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The Utah State Archives’ mission is to create innovative solutions that will assist Utah government agencies in the efficient management of their records, to preserve those records of enduring value, and to provide quality access to public information.

Outreach and Advocacy Guide

This guide defines what we mean when we talk about “outreach and advocacy” and its application at the Utah State Archives and Records Service. It provides context for why we commit to a coordinated approach to outreach, and how we execute it effectively. This report is intended to educate Archives staff and stakeholders, and help ensure that we have a shared understanding and vocabulary when it comes to the goals of outreach and advocacy.

The information in this guide is compiled from discussion and planning that was conducted at the first Archives Outreach and Advocacy Summit, which was held virtually on May 21, 2020. Participants were selected based on the roles they hold as program and team managers who interface with unique user groups served by the Utah State Archives.

Participants at the summit (including their roles) were:

Organization Chart

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Organization Chart

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