Series 29055
Taylorsville (Utah) Ordinances

Dates: 1995-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

This series contains ordinances passed by the city of Taylorsville. Ordinances document formal rulings of local legislative bodies, and include original ordinances and resolutions, codified ordinances, and indexes. They are presented to, debated by, and codified by the city council. Topics covered in these ordinances include: appointments to city administrative and governing positions; proposals, amendments, and agreements regarding trusts, city accounts, and budgets; fire codes; regulations regarding businesses, multi-family housing, building permits, mobile home parks, and zoning; election procedures; public utilities, telecommunications, and other services; fees and permits; regulations on the sale of alcohol; city council meeting schedules; and more. The official copies of the ordinances in this series contain the text of the ordinance, the date the ordinance was voted on, a record of the votes, the signature of the mayor, and the signature of the city recorder. Ordinances have been numbered based on the year they were adopted and the order in which they were passed that year.


Numerical by ordinance number.

Custody History

Records in this series dating 1995-1997 were transferred to the State Archives by Taylorsville in January 2021; 1998-2007 were transferred in May 2021; and 2008-2019 in April 2022.

Additional Forms

Copies of these records are located at Sterling Codifiers View Online.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

This series was archivally processed by Mahala Ruddell in February 2021. Additional material in this series was processed in June 2021.

Finding Aids

Indexes: Index to Ordinances 95-1 through 97-52 available.

Container List

1 1995 Nov-1996 Sep; "Ordinance numbers 95-1 through 95-3, 96-1 through 96-37"
2 1996 Sep-1998 Oct; "Ordinance numbers 96-38 through 96-60, 97-1 through 97-52, 98-01 through 98-41"
3 1998 Sep-2000 Jun; "Ordinance numbers 98-42 through 98-52, 99-01 through 99-42, 00-01 through 00-21"
4 2000 May-2001 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 00-22 through 00-59, 01-01 through 01-59"
5 2002 Jan-2003 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 02-01 through 20-42, 03-01 through 03-32"
6 2004 Jan-2005 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 04-01 through 04-51, 05-01 through 05-61"
7 2006 Jan-2007 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 06-01 through 06-61, 07-01 through 07-37"
8 2008 Jan-2012 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 08-01 through 08-27, 09-01 through 09-38, 10-01 through 10-34, 11-01 through 11-28, 12-01 through 12-37"
9 2013 Jan-2019 Dec; "Ordinance numbers 13-01 through 13-41, 14-01 through 17-17, 15-01 through 15-15, 16-01 through 16-20, 17-01 through 17-22, 18-01 through 18-26, 19-01 through 19-22"

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