Series 12409

Governor Bangerter First lady's correspondence, 1984-1992.

2.00 cubic feet and 3 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

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Summary of Records

This is the correspondence handled by the staff of First Lady Colleen Bangerter.

Scope and Content

This is the correspondence handled by the staff of the Governor's residence. There is some correspondence bearing Governor Norman Bangerter's signature, but the series consists primarily of his wife's records, as she worked primarily out of the Governor's mansion. As the Governor's wife, Colleen Bangerter was a sought-after speaker and board member. She was responsible for many of the social aspects of the administration. She was also active in community projects and sometimes served on gubernatorial task forces. This series documents her involvement as well as that of her staff and affiliated groups.
The records include background files, conference programs, reports, and speeches given by Mrs. Bangerter, but consist primarily of letters sent and received. Much of the general correspondence was in response to newspaper clippings which inspired Mrs. Bangerter to send a note. Thank you notes are a common type of letter in many of the topical folders as well as in the separate thank-youcorrespondence files. Requests for favorite recipes are another common category.
Mrs. Bangerter regularly hosted breakfasts, luncheons and dinners for various groups and spoke at others. She coordinated activities for Legislators' wives. She served as a spokesman or honorary member of numerous organizations including the Girl Scouts, Highway Patrol, National Guard, etc. The records of the Governor's Mansion Foundation which helps fund upkeep and entertainment at the Governor's residence appear here; Mrs. Bangerter was President of the Board of Trustees for that organization.
She was an active member of several groups devoted to fighting substance abuse, particularly among youth. Children's issues are common topics, ranging from child abuse to immunizations to fund-raising for musical instruments for a Korean orphanage. In 1988, Mrs. Bangerter headed the Governor's task force on teenage pregnancy. She also participated in a number of activities for senior citizens and stressedvolunteerism for all ages. Families were a prominent focus, and Mrs. Bangerter was actively in involved in organizing an annual series of conferences on strengthening families.
Mrs. Bangerter was involved politically, attending the National Governors Association meetings and the 1989 presidential inauguration. She helped host the 1987 Western Governors' Association and the 1991 Republican Governor's Association conferences in Utah. Although not specifically on the committee, the records from the Governor's Ball Committee which helped raise campaign funds are included here; samples of her dress fabric for 1987 are included as well. Mrs. Bangerter was also active in the Western Governors Association spouses group which adopted a television programming project in 1987 and 1988 to improve television programming for children. All these activities are noted in this series.


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Related Material

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Container List

111Aging Programs; 1985-1989
112Aging Programs; 1990-1991
113AIDS; 1987-1989
114Artist Series; 1989-1992
115Arts for Children; 1987-1988
116Bangerter family; undated-1989
117Big Brothers & Big Sisters; 1988-1989
118Boy Scouts; undated-1989
119Breast Cancer; 1991
1110Capitol for a Day; 1987
1111Child Abuse; undated-1992
1112Child Welfare; 1987-1992
1113Christmas; undated-1991
1114Correspondence, general; 1986-1987, Jan-Mar
1115Correspondence, general; 1987, Apr-Jun
1116Correspondence, general; 1987, Jul-Sep
1117Correspondence, general; 1987, Oct-Dec
1118Correspondence, general; 1988, Jan
1119Correspondence, general; 1988, Feb-Mar
1120Correspondence, general; 1988, Apr-Dec
1121Correspondence, general; 1989-1990
1122Correspondence, general; 1991-1992
1123Correspondence, thank you; undated-1985
1124Correspondence, thank you; 1987, Jan
1125Correspondence, thank you; 1987, Feb-Mar
1126Correspondence, thank you; 1987, Apr-May
1127Correspondence, thank you; 1987, Jun-Sep
1128Correspondence, thank you; 1987, Oct-Dec
1129Correspondence, thank you; 1988, Jan-Mar
1130Correspondence, thank you; 1988, May-Jul
1131Correspondence, thank you; 1988, Aug-Oct
1132Correspondence, thank you; 1989-1990
1133Correspondence, thank you; 1992, Apr-Jun
1134Correspondence, thank you; 1992, Jul-Sep
1135Correspondence, thank you; 1992, Oct-Dec
1136Daughters of the American Revolution; 1986
1137Department Heads Mailing List; undated
1138Education; undated-1986
1139Education; 1987-1992
1140Egyptian Ambassador Dinner; 1987
1141Families Alive Conference; 1989
1142Family Conference; 1988, Jan-Feb
1143Family Conference (Cont.); 1988, Mar-May
1144Family Conference; 1988, Sep
1145Family Conference; 988, Oct
1146Family Conference; 1989
1147Family Conference; 1991
1148Family Conference; 1992
1149Farnsworth, Philo: statues of; 1989-1990
1150First Ladies Luncheon; 1991-1992
1151Girl Scouts; 1987-1991
1152Governor's Ball; 1987
2153Governor's Ball; 1988
2154Governor's Ball; 1989
2155Governor's Ball; 1990
2156Governor's Ball; 1991
2157Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1984-1985; Jun
2158Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1985, Aug-1987
2159Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1992, May 1-14
2160Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1992, May 15-29
2161Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1992, Jun-Dec
2162Governor's Mansion Foundation; 1992, Nov-Dec
221Guest Book; undated
222Guest Book; undated
223Guest Book; 1987, Nov 13
224Guest Book; 1987, Sep-1988, Aug
225Guest Book; 1988, May-Sep
226Head Start Program; 1988
227Highway Patrol; 1990-1992
228Human Services Conference; undated
229Immunization; 1991-1992
2210Judicial Conference; 1992
2211Junior League; 1988
2212Korean Orphanage; 1992
2213Legislative wives; 1987
2214Legislative wives; 1988-1989
2215Legislative wives; 1990-1991
2216Make-A-Wish Foundation
2217Medical; 1992
2218Mother's Association; 1985-1992
2219Mrs. Utah; 1986-1989
2220National Governors' Association; 1987-1988
2221National Governors' Association (Cont.);1989-1992
2222National Guard; 1987
2223Parenting Skills Education Committee
2224Peoples Museum
2225Presidential Inaugural; 1989
2226Receptions; 1987-1992
2227Recipes; 1987, Jan-May
2228Recipes; 1987, Jun-Oct
2229Recipes; 1988
2230Recipes; 1992
2231Republican Governors Association Conference;1991
2232Rose Parade; 1986-1988
2233Substance Abuse; undated-1987
2234Substance Abuse; 1988
2235Substance Abuse; 1989-1992
2236Sundance Institute; 1987-1988
2237Teen Pregnancy; undated
2238Teen Pregnancy (Cont.); undated
2239Teen Pregnancy; undated
2240Teen Pregnancy; 1987
3241Teen Pregnancy; 1988, Jun
3242Teen Pregnancy; 1988, Oct 3
3243Teen Pregnancy; 1988, Oct 12-28
3244Territorial Capitol; 1986
3245This People article; 1986
3246Trade Mission; 1990
3247Trip diaries
3248Utah Heritage Foundation
3249Volunteerism; 1987-1990
3250Volunteerism; 1992
3251Western Governors' Association; undated-1986
3252Western Governors' Association; 1987, undated-May
3253Western Governors' Association; 1987, Jun-Oct
3254Western Governors' Association; 1988
3255Western Governors' Association; 1992
3256Wildflower Conference; 1989
3257Women's Conference in Dixie; 1988-1992