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Kingston is named for Thomas R. King, who moved from Fillmore to Piute County with his five sons and their families specifically to find a place where they could establish a United Order. In the 1870s Brigham Young was encouraging communal living in United Order communities. The King families' United Order functioned from 1876 to 1883. Kingston town was incorporated 21 September 1926 in order to facilitate the public services and leadership which municipal governments provide.


Utah municipal governments perform numerous functions, including the maintaining of law and order, guarding public health and sanitation, managing public services and promoting community development. Kingston town council has focused much energy on maintaining a municipal water system. The council has managed the upkeep of the town cemetery and a land fill site. They have organized community beautification and clean up projects, maintained a park, and contracted for public utilities and services. The town council has supported or sponsored holiday celebrations for July 4th and Christmas.


A town board president (or mayor) and four trustees provide leadership for Kingston. The board president, who is elected by general municipal election, is the chief executive officer. He presides over council meetings and supervises all other city officers. He signs all city ordinances and official contracts on behalf of the city. The town council functions as a legislative governing body for the community, and is responsible for all aspects of community management, such as appointing officials, levying taxes, establishing a budget, maintaining public services and utilities, and regulating activity within the community.


During the 1960s and 1970s the Kingston town council hired a town clerk. Whether or not the council appointed any other municipal offices or continued to maintain the clerk is not apparent from the minutes and ordinances available.

Eldon L. Coats (1961)-1964
Alton Sudweeks 1964-1965
Cyrus Coats 1966-1969
Dwain Luke 1969
Melvin Allen 1970-1973
Leslie G. Neilson 1974-1981
Andre Millett 1982-1985
Dee Anderson 1986-1989
Len Mills 1990-1997
Carlos Jensen 1998-

COMPILED BY: Rosemary Cundiff , February 2002


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