The following forms have been prepared for use in the records request process. While use of these forms is not mandatory, they are designed to facilitate the records request process and to ensure that all of the necessary information is provided at each step.

Records Request Forms

The Utah Open Records Portal provides an online method to request records from a municipality, county, state agency, K-12 education, transit district, special service district, local district or interlocal agency.

GRAMA Request Form for a requester to use when making an initial request for records.

GRAMA Notice of Appeal to the Chief Administrative Officer for a requester to use to appeal the denial of a request to the Chief Administrative officer, which is the first level of appeal.

GRAMA Notice of Appeal to the State Records Committee for a requester to use to appeal a chief administrative officer’s denial to the State Records Committee, which is the second level of appeal.

Note: appeals may also be made directly to district court or to local appeals boards where such have been established by ordinance.



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