Five County Association of Governments (Utah)

Entity: 2950
Entity Type: Planning District


The Five County Association of Governments grew out of an organization known as the Five County Organization which was formally established in 1957 and included the counties of Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington. The main purposes of the organization were to secure cooperation among the member counties to work for industrial and tourist development in the five-county area. The Five County Association of Governments, as presently constituted, was established in 1972 with the intent as given in the Articles of Association to meet "at regular intervals to discuss and study areawide problems of common interest and concern, and to develop and action recommendations for ratification and implementation by member governments in the area served by the region."

Biography/History Notes

The association is a multi-purpose organization to provide a forum to identify, discuss, study and resolve areawide problems of common interest and concern and to engage and carry out planning and development programs with respect to the physical, economic, and human resources of the area.

The policy body of the organization is known as the Steering Committee and membership consists of: the chairman of each county commission; a mayor or town president from each county; the chairman of each county school board; a representative from Southern Utah University, a representative from Dixie College, and all state senators and representatives whose districts extend into the Five County area are to serve on the Steering Committee as non-voting members. There are eight advisory boards and councils whose members serve voluntarily. There is also an employed staff under an Executive Director.

The staff, under guidance of an Executive Director, is divided into two divisions: Community and Economic Development and Human Resources. The staff also managed the Color Country Travel Board until that board was disbanded in December 1999.