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1965-2024. Prior to taking statewide office, newly elected officials, judges, appointed commission members and agency directors, and special law enforcement officers in Utah are required to take an oath of office from any person in the state authorized to administer oaths (UCA 78-24-16). Officeholders each solemnly swear (or affirm) to support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Utah State Constitution, and to discharge the duties of the office with fidelity.

How to Access Oaths of Office

  1. Determine if the oath has been filed with us. Look up the individual by name in this index, which is updated daily, meaning the day that an oath of office is delivered to the Division of Archives and Records Service is added to the index. If it is not listed in the index, we do not have the oath.*
  2. Determine if there is a digital copy. Check the Division of Archives and Records Service Oaths of Office collection for oaths taken after 2014. For oaths taken from 1996 to 2014, you can find links to the digital copy in this index.
  3. If there is no digital copy and the oath was taken after 1995, request the oath from [email protected].
  4. If there is no digital copy and the oath was taken before 1996, request the oath from our reference staff at [email protected].

Kendra Yates, Chief Records Officer

*Keep in mind that oaths of office taken by state officials are filed with us, the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service, per Utah Code § 52-1-2 (2). Oaths of office taken by officials for counties, cities, towns, school district boards, special districts, etc. are filed elsewhere. Check out this guideline for more details.

There is no specific time frame as to when an oath should be filed with the State Archives, which may affect whether an oath is available.