State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) Resources

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Managing Digital Content Over Time

This training was produced by the State Electronic Records Initiative, in coordination with the Council of State Archivists. It was developed under a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and based primarily on training created by the Library of Congress. It is to help archives and others who maintain electronic records understand the necessary steps of digital preservation. There are six modules:

1. Identify (19:22), PDF

2. Select (14:41), PDF

3. Store (24:27), PDF

4. Protect (33:11), PDF

5. Manage (33:05), PDF

6. Provide (26:03), PDF

Bit Rot

This training was produced by SERI to identify how electronic records lose file integrity and become unusable over time.

1. Bit Rot (09:59)

2020-21 Video Series

These videos were produced to highlight specific topics of interest.

1. Intro (04:14)

2. Custody Transfers (10:29)

3. Key Concepts in Digital Processing (16:47)

4. Making the Pitch for Electronic Records (4:18)

5. Metadata (8:36)

6. File Formats (6:52)

7. Email Appraisal (10:49)

8. Protected Information in Public Records (9:00)


Floppy Disks

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