Series 85179
District Court (Fourth District : Juab County) Preliminary citizenship examination lists

Dates: i 1930-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

Under a federal naturalization law enacted in 1926:

The judge of any United States district hereby authorized, in his discretion, to designate one or more examiners or officers of the Bureau of conduct preliminary hearings upon petitions for naturalization to such court, and to make findings and recommendations thereon....The findings of any such designated examiner or officer upon any such preliminary hearing shall be submitted to the court at the final hearing...with a recommendation that the petition be granted or denied or continued, with the reasons therefor. Such findings and recommendations shall be accompanied by duplicate lists containing the names of the petitioners, classified according to the character of the recommendations, and signed by the designated examiner or officer. The judge to whom such findings and recommendations are submitted shall by written order approve such recommendations with such exceptions as he may deem proper, by subscribing his name to each such list when corrected to conform to his conclusions upon such recommendations. One of such lists shall thereafter be filed permanently of record in such court and the duplicate list shall be sent by the clerk of such court to the Commissioner of Naturalization. ([Public-No. 358-69th Congress][S.4251] in Revised Statutes of Utah 1933, Inland Printing Co., Kaysville, Utah, 1933. p. 86-87)

The preliminary hearing eliminated the necessity of interviewing the applicant or his witnesses at the final court hearing. This volume contains the lists specified in the law. There are recommendations that petitions be denied, recommendations that petitions be granted, and the order of denial or admission to U.S. citizenship. Each form lists the petition number, the applicant's name, and a brief reason for the recommendation.

The series was begun when Juab County was in the fifth judicial district. In 1977, the county was moved to the fourth judicial district.


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1 Naturalization Record; Declarations of Intention; Preliminary Examinations, #132-189, Jan. 22, 1930-Mar. 30, 1959; Citizenship Certificate Stubs

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