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In the eleven months between January and November, 1922 multiple meetings were held that would culminate in the Colorado River Compact. Over the course of its legal history, the various compacts, agreements, and legal decisions that have been placed on the Colorado River have come to be known as “the Law of the River.” In this regard, the Colorado River Compact is the backbone that serves to connect everything else together.

Utah’s representative to the 1922 negotiations was State Engineer, R.E. Caldwell, having been appointed by Utah Governor Charles Mabey. The major provisions ultimately agreed to in the Colorado River Compact were unique, and critical in dictating all future development made on the river.

—Excerpt from the forthcoming Colorado River Exhibit.

Interstate compacts Series 20221

These records contain Utah's compacts with other states regarding various issues. The records include agreements on water rights, law enforcement, education, juveniles, mental health, motor vehicles, supervision of parolees, civil defense and disaster, and inter-local cooperation agreements. The records include the Colorado River Compact, which apportioned water from the Colorado River among six western states and has been an ongoing source of controversy since it went into effect.

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