Governmental Entity Histories

These agency histories were written by archivists to describe agency functions, organizational history, and sometimes list officials who have held prominent positions in that agency. Their content is being migrated into the main entity search above.

Name ID
Alton (Utah) 44
Attorney General's Office 67
Aurora City 71
Bear River (Utah) 109
Beaver (Utah) 87
Beaver County (Utah). County Clerk 114
Beaver County (Utah). County Court 2559
Beaver County (Utah). County Recorder 1422
Beaver County (Utah). Probate Court 2560
Beaver County Commission 115
Beaver Lake Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3197
Beaver Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3196
Big Water (Utah) 119
Bingham Canyon (Utah) 78
Black Mountain Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3198
Blue Bell Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3141
Blue Mountain Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3124
Board of Aging and Adult Services 33
Board of Sheep Commissioners 896
Board of Soldier Settlement 1119
Board of Substance Abuse 39
Box Elder County (Utah). County Clerk 92
Box Elder County (Utah). County Commission 1534
Box Elder County (Utah). County Court 91
Box Elder County (Utah). County Recorder 93
Bradshaw Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3204
Brian Head (Utah) 97
Brigham City (Utah). Board of Adjustment 3166
Brigham City (Utah). City Council 3086
Brigham City (Utah). City Recorder 2926
Brigham City (Utah). City Sexton 2927
Brigham City (Utah). Planning Commission 3165
Bureau of Immigration, Labor and Statistics 528
Cache County (Utah). County Commission 1477
Cache County (Utah). County Court 123
Cache County (Utah). County Recorder 130
Cache County (Utah). Probate Court 2976
Cache County Clerk 128
Camp Floyd Mining District (Utah) 2426
Capitol Commission 2499
Capitol Grounds Commission 188
Carbon County (Utah). County Clerk 234
Carbon County (Utah). County Commission 1515
Carbon County (Utah). County Court 2620
Carbon County (Utah). County Recorder 235
Castle Gate Relief Fund Committee 189
Cedar City (Utah) 174
Cedar County (Utah). County Court 2651
Cedar County (Utah). County Recorder 2653
Cedar County (Utah). Probate Court 2652
Centennial Commission (1947) 180
Circleville (Utah) 201
Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3136
Commissioner of Indian War Records 1788
Committee for the Investigation of State Governmental Units 3192
Conservation Commission 169
Corinne (Utah) 222
Cottonwood Springs Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3139
Daggett County (Utah). County Clerk 1484
Daggett County (Utah). County Commission 1483
Daggett County (Utah). County Recorder 291
Davis County (Utah). County Clerk 258
Davis County (Utah). County Recorder 261
Davis County (Utah). Probate Court 1789
Davis County Commission 256
Davis County Court 2621
Davis County School District (Utah) 264
Department of Administrative Services 270
Department of Administrative Services. Division of Administrative Rules 29
Department of Administrative Services. Division of Data Processing 305
Department of Administrative Services. Division of Fleet and Surplus Services. Surplus Property 1107
Department of Administrative Services. Division of General Services. Division of Fuel Dispensing 2441
Department of Administrative Services. Division of Telecommunications 1153
Department of Commerce. Division of Corporations and Commercial Code 221
Department of Community Affairs. Division of Fine Arts. Utah Symphony 1793
Department of Community Affairs. Division of Fine Arts. Utah Symphony Board 1792
Department of Community and Culture 181
Department of Community and Culture. Division of Arts and Museums 369
Department of Community and Culture. Economic Development. Women's Bureau 1636
Department of Corrections. State Prison 790
Department of Health. Office of Vital Records and Statistics 1266
Department of Human Services 1116
Department of Human Services. Division of Aging and Adult Services 2
Department of Human Services. Division of Substance Abuse 26
Department of Public Welfare 1284
Department of Technology Services 1922
District Court (Fifth District : Washington County) 1682
District Court (First District : Cache County) 1686
District Court (First District) 273
District Court (Fourth District) 276
District Court (Second District) 274
District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County) 1688
District Court (Third District) 275
Duchesne County (Utah). County Clerk 1512
Duchesne County (Utah). County Recorder 309
Duchesne County Commission 308
Dugway Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3134
Educational Survey Committee 327
Emery County (Utah). County Clerk 338
Emery County (Utah). County Recorder 339
Emery County Commission 1513
Emery County Court 2623
Enoch (Utah) 348
Erekson Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3143
Free Coinage Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3144
Gabel Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3123
Garfield County (Utah). County Clerk 1527
Garfield County (Utah). County Commission 2689
Garfield County (Utah). County Court 2631
Garfield County (Utah). County Recorder 2263
Glendale (Utah) 423
Gold Mountain Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3132
Governor (2009- : Herbert) 446
Governor's Committee on the Status of Women 1140
Governor's Office of Economic Development. Tourism Office 1151
Governor's Office. Emergency Relief Administration 343
Grand County (Utah). County Clerk 431
Grand County (Utah). County Recorder 432
Grand County Commission 1514
Grand County Court 2632
Granite Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3202
Granite School District (Utah) 436
Harrisburg Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3100
Helper (Utah) 486
Henry Mining District (Utah). Recorder 2938
Hercules Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3138
Inspector of Coal and Hydrocarbon Mines 210
Insurance Code Task Force 3187
Insurance Law Revision Commission 3182
Iron County (Utah). County Clerk 1474
Iron County (Utah). County Commission 1475
Iron County (Utah). County Court 2644
Iron County (Utah). County Recorder 537
Iron County (Utah). Probate Court 2645
Jordan School District (Utah) 550
Juab County (Utah). County Clerk 557
Juab County (Utah). County Court 2655
Juab County (Utah). County Recorder 558
Juan County Commission 1517
Junction (Utah) 555
Kanab (Utah) 566
Kanarraville (Utah) 570
Kane County (Utah). County Clerk 1479
Kane County (Utah). County Court 2646
Kane County (Utah). County Recorder 564
Kane County (Utah). Probate Court 3149
Kane County Commission 1480
Kingston (Utah) 569
Legislature 582
Legislature. Committee to Study Operations of State Government 437
Lincoln Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3205
Lucin Mining District (Utah). Recorder 2731
Marysvale (Utah) 622
Mercur Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3193
Millard County (Utah). County Clerk 652
Millard County (Utah). County Commission 1472
Millard County (Utah). County Court 2681
Millard County (Utah). County Recorder 653
Monumental Mining District (Utah) 3122
Morgan County (Utah). County Clerk 660
Morgan County (Utah). County Commission 659
Morgan County (Utah). County Court 2688
Morgan County (Utah). County Recorder 661
Mormon Battalion Monument Commission 624
Mount Baldy Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3130
Murray City School District (Utah) 681
MX Coordination Office 685
Newton Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3199
North Star Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3201
Ohio Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3131
Ophir Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3135
Orderville (Utah) 746
Paragonah (Utah) 758
Parowan (Utah) 759
Pinto Iron Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3119
Piute County (Utah). County Clerk 782
Piute County (Utah). County Commission 1526
Piute County (Utah). County Court 2702
Piute County (Utah). County Recorder 1524
Point Look Out Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3142
Pony Express Centennial Commission 773
Preuss Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3203
Racing Commission 828
Rich County (Utah). County Clerk 841
Rich County (Utah). County Recorder 842
Rocky Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3206
Rosebud Mining District (Utah). Recorder 2734
Rush Valley Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3133
Salt Lake City School District (Utah) 1089
Salt Lake City School District (Utah). South High School 897
Salt Lake County (Utah). County Clerk 956
Salt Lake County (Utah). County Collector 2740
Salt Lake County (Utah). County Recorder 967
Salt Lake County (Utah). Probate Court 959
San Francisco Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3207
San Juan County (Utah). County Clerk 903
San Juan County (Utah). County Commission 1539
San Juan County (Utah). County Court 2703
San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder 904
Sanpete County (Utah). County Clerk 856
Sanpete County (Utah). County Commission 1520
Sanpete County (Utah). County Court 2705
Sanpete County (Utah). County Recorder 857
Semi-Centennial Commission 1104
Sevier County (Utah). County Clerk 881
Sevier County (Utah). County Commission 879
Sevier County (Utah). County Court 878
Sevier County (Utah). County Recorder 882
Shambip Mining District (1870-1873). Recorder 3146
Shambip Mining District (1894-1897). Recorder 3147
Silk Commission 873
Silver Belt Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3121
Star Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3200
State Planning Board 787
Statehood Constitutional Convention (1895) 170
Summit County (Utah). County Clerk 1132
Summit County (Utah). County Commission 1481
Summit County (Utah). County Court 2716
Summit County (Utah). County Recorder 2546
Supreme Court 868
Tooele City Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3140
Tooele County (Utah). County Clerk 1163
Tooele County (Utah). County Commission 1536
Tooele County (Utah). County Court 2717
Tooele County (Utah). County Recorder 1166
Tutsagubet Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3101
Uintah County (Utah). County Clerk 1232
Uintah County (Utah). County Recorder 1233
Utah Commission 1249
Utah Commission for Women and Families 1760
Utah County (Utah). County Clerk 1215
Utah County (Utah). County Recorder 1222
Utah Expositions Commission 321
Utah State Centennial Commission 2506
Utah State Tax Commission. Property Tax Division 816
Wasatch County (Utah). County Clerk 1340
Wasatch County (Utah). County Commission 1516
Wasatch County (Utah). County Court 2718
Wasatch County (Utah). County Recorder 1341
Washington County (Utah). County Clerk 1435
Washington County (Utah). County Commission 1540
Washington County (Utah). County Court 2719
Washington County (Utah). County Recorder 1325
Washington County (Utah). Probate Court 1738
Washington County School District (Utah) 1324
Wayne County (Utah). County Clerk 1436
Wayne County (Utah). County Commission 1523
Wayne County (Utah). County Court 2720
Wayne County (Utah). County Recorder 1358
Weber County (Utah). County Clerk 1300
Weber County (Utah). County Recorder 1305
Weber County (Utah). Probate Court 1301
West Valley City (Utah). City Council 1761
West Valley City (Utah). City Manager 1344
Williams Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3125
Willow Springs Mining District (Utah). Recorder 3137

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