Series 9394

Governor Bangerter Washington office records, 1985-1992.

1.00 cubic foot and 2 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

These are the records of the Utah Washington D.C. Office during Governor Norman H. Bangerter's administration.

Scope and Content

These are the records of the Utah Washington D.C. Office during Governor Norman H. Bangerter's administration. The office was directed by Kelly Murdock from 1985 to 1989 and by Deborah Turner from 1989 to 1992. The office existed to coordinate federal-state relations. The records document federal policies, projects, and funds which impacted the state. Included are correspondence, reports, testimony to congressional committees, news clippings, and background materials.
Major topics include the Central Utah [water] Project, environmental issues, land use, federal defense projects, and health and welfare reform. Most of the projects in the series involved federal funding to the state. Several also reflect state compliance with federal law. In some instances, the state lobbied the federal government to take a particular stance.


Alphabetical by topic, thereunder chronological.

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This series is available on microfilm.

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Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

Records were scheduled, classified, and transferred to the Archives in early 1994. They were processed in March 1994 by Alice Cone with the original file headings retained. Unfiled material was interfiled. Files were then alphabetized. The series was microfilmed in January 1995.

Related Material

Chief of Staff correspondence from the Governor Bangerter,
, contains additional information on some of these same topics.

Container List

111Amtrak Sewage Disposal; 1988
112Biological Aerosol Test Facility; 1988
113Budget Reconciliation 1989
114Bureau of Land Management Wilderness; undated-1989
115Burr Trail; undated-1988
116Clean Water Act; 1988-1992
117Central Utah Project; undated
118Central Utah Project; 1984
119Central Utah Project; 1985, Mar-Apr
1110Central Utah Project; 1985, May
1111Central Utah Project; 1985, May 21-23
1112Central Utah Project; 1985, Jun
1113Central Utah Project; 1985, Jun 7
1114Central Utah Project; 1985, Jun 10-Nov
1115Central Utah Project; 1986, Feb
1116Central Utah Project; 1986, Mar
1117Central Utah Project; 1986, Sep
1118Central Utah Project; 1987
1119Central Utah Project; 1988, Apr-Jun
1120Central Utah Project; 1988, Jul
1121Central Utah Project; 1988, Aug
1122Central Utah Project; 1989, Mar-Apr
1123Central Utah Project; 1989, Sep
1124Central Utah Project; 1989, Oct-Nov
1125Central Utah Project; 1990, Feb
1126Central Utah Project; 1990, Apr-Sep
1127Central Utah Project; 1991
1128Coal Royalties; 1988-1989
1129Correspondence; 1989, Feb-Aug
1130Correspondence; 1989, Sep-Nov
1131Correspondence; 1990, Jan-Mar
1132Correspondence; 1990, Apr-Sep
1133Correspondence; 1991-1992
1134Defense Spending; undated-1988
1135Drug Control; 1989
1136Education; 1988-1991
1137Fair Housing Law; 1990, Sep-Oct
1138Fair Housing Law; 1990, Nov
1139Federal Land Exchange; 1987
1140Federal Research Committee; 1988-1989
1141Health Care; 1989-1990
1142Hercules Meeting; 1989
1143Highway Bill/55 mph; 1987
1144Industrial Development; 1988-1989
1145Instrument Landing System, Ogden Airport; 1988
1146International Trade; 1988-1990
1147Immigration Reform; undated-1990, May
1148Immigration Reform; 1990, Jun-Jul
1149Issues '90 Conference; 1989
1150Land and Water Conservation Fund; 1987-1988
1151Mineral Valuations; 1987-1989
2152National Electronic Combat Test Range; 1988
2153Newsletter; 1989-1990
2154Nuclear Waste Repository; undated-1985
2155Nuclear Waste Repository; 1986, Jun-Nov
2156Nuclear Waste Repository; 1986, Dec
2157Nuclear Waste Repository; 1987
2158Office Organization; 1985-1988
2159Pershing Missile Disposal; 1987-1988
2160Quail Creek Dam; 1989
2161Rural Health Hearings; 1986
2162Superfund Cleanup; undated-1989
2163Superfund Cleanup; 1991
2164Taxation; 1985-1989
2165Title XIX Disallowance; 1987
2166Tort Reform; 1986-1989
2167Transportation/Dead Horse Point Interstate Discretionary Funds Request; 1987
2168Union Pacific Land Exchange; 1985-1986
2169University of Utah Nuclear Fusion Experiment; 1989
2170Utah Tax Cut; 1988
2171Ute Indian Reservation; undated-1988
2172Ute Indian Water Compact; 1989
2173Utility Excess Deferral Taxes; 1989
2174Weather Modification Program; 1988
2175Welfare Reform; undated
2176Welfare Reform; 1985
2177Welfare Reform; 1986
2178Welfare Reform; 1987-1988
2179Welfare Reform; 1989, Apr
2180Welfare Reform; 1989, Jul-Nov
2181Welfare Reform; 1990
2182Western States Strategy Center; 1988