Series 10180

Governor Bangerter Press secretary's records, 1984-1992.

2.00 cubic feet and 4 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

These are records created or received by the Press Secretary during Governor Bangerter's two terms in office.

Scope and Content

These are records created or received by the Press Secretary during Governor Bangerter's two terms in office. These records provide background material for publicizing the activities of the Governor's administration. The Press Secretary from January 1985 to April 1992 was Francine Giani; the Press Secretary from April 1992 until January 1993 was Heather Barney. Many types of records are included in this series such as biographies, correspondence, cabinet and city council minutes, daily news summaries, and media responses. Also included are general records utilized in the preparation of the book Building a Better Utah: The Bangerter Administration. In addition to paper records there are numerous photographs and two audiovisual cassettes (VHS format).
The Press Secretary's office collected materials pertaining to many subjects including the accomplishments of the various departments of the government which were used to prepare press releases. Among the correspondence papers are numerousrequests from autograph seekers and school children. For several years summaries of the daily television and newspaper reports were collected. Occasionally the Governor held "Open Door Meetings" which were designed to allow the Governor to converse with citizens about their topics of interest.


Alphabetical by topic, thereunder chronological.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

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This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was transferred and appraised in 1992 and archival processing was completed by Greg Lapore in 1994. The records were heavily weeded. Publications were removed while newspaper clippings and press releases became separate series and the remaining materials were alphabetized by topic. Microfilmed in June 1994.

Related Material

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Container List

111Accomplishments, Agriculture
114Employment Security-Natural Resources
115Personnel Management-Transportation
116America-Japan Week
117Biography, Bangerter, Colleen
118Bangerter, Norman
119Farnsworth, Philo T.
1111Oveson, Val
1112Book Information, Building a Better Utah: The Bangerter Administration
1113State of Utah Packet
11141985, Jan-1987, Oct
11151987, Nov-1988, Apr
11161988, May-1990, Apr
11171990, Jun-1991, Feb
11181991, Mar-1992, Jul
11191992, Sep-Oct
11201992, Nov-Dec
1121DCED Report
1124Business and Taxation, 1985-1986
1125Business and Taxation, 1987, Sep
1126Business and Taxation, 1987, Nov
1127Business and Taxation, 1987, Dec-1988, Dec
1128Business and Taxation, Undated
1129Cabinet Council, 1985
1130Cabinet Council, 1986, Jan-Mar
1131Cabinet Council, 1986, May-Dec
1132Cabinet Council, 1987, Jan-Jul
1133Cabinet Council, 1987, Jul-1988, Feb
1134Cabinet Council, 1988, Mar-Dec, Undated
1135Christmas Party
1136City Council
1137Correspondence, 1984, Nov-Dec
1138Correspondence, 1985, Jan-Feb
1139Correspondence, 1985, Mar
1140Correspondence, 1985, Apr
2141Correspondence, 1985, May
2142Correspondence, 1985, May
2143Correspondence, 1985, May
2144Correspondence, 1985, Jun
2145Correspondence, 1985, Jul
2146Correspondence, 1985, Jul
2147Correspondence, 1985, Jul
2148Correspondence, 1985, Aug-Sep
2149Correspondence, 1985, Oct
2150Correspondence, 1985, Nov-Dec
2151Correspondence, 1986, Jan
2152Correspondence, 1986, Feb
2153Correspondence, 1986, Feb
2154Correspondence, 1986, Mar
2155Correspondence, 1986, Apr
2156Correspondence, 1986, May-Jun
2157Correspondence, 1986, Jul
2158Correspondence, 1986, Aug
2159Correspondence, 1986, Aug
2160Correspondence, 1986, Sep
2161Correspondence, 1986, Oct
2162Correspondence, 1986, Oct
2163Correspondence, 1986, Nov
2164Correspondence, 1986, Nov
2165Correspondence, 1986, Dec
2166Correspondence, 1987, Jan-Feb
2167Correspondence, 1987, Mar-May
2168Correspondence, 1987, Jan-Dec
2169Correspondence, 1988
2170Correspondence, 1989
2171Correspondence, 1990, Jan-Sep
2172Correspondence, 1990, Oct-Dec
2173Correspondence, 1991, Jan
2174Correspondence, 1991, Feb
2175Correspondence, 1991, Apr
2176Correspondence, 1991, May-Aug
2177Correspondence, 1991, Sep-Dec
2178Correspondence, 1991, Undated
2179Correspondence, 1992, Jan-Dec
2180Correspondence, 1984-1992, Undated
2181Correspondence, Newsletter
2182Daily News Summary, 1989, Nov-1990, Jan
2183Daily News Summary, 1990, Jan-Feb
2184Daily News Summary, 1990, Feb
2185Daily News Summary, 1990, Mar-1991, Jan
2186Division of Community and Economic Development
222Events, Area Commanders Conference
223Crime Prevention
224Crime Prevention
225Portrait of America
327Food Drive, Undated
328Food Drive, Undated
329Food Tax, 1979-1992
3210Governor's Association
3211Great Salt Lake Pumping Project
3212Inauguration, 1985
3213Inauguration, 1985
3214Inauguration, 1989
3215Legal Records
3216Legal Records, McKay Extradition
3217Legislative, 1985, Jan-Feb
3218Legislative, 1985, Feb
3219Legislative, 1985, Mar
3220Legislative, 1985, Mar
3221Legislative, 1985, May
3222Media Response, 1984, Dec-1985, Jan
3223Media Response, 1985, Feb
3224Media Response, 1985, Feb-Mar
3225Media Response, 1985, Apr-Jun
3226Media Response, 1985, Jul-Aug
3227Media Response, 1985, Sep-Nov
3228Media Response, 1986
3229Media Response, 1987-1988
3230Media Response, Undated
3231Open Door Meetings, 1986
3232Open Door Meetings, 1987
3233Open Door Meetings, 1989
3234Open Door Meetings, 1990-1991
3236Reports and Testimony, 1985
3237Reports and Testimony, 1986
3238Reports and Testimony, 1987
3239Reports and Testimony, Undated
3240School Trust Lands, 1987, Oct-Aug 1991
3241School Trust Lands, 1991, Sep
3242School Trust Lands, 1991, Nov-Dec
3243School Trust Lands, 1991, Dec
4244SCOPE, 1985
4245SCOPE, 1986
4246Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1985
4247Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1986
4248Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1986
4249Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1987, Feb-Mar
4250Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1987, May-Aug
4251Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1987, Sep-Dec
4252Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1987, Dec
4253Super-Conducting Super Collider, 1987, Dec-1988, Jan
4254Utah 2000
42551991, Sep-Nov
4256Video, Central Utah Project(CUP)