Central Iron County Water Conservancy District (Utah)

Entity: 2886
Entity Type: Special District


The Central Iron County Water Conservancy District. (CICWCD) was formed in 1997 to benefit the people and municipalities within the CICWCD boundaries. The District was organized under the Utah Water Conservancy District Act to achieve the following objectives: (1) Conserve, develop and stabilize existing supplies of water for the beneficial uses of domestic, irrigation, power, manufacturing, aquatic life, wildlife, and stock watering for the direct benefit of the district residents; (2) Develop additional supplies of water for use within both the municipalities and unincorporated areas of the CICWCD boundaries; (3) Plan for, finance, design and construct reservoirs, pipelines, water distribution systems, wells, drainage improvements and other improvements necessary to utilize water supplies within the CICWCD boundaries; (4) Benefit the municipalities within the CICWCD boundaries by providing adequate supplies of water for domestic, industrial and municipal use; and (5) Manage and stabilize the flow of water to directly benefit irrigated lands.