Series 21911

Governor Maw Defense agencies correspondence, 1941-1947.

2.00 cubic feet and 7 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence from Governor Maw's office to national and state chapters of defense councils and other related agencies. Documents deal with state and national defense issues as well as preparedness concerns.

Scope and Content

This series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence from Governor Maw's office to national and state chapters of defense councils and other related agencies. Documents deal with state and national defense issues as well as preparedness concerns. Also present are documents relating to the American war effort in World War II, and the effect of the war on different facets of Utah's society.


Chronological by year, thereunder alphabetical by subject.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

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This series is classified as Public.

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These records are available for reproduction and use.

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Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

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These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by James Kichas in July, 2003.

Related Material

Correspondence from the Governor Maw, Series 221, provides other correspondence discussing similar issues from the same era.
Scrapbooks from the Governor Maw, Series 13851, offers more information related to Utah's involvement in the national war effort.
Films from the Department of Publicity and Industrial Development, Series 22193, provides additional information regarding activities from around the state during the Maw administration.

Container List

1111941; American Legion
1121941; Army Department
1131941; Council of Defense, Jan-Sep
1141941; Council of Defense, Oct-Dec
1151941; Council of Defense - Advisory Commission to Council
1161941; Council of Defense - Enforcement Problems
1171941; Council of Defense - Function
1181941; Council of Defense - Legislation
2191941; Council of Defense - National Defense Council
21101941; Council of Defense - National Guard, Utah
11111941; Council of Defense - National Headquarters of Selective Service
11121941; Council of Defense - Organization
11131941; Council of Defense - Reports
11141941; Defense Agencies - Miscellaneous Departments
21151941; Office of Government Reports
11161941; Selective Service Board
11171941; Selective Service Board - Appointments
11181941; Volunteers for Service Organization
21191942; Air Training Corps
21201942; Army
21211942; Council of Defense, Jan-Apr
21221942; Council of Defense, May-Dec
21231942; Council of Defense - Daylight Savings Time
21241942; Council of Defense - Increase in Quotas
21251942; Council of Defense - Japanese Evacuees
21261942; Council of Defense - Minutes of Meetings
21271942; Council of Defense - Miscellaneous
21281942; Council of Defense - Radio Publicity Campaign
21291942; Council of Defense - Scrap Salvage Drive
21301942; Council of Defense - Thanks to Radio and TV
21311942; Council of Defense - Volunteers for Service Individuals
21321942; Council of Defense - Volunteers for Service Organizations
21331942; Navy
31341942; Office of Civilian Defense
31351942; Office of Emergency Management
31361942; Office of Emergency Management - Defense Transportation
31371942; Office of Emergency Management - War Management
31381942; Office of Price Administration - Appointments for Local Office
31391942; Office of Price Administration - Emergency Management
31401942; Office of Price Administration - Rent Controls
31411942; Office of Production Management
31421942; Selective Service System
31431942; Selective Service System
31441942; United Service Organization
41451942; War Department
41461942; War Department - Ogden Ordinance
41471942; War Department - St. John Ordinance
41481942; War Production Board
41491942; War Relocation Authority
41501943; American Legion
41511943; Army
41521943; Army
41531943; Council of Defense
4211943; Emergency Management Office
4221943; Emergency Management Office - Defense Transportation
4231943; National Office of Defense
4241943; Navy
4251943; Office of Price Administration
4261943; Selective Service System
4271943; United Service Organization
4281943; War Department
4291943; War Production Board
52101943; War Production Board - Inter-Industry Agency
52111943; War Production Board - Salvage Division
52121943; War Production Board - War Relocation Authority
52131944; American Legion
52141944; Army
52151944; Army - Letters for Servicemen
52161944; Army - Letters for Servicemen
52171944; Council of Defense
52181944; Council of Defense - Minutes
52191944; Emergency Management
52201944; National Office of Defense
52211944; Navy
52221944; Office of Price Administration
52231944; Office of Price Administration - Rent Controls
52241944; Selective Service System
62251944; United Service Organization
52261944; War Department
62271944; War Production Board
62281944; War Relocation Authority
62291945; Army
62301945; Army - Letters for Servicemen
62311945; Army - Letters for Servicemen
62321945; Council of Defense
62331945; Emergency Management
62341945; National Defense Council
62351945; Navy
62361945; Navy - Letters for Servicemen
62371945; Office of Price Administration
62381945; Selective Service System
62391945; United Service Organizations
62401945; War Department
62411945; War Production Board
62421946; Army
62431946; Army - Letters Concerning Soldiers
72441946; Navy
62451946; Office of Price Administration
72461946; Selective Service
72471946; United Service Organization
62481946; War Department
72491947; Army
72501947; Navy
72511947; Office of Price Administration
72521947; War Department