Davis County (Utah) Vital Records

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About the Collection

These are records that were created and maintained in the Davis County Clerk's office prior to the advent of birth and death certificates from the State of Utah. Records may include birth registers, birth reports, death registers, and death reports.

Handwritten register page with list of information about recorded births

Davis County (Utah). County Clerk Birth register

Series 11802

These records contain birth registers recorded for the years 1898 through 1905. Each entry includes the date and place of birth, sex, race, color, parent's names, residence, name of informant, and an assigned number.

Davis County (Utah). County Clerk Bountiful Precinct Register of Deaths

Series 29759

This series contains a register used to record deaths in the First Precinct or health district in Bountiful. While most of the deaths occurred in the precinct, some occurred elsewhere and were presumably recorded in the register because the decedent was a resident of the precinct or had a connection to the precinct and was being buried there. The register includes such information as the name of the decedent, death date, location of death, length of residence, sex, color, race, age, occupation, cause of death, marital status, birth place, last place of residence, and informant.

Davis County (Utah). County Clerk Death registers

Series 84244

These records contain death registers for the years 1898-1905. Each entry has an assigned number, name of decedent, age, sex, race, color, term of residence, birthplace, marital status, occupation, last place of residence, causes of death, date of death, and name of the party making the report.