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Records and Information Management

Starting from scratch?

Previous records officers may not have left information about what records management work they did, so this page is a starting point to finding, accessing, and updating records and information management information for your agency.

Who's who at your agency?

View and update your agency's records officers and other role assignments at the Records Officer Hub. Detailed how-to instructions are in our Learning Center.

Records Officer Hub
How to update agency roles
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Your agency's retention schedules

Your agency may already have created retention schedules. 

For local agencies, retention schedules are most likely documented in resolutions, ordinances, or code. 

For state agencies and some local agencies, retention schedules are documented within State Archives' system.

Find your agency's retention schedules

Your agency's boxes

If your agency ever transferred boxes to the State Records Center or State Archives, you can request a box list showing information about those boxes.

Request a box list

Who's who at State Archives?

State Archives has a records and information management specialist available to assist you with your records-related questions. Visit our "Get help" page to find your specialist and others to contact at State Archives.

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