Series 27253

Governor Walker Subject Files, 2003-2005.

8.20 cubic feet and 27 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

These records were accumulated and maintained by Governor Walker and her office staff. Many of the records antedate Walker's tenure as Governor, ranging from her service in the Utah legislature through the conclusion of her gubernatorial term. These subject files document a wide array of events and programs in which the Governor participated throughout her political career as a legislator (1981-1988), Lieutenant Governor (1993-2003), and Governor (2003-2005).

Scope and Content

These records were accumulated and maintained by Governor Walker and her office staff. Many of the records antedate Walker's tenure as Governor, ranging from her service in the Utah legislature through the conclusion of her gubernatorial term. These subject files document a wide array of events and programs in which the Governor participated throughout her political career as a legislator (1981-1988), Lieutenant Governor (1993-2003), and Governor (2003-2005).
The series includes correspondence, conference programs, booklets, invitations, newspaper clippings, and reports. Included are large files devoted to topics such as education, community development, economy, election records, legislature, and various events that Walker participated in as Lt. Governor and Governor.


Alphabetical by subject, thereunder chronological by date. Oversized documents are filed in boxes 9 and 10.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Public. The secondary classification is Private: UCA 63G-2-302.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

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Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Custody History

These records were transferred from the Governor's office to the Utah State Archives in January 2005. In May of 2018 a new box was delivered to the Archives.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by James Kichas and Brandon Metcalf in July 2007.

Related Material

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Executive correspondence from the Governor Walker, Series 25848, includes the Governor's personal correspondence files (2003-2005) which contain a number of letters from dignitaries, friends, and citizens.
Constituent Correspondence from the Governor Walker, Series 25849, contain files on numerous topics also found in the constituent correspondence.
Chief of Staff Records from the Governor Walker, Series 25863, contains a variety of records that relate to many of the same issues found in this series.

Container List

14532Legislature; 1988
113Awards (Scans)
114Birthday Celebration; Nov 17, 2000
115Birthday Celebration; Nov 17, 2000
116Booklets - AFT Education Reform Package; 1984
117Booklets - Blueprint for Utah's Future: An Economic Development Policy Statement; 1989
118Booklets - Board of Correction Report; 1983
119Booklets - Career Ladders for Teachers in Utah; 1984
1110Booklets - Congratulations from Grandview Elementary
1111Booklets - Department of Community and Economic Development Business Plan; FY 1991
1112Booklets - Developing Utah's Economy Guidelines, Policies, and Plans; 1985
1113Booklets - Discussion of the State's Bond Ratings; 2003
1114Booklets - Eagleton Institute of Politics Symposium; 1987
1115Booklets - Equity in Education Study; 1987
1116Booklets - Ethics in Government; 1988
1117Booklets - First Utah Women's Grand Council
1118Booklets - Ground Water in the Navajo Indian Reservation; 1991
1119Booklets - The Growth of Multichannel Retailing
1120Booklets - Human Resource Management Rules; 1991
2121Booklets - Indonesia Politics Articles
2122Booklets - Initiative Petition Limitation; 1987
2123Booklets - Intermountain Sexual Abuse Treatment Center Financial Statements; 1989
2124Booklets - Legislative Staff Services 50 State Profiles; 1982
2125Booklets - Legislator's Guide to Staffing Patterns; 1979
2126Booklets - Lessons from Forty-Two Years in Public Service; 2002
2127Booklets - Making It Work
2128Booklets - The 90% Reading Goal; 1998
2129Booklets - Orderly Termination
2130Booklets - Overview of Endowment Programs; 1991
2131Booklets - Political Women Tell What It Takes; 1983
2132Booklets - Pursuing Excellence (SLCSD); 1982-1983
2133Booklets - Renewing A Place Called School; undated
2134Booklets - Reports from the Subcommittees of the Governor's Commission on Child Care; 1989
2135Booklets - Report of the Constitutional Revision Commission; 1984
2136Booklets - Report of Utah State Task Force on Ritual Abuse; 1992
2137Booklets - Report on Women Nominees; 1986
2138Booklets - The Role of Discipline-Based Art Education In America's Schools
3139Booklets - Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Plan; 1989
3140Booklets - Salt Lake County Request for Proposals; 1989
3141Booklets - Salt Lake Education Foundation Sixth Annual Report; 1988-1989
3142Booklets - Salt Lake Education Foundation Seventh Annual Report; 1989-1990
3143Booklets - Small Business Survey; 1983
3144Booklets - State Child Support Legislation and the 1984 Federal Amendments; 1985
3145Booklets - Statutory Sex Discrimination in the Utah Code Report; 1976
3146Booklets - Summary of Community Development Programs; 1989
3147Booklets - Teacher Tenure Acts in the Fifty States; 1985
3148Booklets - Thomas O. Smith; 1999
3149Booklets - Toward a Definition of Strategic Planning; 1990
3150Booklets - Utah Arts Council Annual Report; 1989-1990
3151Booklets - Utah Association of Counties Position Statements; 1992
3152Booklets - Utah Children's Voice; 1986
3153Booklets - Utah Schools: An In-Depth Look; 1999
3154Booklets - Utah State Legislature Questions and Answers
3155Booklets - Utah State Parks Field Guide; 2002-2003
3156Booklets - Utah State Public Education Strategic Plan; 1992-1997
4157Booklets - Utah Tax Structure Trends and Impacts of State Reform
4158Booklets - Utah Tomorrow Annual Report; 1991
4159Booklets - Wespac Investors Trust Report; 1985
4160Booklets - Women's Leadership Conference; 1995
421Booklets - Women in Legislative Leadership; 1985
422Booklets - Women Legislators of Utah; 1896-1993
423Booklets - Women in Politics Training Mission; 2001
424Booklets - Women's Roles in Utah Counties; 1992
425Briefing Book - State Agencies Current Issues; Sep 2003
526Budget; 1989-2005
527Budget; multiple dates
528Budget - Briefings; FY 2006
529Budget - Briefings; FY 2006
5210Business Cards
5211Campaign for Congress
5212Campaign for Congress
6213Campaign for House of Representatives
6214Campaign for Governor
6215Capitol City Committee
6216Ceremonial Bill Signings
6218Community Development Division
6219Community Development Division
6220Community Development Division
6221Community Development Division
7224Conference on Volunteerism
7225Constitutions - US and Utah
7226Constitutional Review
7227Contributions; 1982-1984
831Correspondence; 1980-1982
832Correspondence; 1983-1984
833Correspondence; 1985-1986
834Correspondence; 1987
835Correspondence; 1988
836Correspondence; 1989
837Correspondence; 1990-1991
838Correspondence; 1992-1994
839Correspondence; 1995-1999
8310Correspondence; 2000-2002
8311Correspondence; 2004, Jan-Mar
8312Correspondence; 2004, Apr
8313Correspondence; 2004, May
8314Correspondence; 2004, Jun
8315Correspondence; 2004, Jul-Aug
8316Correspondence; 2004, Sep
8317Correspondence; 2004, Oct-Dec
8318Correspondence; 2005, Jan-Feb
8319Correspondence; 2005, Mar-Apr
9320Correspondence; undated
9321Correspondence; undated
9322Correspondence; undated
9323Correspondence; undated
9324Correspondence - Emails
9325Correspondence - Letters of Appreciation
9326Correspondence - Personal; 2003
9327Correspondence - Responses; 2003-2004
9328Correspondence - Responses; 2004
9329Correspondence - Responses; 2004
9330Correspondence - Responses; 2004
9331Correspondence - Student Letters
1042Directories - 46th, 47th, and 48th Legislative Sessions
1043Directories - Republican Women in Leadership Positions; 1985-1987
1044Directories - Republican National Convention; 2004
1045Directories - Executive Branch and Who's Who In Government
1046Directories - National Directory of Women
1047Downtown Alliance; 1989, Nov
11413Education Commission of the States
11414Education Commission of the States
11415Education Commission of the States
11416Education Reform Draft
11417Election Records
11418Election Records - Biography of Olene Walker
11419Election Records - Campaign Cards
11420Election Records - Campaign Material for Governor Leavitt
11421Election Records - Campaign Material for Lt. Governor Walker
11422Election Records - Campaign Material for Representative Walker
11423Election Records - General Election Plan for Governor Leavitt
11424Election Records - House of Representatives District 24
11425Election Records - "Listen to Some Great Speakers"
12426Election Records - Republican Platform; 1996
12427Election Records - Republican Platform; 2004
12428Election Records - "The Republican Woman - The Rising Stars of the GOP"
12429Election Records - Utah Voter Information Pamphlet; 2002, 2004
12430Election Records - "Wanted for Congress"
12431Election Records - "Where Your Governor Stands"
12432Election Records - "Who Works for Utah?"
12433Events; 1997
12434Events; 1998, Jan-Mar
12435Events; 1998
12436Events; 1984-1987
12437Events; 1989
12438Events; 1990
12439Events; 1991-1992
12440Events; 1993
12441Events; 1993
12442Events; 1994
12443Events; 1995
12444Events; 1996
12445Events; 1996
12446Events; 1997
12447Events; 1999
12448Events; 2000
1251Events; 2001
1252Events; 2002
1253Events; 2003
1354Events; 2003
1355Events; 2004
1356Events; 2004
1357Events; 2005
1358Events; 2005
1359Events; 2005
13510Events; 2006
13511Events; undated
13513Family History
13514Girl Scouts of Utah
13515Global Engagement: A Vision for Utah; 2005
13516Governor's Commission on Marriage
13517Governor's Office Guide
14518Governor's Office Guide
14519Grant Applications
14520Hatch, Orrin
14521Illinois 93rd General Assembly
14522Inauguration Ceremony Guest Book; 2003, Nov 5
14525Legislature; 1983
14526Legislature; 1983
14527Legislature; 1983
14528Legislature; 1984
14529Legislature; 1986
14530Legislature; 1987
14531Legislature; 1987
15533Legislature; 1992
15534Legislature; 2004
15535Legislature - Directory and Rules; 1981
15536Legislature - HB 140; 2004
15537Legislature - HCR 6; 2004
15538Legislature - HRC 6; 2004
15539Legislature - HB 299; 2003
15540Legislature - House and Senate Journal; 1983
15541Legislature - House Journal; 1986
15542Legislature - Roster; 1987-1988
15543Legislature - SB 3001; 2004
15544Legislature - SB 239 Veto Override; 2004
15545Legislature - Special Session; 2004, Sep
15546Legislature - Special Session; 2004, Jun
1561Legislature - Sunset Round Three and Orientation Manual; 1983
1662Legislature - Sponsored Bills (75-7-402)
1663Legislature - Sponsored Bills (HB 139); 1988
1664Legislature - Sponsored Bills; 1988
1665Legislature - Sponsored Bills; 1988
1666Legislature - Sponsored Bills (HJB 11); 1988
1667Legislature - Sponsored Bills (HJR 13); 1988
1668Legislature - Sponsered Bills (Officer Friendly Resolution/McGruff House Resolution); 1988
1669Legislature - Sponsored Bills (HB 73); 1988
16610Legislature - Sponsored Bills (SB 47); 1988
16611Letters to the Conference
16612Lieutenant Governor Files; 1992-2003
16613Literacy Programs - Calendar
16614Literacy Programs - Literacy Summit; 2004
16615Literacy Programs - Literacy Summit and Early Childhood Symposium
16616Literacy Programs - Miscellaneous Information
16617Literacy Programs - Miscellaneous Papers
16618Literacy Programs - "Summer Read Program"
17619Magazines - BYU Magazine
17620Magazines - NASS News
17621Magazines - Nuestro Mundo
17622Magazines - Salt Lake; 1993, Aug
17623Magazines - Salt Lake; 2004, Aug
17624Magazines - Snack World
17625Magazines - Unknown
17626Magazines - Utah Business; 2004
17627Magazines - Utah Spirit
17628Magazines - Utah! Travel Guide
17629Magazines - Welcome to Utah
17630Memorandum; 1984
18631Midvale Elementary Students Love to Read!
18632Miscellaneous Files
18633Miscellaneous Files
18634Miscellaneous Files
18635Mrs. Moore's Second Grade Class; 2004
18636NASS Winter Conference
18637National Governors Association - Winter Meeting
19638National Governors Association - Winter Meeting
19639National Governors Association; 2004, Jul
19640Natural Resources Combined Board Meeting; 2003
2071Newspaper Clippings; 1980-1984
2072Newspaper Clippings; 1985
2073Newspaper Clippings; 1986-1988
2074Newspaper Clippings; 1989-1993
2075Newspaper Clippings; 1994
2076Newspaper Clippings; 1995-1998
2077Newspaper Clippings; 1999-2000
2078Newspaper Clippings; 2001
2179Newspaper Clippings; 2002
21710Newspaper Clippings; 2003
21711Newspaper Clippings; 2004, Jan-Mar
21712Newspaper Clippings; 2004, Apr-Aug
21713Newspaper Clippings; 2004, Sep-Dec
21714Newspaper Clippings; 2005, Mar-Apr
21715Newspaper Clippings; undated
21716No Child Left Behind; 2000
21717Pamphlets - The Cost of Sex Bias In School
21718The Polling Company
22720Presidential Inauguration; 1985
22721Presidential Policy Information Packet; 2004
22722Press Clips; 1992
22723Press Clips; 1993
22724Press Clips; 1994
22725Press Clips; 1995
22726Press Clips; 1998
22727Press Clips; 1999
22728Press Clips; 2000
22729Press Clips; 2001
22730Press Clips; 2003
22731Press Releases
22734Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau
22735Schedule; 1997
22736Smith, Carson
23738State Legislator Files; 1984-1988
23739Talking Points
2381Taxes - Governor Walker's Recommendations
2382Taxes; 2004
2483Termination of Tenured Teachers; 1983
2484Transition Material
2486Utah Constitutional Revision Commmission
2487Utah Facts; 1982
2488Utah Government
2489Utah Heritage Foundation
24810Utah Holiday Advisory Board
24811Utah Issues
24812Utah Neighborhood Councils
24813Utah Public School Financing; 1998
24814Utah Sales Tax Token; 1994
24815Utah Women's Forum
24816Utahns For Nonprofit Hospitals
25817Utah's Current Status
25818Walker's Writings - Change, Equality and Title IX
25819Walker's Writings - Change - Submitted to Dr. Roald Campbell
25820Walker's Writings - Curriculum 603
25821Walker's Writings - Development of Consensus
25822Walker's Writings - Development of Consensus
25823Walker's Writings - Dissertation (Rought Draft)
25824Walker's Writings - Dissertation (Rought Draft)
26825Walker's Writings - Field Study: Utah Board of Education
26826Walker's Writings - Research Proposal
26827Water Projects - Sanpete Water Conservancy District
26828White House
26829Women's Issues
26830Women's Issues
26831Worker's Compensation; 1992
2691Legal Size Folders - Community Development Division
2692Legal Size Folders - Events; 1989
2693Legal Size Folders - Information File
2694Legal Size Folders - Information File
2695Legal Size Folders - Leavitt Administration Initiatives; 1993-2002
2696Legal Size Folders - Miscellaneous
2697Legal Size Folders - Newsletters
2698Legal Size Folders - Utah Community of Education Foundation
27101Oversized Items - Kyrgyz Republic Memorandum of Understanding; 2003, Aug
27102Oversized Items - Chicago City Council Congratulation Resolution; 2003, Nov
27103Oversized Items - Watershed Initiative Scrapbook
27104Oversized Items - National Guard Bronze Minuteman Award; 1998, Jun
27105Oversized Items - Read With A Child Poster
27106Oversized Items - USU 4-H Club Card
27107Oversized Items - Archives Month Declaration; 2004
27108Oversized Items - "Washington at Night" Image From J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C.
111 Outdoor recreation task force; 2004
112 Recreation task force; 2004
113 Wes Curtis Emails; 2004
114 RS 2477 MOU issues and drafts for April of 2003; 2003
115 Assistant Attorney General job offer; 2004
116 Pam Blackham proposed schedule; 2004
117 Response to telephone message; 2004
118 RS 2477 Executive Committee San Juan County BLM case; 2004
119 Executive Strategy Committee; 2004