West Valley City (Utah). Fire Department

Entity: 1451
Entity Type: Municipality


The West Valley Fire Department began on January 1, 1981. It responds to fires in the city.

Biography/History Notes

"It is the duty of the Fire Department to prevent fires as well as the suppression of fires, and to provide a first responder emergency medical service.... The Fire Chief and his staff have the responsibility for personnel, records, budget, purchasing, and work scheduling....?"The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for an ongoing building and hydrant inspection program, pre-planning of buildings, code enforcement, arson investigations, hazardous materials program, and the abatement of hazards within the city.?"The Support Services Division is responsible for the repair of all aparatus, buildings and grounds, the training of driver operators, the testing of pumps and fire hoses, and the storage of station supplies and distribution of the same to the stations. "The Emergency Operations Division is responsible for the suppression of fires, saving of lives and property, the safety of those in the area of emergency situations, the training of personnel, and providing a first response emergency medical service." (From "West Valley City Information Packet, 1998," p. 3.)

The fire chief is appointed by the city manager with the advice and consent of the city council. The chief oversees the fire department.

"The Fire Department is divided into the Fire Prevention Division, the Support Services Division, and the Emergency Operations Division." (From "West Valley City Information Packet, 1998," p. 3.)