Series 29841

Children's Aid Society of Utah Board minutes, 1910-2009

4.65 cubic feet

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains the meeting minutes of the Board of Directors. The minutes include the Board members' discussions, planning ideas, actions taken, and votes given regarding various proposals.

Scope and Content

This series contains the official record of meetings minutes of the Board of Directors. Records were kept for Board members to review as needed, document decisions and for historical purposes. The minutes include the Board members' discussions, planning ideas, actions taken, and votes taken on various proposals. They were typically written by the Treasurer and approved by the Board. The minutes from 1910-1946 are in bound books.


Chronological by meeting date.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Private: The records in this series contain references to adoption of minors under the age of 21 that can be linked with specific individuals. This information is considered private for 100 years. (Utah Code 63G-2-310). The secondary classification is Public: All information in this series is considered to be public after 100 years. (Utah Code 63G-2-310).

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Custody History

The records in this series were created by the Children's Aid Society and eventually came into the possession of Lowell Mielke. Mielke donated the records to the Utah State Historical Society in August 2011. The Historical Society then transferred the records to the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service in March 2018.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was archivally processed by Janine Ross in December 2019.

Related Material

Administrative records from Children's Aid Society of Utah, Series 29854, contain details regarding Board members, such as dates in office, family members and contact information. The administrative records also contain annual reports that reflect work discussed in the meeting minutes.
Case information records from Children's Aid Society of Utah, Series 29860, contain detailed information of individuals served by the organization who may also be discussed in the meeting minutes.

Indexing Terms

Container List

pending111910 Feb-1915 Dec; Minute Book No. 1
121916 Jan-1919 Feb; Minute Book No. 2
131919 Mar-1921 Apr; Minute Book No. 3
211921 May-1923 May; Minute Book No. 4
221923 Jun-1924 Apr; Minutes of Children's Aid Society
231924 Apr-1925 Apr; Minute Book No. 5
241925 Jan-1926 Sep; Minute Book No. 6
311926 Sep-1928 Oct; Minute Book No. 7
321928 Oct-1931 Jan; Minute Book No. 8
331931 Feb-1933 Dec; Minute Book No. 9
411934 Jan-1937 May; Minute Book of the Children's Aid Society No. 10
421937 May-1942 Nov; Minute Book No. 11
511942 Dec-1946 Sep; Minute Book No. 12
pending521947 Jan-1949 Mar; Minutes
531949 May-1951 Jan; Minutes
541951 Feb-1952 Dec; Minutes
551953 Jan-1955 Oct; Minutes
561955 Oct-1957 Sep; Minutes
571957 Oct-1958 Nov; Minutes
581959 Jan-1960 May; Minutes
591960 Feb-1961 Sep; Minutes
5101961 Aug-1962 Dec; Minutes
611963 Jan-Dec; Minutes
621964 Feb-Dec; Minutes
631965 Jan-May; Minutes
641965 Jun-Dec; Minutes
651966 Jan-Sep; Minutes
661966 Nov-1968 Jan; Minutes
671968 Feb-Dec; Minutes
681968 Jul-1970 Jan; Minutes
691970 Mar-Dec; Minutes
711971 Jan-Nov; Minutes
721972 Jan-1973 Apr; Minutes
731973 May-1974 Dec; Minutes
741975 Jan-1976 Apr; Minutes
751976 Apr-1978 Dec; Minutes
761979 Jan-1980 Nov; Minutes
771981 Jan-1982 Jul; Minutes
781982 Aug-1984 Mar; Minutes
791984 Mar-1986 Apr; Minutes
811987 Jun-1988 Mar; Minutes
821987 Sep-1988 Aug; Minutes
831988 Sep-1989 Apr; Minutes
841989 May-May; Minutes
851989 Jun-Oct; Minutes
861989 Dec-1990 Feb; Minutes
911990 Jul-Sep; Minutes
921990 Sep-Nov; Minutes
931991 Jan-May; Minutes
941991 Jul-Nov; Minutes
951992 Jan-Apr; Minutes
961992 Apr-Jun; Minutes
971992 Jul-Oct; Minutes
981992 Nov-1993 Jan; Minutes
991993 Feb-Jun; Minutes
1011993 Aug-Nov; Minutes
1021993 Dec-1994 Jun; Minutes
1031994 Jul-Nov; Minutes
1041995 Jan-Jun; Minutes
1051995 Jul-1996 Mar; Minutes
1061996 May-Sep; Minutes
1071996 Oct-1997 Mar; Minutes
1081997 Apr-Aug; Minutes
1091997 Oct-1998 Mar; Minutes
1111998 Apr-Oct; Minutes
1121998 Nov-1999 Jun; Minutes
1131999 Jul-Oct; Minutes
1141999 Nov-2000 Jun; Minutes
1152000 Jul-2001 Feb; Minutes
1162001 Mar-Jun; Minutes
1172001 Aug-Nov; Minutes
1182002 Jan-Jun; Minutes
1192002 Jul-Dec; Minutes
11102003 Jan-Jun; Minutes
1212003 Aug-Nov; Minutes
1222004 Feb-Jun; Minutes
1232004 Aug-2005 Jun; Minutes
1242006 Sep-2007 Mar; Minutes
1252008 May-2009 Feb; Minutes