate, Helper, Price, Wellington)
15451958Land Use and Management Program
15461966Little Cottonwood Canyon
15471959-1960Kiwanis International
15481965-1967Kane County Commission
15491965-1967Office of Economic Development - Job Corps
15501957-1963Jackson Hole Preserve
15511957Kanab Chamber of Commerce
1611962Utah Tourist and Publicity Council Report
1621964Boating Advisory Council
1631966-1969Boating Advisory Council Minutes
1641964Commission Meeting
1651964Commission Meeting
1661962-1967Laurence J. Burton
1671957-1968Wallace F. Bennett
1681965-1966Legislative Roster
1691968House of Representatives and Senate List
16101965-1968Welfare Department
16111965-1968Water Subcommittees
16121959-1969Water and Power Boards
16131959-1969Water and Power Boards
16141966-1969Soil Conservation Service
16151967-1969Public Service Commission
16161963-1965State Advisory Planning Committee
16171963-1964Petrified Wood - Policy and Appreciation
16181957-1969Utah Tourist and Publicity Council
16191962-1963Self Inspection Reports
16201965-1968State Fair Board
16211963-1964State Fair Association
16221957-1969State Engineer
16231969Six County Commissioners
16241959-1968Secretary of State
16251957-1962Utah State Prison
16261966-1969State Planning Advisory Committee
1711958-1965Sons of Utah Pioneers
1721968Sevier River Basin Report (US Department of Agriculture)
1731963-1968Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee
1741965Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee - Program Notes
1751967-1969Jesse N. Smith Home - Historic Restoration - Parowan, UT
1761968State Recreation Planning Committee
1771966-1968Sierra Club
1781963-1964South Davis Chamber of Commerce
1791958-1966St. George Chamber of Commerce
17101966State Master Plan
17111970Utah Stars
17121964Scenic Roads and Parkways
17131961Salt Lake City Club
17141963Salt Lake Board of Health
17151969Sale of Surplus Property
17161962-1965Rural Area Development Committee
17171966Research Contract - Utah Master Plan
17181965Reaveley's Conservation Forum
17191963-1965Randolph Lions Club
17201967Public Service Commission
17211969Road Survey of Utah Parks
17221964-1969State Master Plan
17231967Signs Policy
17241960-1968Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
17251962-1969P.S.I.A.C. Recreation Technical Subcommittee Correspondence
17261964-1965P.S.I.A.C. - Names and Addresses
17271967-1968Jesse N. Smith Home
17281965State of Utah Contractors License Law and Reference
17291963-1968State Planning Advisory Committee
17301960-1961State Boating Law Administration and Enforcement
17311967-1968Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee
17321969Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee
17331966-1967Pro Utah
17341963-1968P.S.I.A.C. Minutes
17351958-1963Provo Chamber of Commerce
17361963Pioneer Trails and Landmark Association
17371958Photo Club
17381969Powell Centennial
17391967Payson Cave
17401969Grand County Park Site Inventory
17411968Art Works
1811960-1961State Boat Trailer Laws
1821975Ranger Badges Summary
1831968-1970State Park Manuals
1851965-1973Ranger Program
1861968-1970Water Pollution
1871958-1969Complaints and Violations
1881961-1972Stickers: Forms and Information
1891958-1968Peace Officer Appointments
18101957-1969Enforcement Badges - Records and Information
18111960-1968Boating Law Enforcement Procedures
18121968-1969Stolen Boats
18131968-1969River Trips
18141968River Trips
18151967Desolation and Westwater River Trips
18161971-1972River Trip Notifications
18171967-1969River Trip Notifications
18181967State Park Information Requests
18191959-1969Boating Laws and Regulations
18201959-1969Boating Laws and Regulations
1911960-1966Utah Wool Growers
1921960-1966Utah Committee on Industrial and Employment Planning
1931963-1968Utah Foundation
1941962-1969Utah Inter-Agency Committee for Recreation
1951957-1967Utah Mining Association
1961967Utah State Tax Commission
1971960-1969Utah State Public Employees Association
1981969Utah Ski Association
1991966-1969Utah Safety Council
19101963Utah Press Woman's Association
19111959-1969Utah Recreation and Park Commission
19121960-1966Utah Parks and Recreation Association
19131968-1969Utah Parks and Recreation Association
19141965Utah Metal Association
19151964Utah Taxpayers Association
19161957U.S. Chamber of Commerce
19171958Utah Building and Construction Congress
19181960-1967United Fund
19191961-1968Uintah County
19201957Travel Clinic
19211960-1967Tourist and Publicity Council Publications
19221964-1967Tourism Committee
19231964Timp Marina Boat Club
19241960Tooele of Chamber Commerce
19251958Timpanogos Club
2011965-1968Golden Spike Monument
2021963Outdoor Recreation Program
2031970Lake Powell Administration
2041960Land Preservation
2051965Fort Douglas Land Acquisition
2061965-1968Golden Circle Scenic Parkway
2071962-1963Canyonlands National Park
2081958-1960Land Recreation Act
2091958-1960Land Recreation Act
20101968Canyonlands Extension Bill
20111964-1965Classification Extension Bill
20121957-1960Federal Boating Act
20131958Coordination Bill
20141968Great Salt Lake Authority Commission Meeting
20151958-1964Wilderness Bill
20161965Wild Rivers Legislation
20171965-1970Water Resources Planning Act
20181960Land Recreation Act
20191957-1959Arthur V. Watkins
20201963-1966Land and Water Conservation
20211961-1962M. Blaine Peterson
20221964Gaylord Nelson
20231965Great Salt Lake National Monument
20241963-1969Frank E. Moss
20251959-1967Frank E. Moss
20261962-1967Sherman P. Lloyd
20271958-1960Henry Aldous Dixon
20281958William A. Dawson
20291959-1966David S. King
20301957-1965Surplus Property Act
20311965State Land Title to Great Salt Lake
20321965Skyline Drive
20331960-1965Public Park Land
20341963Land and Water Conservation
20351960Limit on Land Acquisition
20361959Mineral Rights
20371958Municipal Functioning
20381965National Wild Rivers
20391961-1967Wilderness Bill
20401963-1964Land and Water Conservation
20411963Water Based Recreation
20421964-1970Land and Water Conservation
20431967-1969Public Lands
2111965Western Airlines
2121957-1959State Park and Recreation Comission Financial Report
2131959-1960Pioneer Monument
2141959-1961Natural History Museum
2151959-1961Fillmore Authorization
2161967-1968Biennium Appropriation Request Expansion
2171963-1965Budget Information
2181959-1961Acquisition and Development
2191959State Park and Recreation Commission Financial Report
21101958Fiscal and Budgetary Information
21111959Utah Aeronautics Commission
21121963-1964Utah Aeronautics Commission
21131962National Airlines
21141964United Airlines
21151963Frontier Airlines
21161967-1968Biennium Appropriation Report
21171964 Apr 3Commission Meeting Minutes
21181964 Jun 30Commission Meeting Minutes
21191964 Sep 7Commission Meeting Minutes
21201964 Dec 11Commission Meeting Minutes
21211965 Apr 7Commission Meeting Minutes
21221965 Apr 7Commission Meeting Minutes
21231965 May 5Commission Meeting Minutes
21241965 Jul 2Commission Meeting Minutes
21251965 Oct 11Commission Meeting Minutes
21261965 Nov 15Commission Meeting Minutes
21271965 Nov 15Commission Meeting Minutes
21281966 Jan 17Commission Meeting Minutes
21301959-1961Budget Request Summaries
21311963-1965Acquisition and Development
21321963-1965Administration Services
21331963-1965Boating Authority
21341963-1965Natural History
21351963-1965Old Capitol State Park
21361963-1965Other Park Areas
21371967Commission Minutes
21381965 Sep 14Commission Meeting Minutes at Heber Valley Chalet
21391966 Apr 6Special Meting Minutes
21401964 Sep 18Committee Meeting News Items
21411965 Aug 30State Park and Recreation Commission Special Meeting Minutes
21421963-1967Utah Recreation and Park Commission Minutes
21431968Commission Minutes Parks and Recreation
21441969Commission Minutes Parks and Recreation
21451960-1964Jackson Hole Preserve
21461963-1964Current Interest Correspondence
21471962-1965Donations and Contributions Summary
21481963-1964Expenditure Errors on Appropriations
21491965Fee Collection
21501964Income Statement
21511959-1964Request for Payment of Unauthorized Expenditures
21521965Ten-Year Planning Project
21531965Pioneer Monument
21541959-1964Acquisition and Development
21551961-1963Administration Authority
21561961-1963Boating Division
21571962-1963Brigham Young Home
21581961-1963Fillmore State Park
21591963Jacob Hamblin Home
21601961-1963Natural History Museum
21611961-1963Pioneer Monument
21621960-1963Acquisition and Development
21641959-1961Apropriation Requests
21651959Boating Division
21661959-1961Camp Floyd
2211945Utah Field House of Natural History
2221972Recreational Bonding
2231962Monument Valley Concessioner Proposal
2241965State Parks Map
2251959Proposed Personnel Procedures
2261958Proposed Fresh Water Lake at Great Salt Lake - Preliminary Report
2271959State Parks and Recreation Commission Financial Report
2281964Parks and Recreation
2291957-1965State Parks and Recreation Commission Report
22101971Parks and Recreation Bonding Bill - SB 202
22111972Division of Parks and Recreation Bonding Program
22121972Division of Parks and Recreation Bond
22131979Smoke Signals Newsletter
2311959Report of Utah State Park and Recreation Commission