Constitutional Convention (1895) State Constitution

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Utah State Archives Series 3214

This series is the official or "engrossed" copy of the Utah State Constitution adopted by the Constitutional Convention in 1895. Congress passed an Enabling Act in 1894 that set out the requirements for the Utah Territory to achieve statehood. The main requirement was the adoption of an acceptable constitution. The Constitutional Convention met to formulate such a document from 4 March to 8 May1895. Convention delegates debated a variety of issues related to crafting a constitution, including the structure of state government, the separation of church and state, and woman suffrage.

As the convention was considering final changes to the proposed constitution the Committee on Rules and Methods of Procedure recommended that "the Constitution of the State of Utah be carefully engrossed, without blot, erasure or interlineation, on parchment sheets, 11 x 17" and that the document be "signed by the members" (Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention, p. 1787).

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