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Payson (Utah) Cemetery burial permits and reports

Dates: 1903, 1933, 1953-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

This series contains a variety of records documenting the burial of deceased persons. The earlier records in the series are permits allowing the transport and burial or disposal of human remains. These permits were issued by the state where the individual died and state law required that the cemetery sexton receive such a permit prior to allowing "burial or other disposition of a human body". The sexton was directed to retain these permits. The series includes one permit from 1903 and one from 1933. The rest of the series dates from 1953 on. Most of the earlier permits in this series were issued by the Utah State Division of Vital Statistics, but some were issued by other states. The permits typically record such information as the name of the deceased, sex, race, date and place of birth, date and place of death, place of residence, method of disposal, cemetery information, funeral director information, and date of burial.

In addition to these burial permits, cemetery staff added newspaper obituaries to the files beginning in the late 1960's. A law passed by the State Legislature in 1977 removed the requirement for burial-transit permits in the case that the remains were not being transported into or out of the state. The law also established the requirement that each cemetery submit a monthly report of burials to the State Division of Health (Laws of Utah,1977, Ch.105, Sections 4 and 5). Beginning in 1978, as a result of the changes in the law, the series contains occasional burial permits for individuals who died outside of Utah, along with burial reports for each individual burial, obituaries, and the cemetery copies of monthly reports to the Division of Health. The individual burial reports include much of the information previously recorded on the burial permits and served the same function of providing cemetery staff with basic information needed to allow burial in the cemetery. The monthly reports are carbonless copies of pre-printed forms listing each individual interred in the cemetery during a given month, along with death dates, ages, place of death, and person of funeral director handling funeral arrangements.

From the 1980's on the files also include calendars on which staff recorded the date of burials.


Chronological by burial date.

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    1 1 1903-1933; Burial-transit permits
    1 1 1953 Jul-1969 Dec; Burial-transit permits
    2 2 1970 Jan-1981 Jan; Burial-transit permits and information sheets
    3 3 1981 Feb-1988 Aug; Burial information sheets
    4 4 1988 Sep-1996 Sep; Burial information sheets
    5 5 1996 Oct-2002 Nov; Burial information sheets
    6 6 2002 Dec-2007 Apr; Burial information sheets
    7 7 2007 May-2011 Dec; Burial information sheets
    8 8 2012 Jan-Dec; Burial information sheets

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