White City Water Improvement District (Salt Lake County, Utah)

Entity: 2918
Entity Type: Special District


The District manages water taken from a local aquifer for residents in the Sandy, Utah, area.

Biography/History Notes

When the original founders of the Company died, their heirs decided to sell the Company. At first, Sandy City sought to purchase the Company, but problems developed. The White City Water Users then organized and petitioned Salt Lake County to create the White City Water Improvement District ("WCWID"), an independent political subdivision of the State, to purchase the Company. By doing so, the Water Users ensured that the Company, including its valuable water rights, would stay under the control of the community. In 1994, the Water Users voted in favor of issuing bonds to purchase the Company. The bonds were funded in February 1995, and WCWID took over operations of the Company's water system.

WCWID is governed by a five member elected board of trustees and provides water service to the White City community and portions of Sandy City. WCWID's water comes from several updated wells drilled deep into the aquifer. Because of the pristine nature of the water pumped from the aquifer, WCWID is not required to treat the water with any chemicals and because the water system is unique and functionally separate from other water systems, WCWID does not place any additives, such as fluoride, into the water. WCWID's water is among the best tasting in Utah and the nation, and WCWID is committed to preserving and protecting the aquifer that provides this valuable resource.