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Military service and discharge records are federal records. The Utah State Archives has limited copies for selected date ranges, plus recorded discharges in county records. Contact the Military Personnel Records Center. Veterans who were discharged since 1979 should contact the Utah State Office of Veterans Affairs

Discharge and Benefit Records

In addition to the listed records, other military records often give discharge information such as the date and type of discharge and sometimes the muster out location.

Federal Records

Military service and discharge records are federal records. We have copies of discharge records (form DD-214) and educational benefit records for World War II veterans and some Korean War veterans enlisted or buried in Utah.

WW1 Soldier

County Recorder Military Discharge Records

Many Utah veterans have had their United States military discharges recorded by their local county recorder. As Utah veterans presented their military discharges, county recorders organized them in books kept for that purpose, or in the county's official records. Since many discharges were recorded well after the actual date of separation, beginning dates in a series do not reflect the earliest date of discharge.

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