Colorado River Development Collection

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Records that document the history of the Upper Colorado River Basin and Utah's development of the allotment of Colorado River waters designated to the state as per the terms of the Colorado River Compact. These records document important environmental, social, and legal history in Utah.

Governor Blood Colorado River correspondence

Series 22918

This series contains correspondence concerning the Colorado River and the distribution of its water. Utah was one of the four members of the upper basin states.

Governor Lee Correspondence

Series 211

This series includes both incoming and outgoing correspondence retained by Governor Lee's office. This correspondence documents Lee's communication regarding both state and national issues, as well as his views and policies.In addition to a variety of state legislation, the issues documented in this series include the development of water resources (especially the Colorado River).

Salt Lake City (Utah). Water Commission Water Committee's records

Series 4927

This series contains correspondence, minutes, and meeting reports created by multiple water committees interested in the allocation of water resources in Salt Lake City. The records in this series tend to focus primarily on issues of irrigation, water rights, and complex management of the multiple water resources that are relied upon to sustain the populace of Salt Lake City.

State Planning Board Power resources records

Series 1173

One of the duties of the State Planning Board was to plan for the conservation and development of the natural resources of the state. Power resources was an important part of their development plans.

State Planning Board Water resources drainage basin reports

Series 20999

This series contains various basin studies prepared by or for the State Planning Board for the Colorado River Basin, the Great Basin, and the Snake River Basin in Utah.

State Planning Board Water resources minutes

Series 21000

These records contain minutes for committee meetings held on both the state and national level where members of the State Planning Board participated with other agencies, primarily the National Resources Planning Board.