Series 5597
State Planning Board Maps

Dates: 1902-1941.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

Mapping was an important activity in state planning work. The State Planning Board needed maps to assist their planning efforts in areas such as water resources, power, agricultural studies, highways, recreation, state buildings, railroads, airways, and mineral resources. This series contains over 300 maps that document many different areas and subjects associated with the board's planning efforts. There are maps for nearly every county and they cover the following topics: general and topographical base maps, highways, wildlife refuges, national forests, reservoirs, some individual cities, railroads, soil surveys, waterworks, lakes, basins, rivers, and statistical studies. There are also general maps for Utah which are arranged by subjects such as: the Great Salt Lake; land use and surveys; buildings and institutions; highways; railways; airways; national forests, parks, and monuments; Indian reservations; power resources; political; planning state school districts; statistical; mineral resources; watersheds; water projects; irrigated lands; rivers; precipitation; basin studies; sewage systems; diking; drainage; proposed fresh water lake; and gauging stations.


Alphabetical by county and grouped by subject. The subjects are randomly mixed with the county groups.

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Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

This series was processed by M. Call in July 1999. Although the container list indicates that the maps are in both hard copy and microfilm, not every map that was filmed is included in hard copy. The Attorney General reports, the various charts and reports, and the post 1941 maps of the Publicity and Industrial Development agency do not belong in this series. Also, although the date range of this series is 1902 to 1941, the bulk of the maps date from the 1930's. Although not included in the date range, there is an 1850 pioneer plat map of Salt Lake City which lists the property owners on reel 1 at the end under land use surveys. The State Planning Board was active from 1934 to 1941, but the members often used older maps in their research.

Finding Aids

Indexes: Most of the subject and county groups are preceded by a "checklist" of maps. These are listings of the maps which were originally cataloged before filming. The checklists are not indexes, but they do give a general listing of maps included on the film.

Indexing Terms

Container List

1 17 1 Beaver County
1 17 2 Box Elder County
1 17 3 Cache County
1 17 4 Carbon County
1 17 5 Davis County
1 17 6 Utah general; Water; Great Salt Lake
1 17 7 Duchesne County
1 17 8 Emery County
1 17 None Garfield County
1 17 9 Sevier County
1 17 10 Iron County
1 17 11 Juab County
1 17 12 Sanpete County
1 17 13 Utah general; Land use and surveys
1 17 14 Utah gerneral; Buildings and institutions; Prison
2 17 None Utah general; State property; Prison blueprints
2 18 1 Utah gerneral; Highways and streets
2 18 2,3 Salt Lake County; Salt Lake City
2 18 4 Salt Lake County
2 18 5 Summit County
2 18 6 Tooele County
2 18 None Uintah County
2 18 7,8 Utah County
2 18 None Wasatch County
2 18 None Washington County
2 18 9 Weber County
2 18 10 Utah general; Railways
2 18 11 Utah general; Airways
2 18 None Utah general; Various after 1941; Publicity and Industrial Development; Various from 1913-1947
2 18 12 Utah general; Land classification
2 18 None Various charts and reports
2 18 None Maps from Attorney General and Colorado River Basin
3 19 1 Utah general; Parks and recreation
3 19 2 Utah general; National forests, parks, and monuments
3 19 None Utah general; Indian reservations
3 19 3 Utah general; Power resources
3 19 None Utah general; Miscellaneous; Finances; Camp Williams
3 19 None Utah general; Miscellaneous; Mountain Fuel Supply Gasline
3 19 4 Utah general; Buildings, institutions, etc.; C.C.C. Camps, hospitals, court houses, schools, prison
3 19 5 Utah general; Political
3 19 6 Utah general; Planning state school districts
3 19 7 Utah general; Statistical
3 20 1 Utah general; Water; Watersheds
3 20 2,3 Utah general; Water; Projects
3 20 4 Utah general; Mineral resources
3 20 5,6 Utah general; Water; Irrigated lands, rivers, precipitation, basin studies, sewage systems, diking, drainage, proposed fresh water lake, gauging stations
3 20 7 Salt Lake County
4 20 7 Salt Lake County
4 20 8 Utah general; Miscellaneous; Agriculture, airways, highways and streets, land use, mineral resources, national parks, water

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