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2009-2021, Republican

About the Herbert Administration

Governor Herbert was born in American Fork, UT on May 7, 1947. His first foray into politics was as a member of the Utah County Commission 1990-2004. He became Lieutenant Governor 2005-2009. Herbert became Governor in 2009 when Jon Huntsman left his post to become the Ambassador to China. Herbert was re-elected Governor in 2012 and 2016. His stated priorities while in office were public and higher education, economic development, energy security, and infrastructure.

Written by Annelise Keck
Originally published in 2022

History of Herbert Administration
Biography of Gary Richard Herbert
Portrait by Leon Parson from the Utah State Capitol

Records of Governor Herbert

Governor Herbert  
Constituent correspondence Series 28403
Declarations Series 28407
Executive correspondence Series 28402
Executive orders Series 30002
First Lady's schedule Series 30005
Governor Gary R. Herbert campaign records Series 28491
Legislative bill files Series 28404
Photographs Series 28406
Press releases Series 28408
Schedule Series 28405
Speeches and official statements Series 28409
Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government report Series 28186

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