Series 84798
Payson (Utah) Interment registers

Dates: 1893-2008.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

This series contains books recording burials in the cemetery. The books hold pre-printed forms with two entries on each page. The forms include space for recording the date of the record, name of the deceased, parents' names, birth date and place, death date, cause of death, attending doctor or nurse, and burial location. Some of the earliest forms are signed by the informant, but most are signed by the sexton instead. Additional information, such as place of death, name of spouse, or military service, is sometimes noted as well.


Chronological by burial date.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Numerous pages came loose from these registers over time and, while some were re-inserted into these books prior to microfilming, various gaps in the entry numbers indicate that some loose pages in the earlier books were lost at some point. Consequently, the records for some burials are missing from the series.

Processing Note

Prior to microfilming in 2013, a number of loose pages from these registers were found. The pages were re-inserted into the books as accurately as possible before they were microfilmed. Some of the books had been re-bound and cut down since the pages had been lost, so the inserted pages are larger than rest of the pages in the books.

The microfilm for this series was archivally processed by Alan Barnett in September 2013.

Container List

1 1 1893 Jan-1903 Aug; Interment register [Book 1]
1 1 1903 Aug-1915 May; Interment register [Book 2]
1 1 1915 May-1923 Mar; Interment register [Book 3]
1 1 1923 Mar-1927 Dec; Interment register [Book 4]
1 1 1928 Jan-1932 Dec; Interment register [Book 5]
2 2 1933 Jan-1938 Nov; Interment register [Book 6]
2 2 1938 Nov-1947 Oct; Interment register [Book 7]
2 2 1947 Oct-1952 Sep; Interment register [Book 8]
2 2 1952 Sep-1957 Mar; Interment register [Book 9]
3 3 1957 Apr-1965 Sep; Interment register [Book 10]
4 4 1965 Oct-1973 May; Interment register [Book 11]
4 4 1973 Jun-1980 Dec; Interment register [Book 12]
4 4 1981 Jan-1983 Dec; Interment register [Book 13]
4 4 1984 Jan-1986 Dec; Interment register [Book 14]
5 5 1987 Jan-1989 Dec; Interment register [Book 15]
5 5 1990 Jan-1992 Dec; Interment register [Book 16]
5 5 1993 Jan-1995 Dec; Interment register [Book 17]
5 5 1996 Jan-1998 Dec; Interment register [Book 18]
5 5 1999 Jan-2001 Dec; Interment register [Book 19]
6 6 2002 Jan-2004 Dec; Sexton's Records
6 6 2005 Jan-2007 Dec; Sexton's Records
6 6 2008 Jan-Dec; Sexton's Records

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