Series 28656
District Court (Sixth District : Kane County) State Hospital commitment case files

Dates: 1918-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

This series contains files documenting proceedings to determine the mental condition of individuals and the need for commitment to the State Hospital. The files typically include a statement or affidavit from relatives or neighbors stating their belief that an individual should be committed to the State Hospital. The files contain forms filled out by a physician documenting personal information about the individual, his or her physical and mental health history, family history, physical and mental condition, and prognosis. In most cases there is an order signed by the judge committing the individual to the State Hospital. Some files also include documentation of release from the hospital.

Some of the cases in this series were handled by the court in Kane County, but many of them were heard by the court in Sevier County or in the 4th District Court in Utah County. The reason for the involvement of the court in Sevier County is unclear, but the court in Utah County was likely involved as the closest court to the State Hospital. In many cases individuals may have been sent to the hospital for evaluation and the official commitment was then handled in the local court in Provo. Nevertheless, all the cases involve Kane County residents and for that reason files on the cases were apparently kept by the court in Kane County.


Chronological by filing date.

Related Records

Minute books from the District Court (Sixth District : Kane County), Series 18228, contain a daily record of the proceedings of the court.

Custody History

The records in this series were transferred to the State Archives from the court in 2011.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Private: This series contains health information and other information about individuals that would be considered private for 75 years (Utah Code 63G-2-310).. The secondary classification is Controlled: This series may contain health information that is considered controlled for 75 years (Utah Code 63G-2-310)..

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

The original paper records in this series dating from 1918-1962 were archivally processed by Jeffrey Johnson and Peter Hoyt in April 2015.

Indexing Terms

    Container List

    pending 1 1 Rosina K. Brown (Kane Co.); 1918 Feb 1
    pending 1 2 Zeno M. Covington (Sevier Co.); 1919 Dec 31
    pending 1 3 Henry Gifford (Kane Co.); 1925 Aug 19
    pending 1 4 Clinton P. Cram (Sevier Co.); 1934 Apr 28
    pending 1 5 Clarissa L. Higgs (Kane Co.); 1939 May 8
    pending 1 6 Sandall F. Findlay (Kane Co.); 1939 May 18
    pending 1 7 Ervin Allred (Kane Co.); 1942 Nov 17
    pending 1 8 Rosina K. Brown (Kane Co.); 1946 Oct 8-1947 Feb 3
    pending 1 9 Elmer Skinner (Sevier Co.); 1949 Apr 11
    pending 1 10 Emily W. Johnson (Utah Co.); 1949 Jul 30
    pending 1 11 John L. Siler (Kane Co.); 1950 Feb 2
    pending 1 12 Athelia Siler (Sevier Co.); 1950 Jul 13
    pending 1 13 Oralo F. Lewis (Utah Co.); 1951 Aug 21
    pending 1 14 Adolph Lewis (Utah Co.); 1953 Aug 6
    pending 1 15 Hugh Rex Brandon (Utah Co.); 1955 Jan 6
    pending 1 16 William Ellis Crosby (Kane Co.); 1955 Dec 3
    pending 1 17 Jack Evans (Utah Co.); 1958 Jun 19
    pending 1 18 Mildred Swapp (Utah Co.); 1958 Oct 10
    pending 1 19 Barbara Gyparis (Utah Co.); 1958 Dec 18
    pending 1 20 Anna M. Radzionski (Utah Co.); 1959 Jul 17
    pending 1 21 La Dean Gleave (Utah Co.); 1959 Aug 6
    pending 1 22 Udell Glazier (Utah Co.); 1959 Sep 29
    pending 1 23 Alma Keller (Kane Co.); 1960 Mar 14
    pending 1 24 Leonard M. Pugh (Kane Co.); 1960 Apr 27
    pending 1 25 May Blossom Keegan (Utah Co.); 1960 Dec 28
    pending 1 26 Lauren F. Roundy (Utah Co.); 1961 Apr 4
    pending 1 27 Garth Spencer Sorensen (Utah Co.); 1962 Jan 16

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