Research Cemetery Records

The Utah State Archives holds records from many publicly owned cemeteries in Utah. Cemetery and burial records generally take two forms: records documenting ownership of plots (Utah Code § 8-3-1) and interment registers documenting burials within the cemetery. For genealogical research, interment registers are generally of the most use. Information in records may include the name of the deceased, birth date and place, death date and place, burial date, cause of death, grave location, and names of relatives.

Burial records often give researchers information about individuals not always available in other records, and may serve as records of death prior to government-issued death certificates.

Locating Burials and Cemeteries

Most records from cemeteries are not indexed by name, outside of what may be found within individual record books. In order to find an individual burial record, researchers should know the place of burial and date. Sources for this information include death certificates, obituaries and death notices.  The Division of State History maintains the Utah Cemetery and Burials Database, an ongoing project to document burials within the state. Other sites that have indexed burials in Utah include Names in Stone, Billion Graves and Find a Grave.

The Utah Funeral Directors Association maintains a Utah Cemeteries Directory, including contact information and location for active cemeteries.

Locating Records

The list of record series below is arranged by county and then by the cemetery’s governing entity. Most cemeteries in Utah are operated by municipalities, although some are operated by county governments, and it is common for unincorporated communities to create a cemetery maintenance district. The date ranges are recordkeeping dates for the records; researchers should consult the linked series inventories for details on holdings at the Archives.

Beaver | Box Elder | Cache | Carbon | Daggett | Davis | Duchesne | Emery | Garfield | Grand | Iron | Juab | Kane | Millard | Morgan | Piute | Rich | Salt Lake | San Juan | Sanpete | Sevier | Summit | Tooele | Uintah | Utah | Wasatch | Washington | Wayne | Weber

Beaver County
Cemetery financial records, 1908-1956 Series 22042
Interment register, 1865-1986 Series 84766
Cemetery perpetual care card file, ca. 1982- Series 28289
Box Elder County
Beaver Dam Cemetery District  
Lot records, 1881- Series 28145
Brigham City. City Recorder  
Cemetery plot deeds, 1886-1978 Series 84758
Brigham City. City Sexton  
Interment records, 1850-1978 Series 22072
Brigham City. Parks and Cemetery Dept.  
Sexton's record, 1860-1909 Series 23415
Sexton's records, 1898-1918 Series 21852
City cemetery interment registers, 1893-1961 Series 10190
Call's Fort Cemetery entitlement to burial and perpetual care certificates, 1959- Series 23361
Cemetery burial files, 1927- Series 28170
Cemetery maps, 1901- View Online Series 28192
City cemetery deed records, 1929- Series 23359
Funeral programs and obituaries, 1952-1984. Series 28178
Plymouth Cemetery Maintenance District  
Lot records, ca. 1874- Series 28147
Map View Online Series 28166
Riverside Cemetery Maintenance District  
Plot purchase certificates, [ca. 1919]- Series 28274
Cemetery burial information sheets, 1985-1993 Series 28220
Cemetery burial permits and information sheets, 1971-1993 Series 28174
Cemetery certificates of burial right, 1987-1999. Series 28226
Cemetery lot account ledgers, 1931-[ca. 1998] Series 28173
Cemetery plot ownership transfer records, 1954-1993. Series 28227
Cemetery records, 1993- Series 28219
Riverview Cemetery master plan, 1989-1992 Series 28177
Cache County
Hyde Park Cemetery Maintenance District  
Burial plot records, ca. 1858- Series 28108
Interment register, 1860-ongoing Series 21216
Logan (Utah). Parks and Recreation  
Cemetery burial card files, 1861- Series 28117
Cemetery burial-transit permits, 1974- Series 28125
Cemetery lot perpetual care records, 1920-2006 Series 28123
Cemetery maps View Online Series 28164
Cemetery unpaid account records, 1919-1979 Series 28162
Millville‐Nibley Cemetery Maintenance District  
Lot records, 1878‐ Series 28111
Cemetery burial‐transit permits, 1970‐1993 Series 28110
Cemetery deed and payment ledgers, 1924‐ Series 28105
Cemetery interment register, 1864‐1959. Series 28101
Cemetery lot cards, 1860‐ Series 28103
Cemetery map, 1952 View Online Series 28163
Cemetery name and record sheets, 1929‐1962. Series 28104
Death and burial record cards, 1860‐2010. Series 28102
Death and burial record sheets, 1982‐ Series 28109
Record of city and cemetery lot deeds, 1872 ‐ ca. 1943. Series 28106
Cemetery lot records, 1899‐ Series 28124
Cemetery burials index, 1868‐ Series 28138
Cemetery interment register, 1880‐2010 Series 28133
Cemetery lot files, ca. 1860‐ Series 28135
Cemetery map View Online Series 28167
Carbon County
Helper. Cemetery Superintendent  
Cemetery financial records, 1912-1970 Series 22141
Cemetery plot records, 1915-1970 Series 84794
Price. Sexton  
Plot register, undated Series 84763
Daggett County
Daggett County Clerk  
Manila Cemetery lot books, undated. Series 28379
Davis County
Centerville. Sexton  
Cemetery plot records, 1938-1978 Series 84759
Clearfield. Parks and Recreation Dept.  
Cemetery records, 1942-ongoing Series 84793
Clinton (Davis County)  
Cemetery records, 1906-ongoing Series 84754
Kaysville. Cemetery Superintendent  
Burial records, 1869-1982 Series 84760
Interment register, 1861-1982 Series 22081
Iron County
Cedar City  
Cemetery burial card file, 1858‐1992 Series 28229
Cemetery burial records, ca. 1870‐1991 Series 28228
Cemetery deeds, 1900-ongoing Series 23618
Cemetery interment register, 1860‐1979. Series 28218
Cemetery lot files, 1904‐1991. Series 28231
Cemetery lot owners index file, 1950‐1988 Series 28230
City and cemetery map, 1902 View Online Series 28279
Burial permits, 1909-1962 Series 23648
Cemetery deeds, 1913-ongoing Series 23647
Interment register, 1899-ongoing Series 23646
Juab County
Cemetery burial card files, ca. 1895‐2010. Series 28277
Cemetery burial index, 1867‐2005. Series 28324
Cemetery burial plot index, 1988 Series 28325
Cemetery burial‐transit permits, 1953‐ Series 28326
Cemetery maps View Online Series 28355
Cemetery Policies and Procedures, 2009 Series 28328
Cemetery sexton's records, 1973‐1983. Series 28327
Nephi. Sexton  
Cemetery records, 1889-1896 Series 84797
City Cemetery deeds, ca. 1896‐ Series 28280
Interment registers, 1889- Series 84797
Vine Bluff Cemetery deeds, [ca. 1896]‐ Series 28281
Kane County
Cemetery burial index, 1870‐2008. Series 28341
Cemetery maps Series 28343
Mt. Carmel Cemetery burials list, ca. 1990. Series 28352
Orderville Cemetery lot books, 1865‐ Series 28351
Cover of Ogden Cemetery Lots Index
Millard County
Burial records index, 1900-ongoing Series 12392
Interment registers, 1854-ongoing Series 12393
Cemetery records, 1859‐ Series 28344
Cemetery records, ca. 1867‐ Series 28287
Death registers and burial permits, 1905‐1944, 1955‐1976. Series 28286
Cemetery records, 1887-1986 Series 59946
Morgan County
Cemetery deeds, 1900‐ Series 28258
Cemetery lot purchase records, ca. 1897-1966 Series 13128
Cemetery lot records, ca. 1865‐1973 Series 28261
Cemetery maps, 1931‐ View Online Series 28271
Death and burial register, 1865-1964 Series 22135
Interment register, 1865-1964 Series 22136
Piute County
Cemetery record, 1990 Series 23966
Cemetery records, ca. 1954‐ca. 1958. Series 28372
Cemetery plot maps, ca. 1996 Series 23950
Cemetery records, ca. 1887-1978 Series 23956
Rich County
Laketown Cemetery Maintenance District  
Laketown Cemetery directory, 1868‐2012 Series 28129
Maps View Online Series 28165
Round Valley Cemetery burials list, 1880‐1969 Series 28127
Salt Lake County
Interment register, 1923-ongoing Series 14135
City cemetery interment record Series 27354
Salt Lake City. Cemetery  
Burial plot index, 1848-ongoing Series 8779
Burial register, 1892-1896. Series 21867
Interment records, 1848-ongoing Series 6722
Sanpete County
Mount Pleasant  
Cemetery records, ca. 1878-ongoing Series 84796
Santpete County (Utah). County Recorder  
Cemetery deed records, ca. 1908-1967 Series 22084
Spring City  
Interment register, 1892-ongoing Series 8560
Sevier County
Cemetery burial listing, 1960 Series 9567
Tooele County
Cemetery burial cards, ca. 1855-ongoing Series 24295
Uintah County
Uintah County Cemeteries Department  
Avalon Cemetery lot books, undated. Series 28332
Gusher Cemetery records, 1920‐2004. Series 28330
Hayden Cemetery lot books, undated. Series 28334
Jensen Cemetery burials inventory, ca. 1979. Series 28365
Jensen Cemetery records, ca. 1992‐ca. 2005 Series 28369
Lapoint Cemetery records, 1913‐2004. Series 28335
Leota Cemetery lot books, undated. Series 28333
Maeser Cemetery lot book, 1919‐2010 Series 28336
Rock Point and Maeser Cemeteries inventories, ca. 1953 Series 28350
Tridell Cemetery burials inventory, ca. 1953. Series 28349
Tridell Cemetery lot book, undated. Series 28342
Vernal Memorial Park Cemetery burial book, 1879‐1992. Series 28368
Vernal Memorial Park Cemetery map book, ca. 1983‐ Series 28367
Utah County
Benjamin Cemetery Maintenance District  
Burials list, ca. 1876‐2007 Series 28288
Sexton's records, ca. 1878‐1996. Series 28276
Cemetery account book, 1901‐1924. Series 28320
Cemetery burial permits and reports, 1903, 1933, 1953‐ Series 28321
Cemetery deed and transfer book, 1872‐2002. Series 28296
Cemetery index record of burials, ca. 1852‐2005. Series 28322
Cemetery receipt books, 1892‐1955. Series 28374
Interment registers, 1893‐2001. Series 84798
Sexton's reports, 1936‐1945; 1961‐1969. Series 28375
Pleasant Grove  
Cemetery interment registers, 1882-ongoing Series 84762
Register of deaths, 1871‐ Series 28275
Spanish Fork  
Cemetery deed registers, 1884-ongoing Series 84799
Interment registers, 1853-ongoing Series 10372
Cemetery deed records, 1895‐1932. Series 371
Cemetery interment records, 1851‐ Series 28290
Cemetery plot care payment records, 1939‐ca.1984 Series 28282
Wasatch County
Interment register, 1901-ongoing Series 10246
Interment cards, 1901-1966 Series 24236
Heber City  
Cemetery burial index, 1859‐2011. Series 28329
Cemetery deed register, 1915‐1994. Series 28370
Cemetery interment registers, 1859‐2011. Series 28337
Cemetery lot card files, 1859‐1977. Series 28364
Cemetery lot owners list, 1915 Series 28348
Cemetery lot records, 1859‐2010. Series 28331
Cemetery records, 1959-ongoing Series 14856
Washington County
Cemetery lot receipt record, 1949-1992 Series 11902
La Verkin  
Cemetery records, 1906‐1998 Series 28304
Washington County. County Recorder  
Cemetery deeds, 1907-1960 Series 19511
Weber County
Liberty Cemetery Maintenance District  
Cemetery map Series 28354
Financial ledger, 1979‐2002. Series 28262
Interment register, 1890‐1979. Series 28257
Warren‐West Warren Cemetery Maintenance District  
Lot and burial records, ca. 1892‐ Series 28232
Maps View Online Series 28233
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Select records were acquired and microfilmed with assistance from a State and National Archival Partnership (SNAP) Grant funded by the National Historical Publication and Records Commission (NHPRC) in 2012-2013.

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