Utah Department of Administrative Services

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Historic Mining Disasters in Utah

Date Mine Name Location Killed Product Type
05/01/1900 Winter Quarters 1 & 4 Scofield, UT 200 Coal Explosion
08/15/1902 Park-Utah Park City, UT 34 Lead/Zinc/Copper/Silver Powder fumes
06/01/1910 Union Quarry Devils Slide, UT 25 Limestone Quarry explosion
01/21/1914 Boston Bingham, UT 5 Copper Fire
09/17/1914 Centennial-Eureka Eureka, UT 11 Gold Cave-in
03/08/1924 No. 2 (see Castle Gate Relief Exhibit) Castle Gate, UT 172 Coal Explosion
09/21/1924 Rains Rains, UT 5 Coal Explosion
02/06/1930 Standard Standardville, UT 23 Coal Explosion
03/08/1930 New Peerless Lynn, UT 5 Coal Explosion
03/14/1945 Kennilworth Kennilworth, UT 7 Coal Explosion
05/09/1945 No. 1 Sunnyside, UT 23 Coal Explosion
07/16/1950 Lark, U.S. Smelting Lark, UT 5 Lead, Zinc Fire
1/05/1953 American Gilsonite Co. Bonanza, UT 8 Gilsonite Dust explosion
08/28/1963 Texas Gulf Sulfur Co. Moab, UT 18 Potash Gas explosion
12/16/1963 Carbon Fuel No. 2 Helper, UT 9 Coal Explosion
12/19/1984 Emory Mining Co. Wilberg Mine Orangeville, UT 27 Coal Fire
08/06/2007 Crandall Canyon Mine Emery County, UT 9* Coal Fall of face or rib (coal bump/bounce)

Source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Mining Safety and Health Research, “All Mining Disasters: 1839 to Present” accessed March 10, 2014 from http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/statistics/content/allminingdisasters.html.

* Includes both the initial incident on 8/6/2007 where 6 lives were lost, and subsequent incident during the rescue efforts on 8/16/2007 that claimed the lives of three rescue workers.