Series 187

Governor Blood Employment application correspondence, 1932-1940.

4.00 cubic feet and 5 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains correspondence from Utah citizens to Governor Blood inquiring about state and federal governmental positions.

Scope and Content

This series contains correspondence from Utah citizens inquiring about state and federal governmental positions. It contains vitae, letters asking for appointment and letters of recommendation. The series does not contain literal employment applications.
Letters contain past employment information, education, religious involvement and the pursued position. Some of the letters pleadingly ask for employment of any kind to relieve the destitution of the author and family. Typically there is a response from Governor Blood for each letter.



The series is arranged by type of application: state, federal, or other; in conjunction with year grouping. The first year grouping includes applications from December of 1932 paired with 1933; thereafter all following years are grouped together i.e., 1934-40. State applications are further arranged alphabetically by agency; thereunder chronologically by individual date. Federal applications follow state applications, and miscellaneous applications appear last within the year groupings.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by Wendy Checketts, April 2000.

Related Material

Correspondence from the Governor Blood, Series 186, This series contains letters from Utah citizens seeking employment and asking or recommendation from the governor.
State agency correspondence from the Governor Blood, Series 14207, This series also contains information pertaining to acquiring employment within state agencies.

Container List

111State Applications; 1933; Agricultural College
112State Applications; 1933; Agriculture
113State Applications; 1933; Agriculture; Anderson, Cleon
114State Applications; 1933; Agriculture; Bennion, Harden
115State Applications; 1933; Agriculture; Frost, J. A.
116State Applications; 1933; Agriculture; Roylance, M. W.
117State Applications; 1933; Agriculture; Smith, David
118State Applications; 1933; Alcohol Distributor
119State Applications; 1933; Art Institute
1110State Applications; 1932; Bank Commission; Malia J. A., 1932, Dec 1-22
1112State Applications; 1932 Bank Commission; Malia, J. A., 1932, Dec 22, 23
1113State Applications; 1932; Bank Commission; Malia, J. A., 1932, Dec 24-28
1114State Applications; 1932; Bank Commission; Malia, J. A., 1932, Dec 29
1115State Applications; 1933; Bank Commission
1116State Applications; 1933; Bank Commission; Jones, J. W.
1117State Applications; 1933; Bank Commission; Robins, E. C.
1118State Applications; 1933; Chauffeur, Governor's
1119State Applications; 1933; Deaf and Blind
1120State Applications; 1933; Education, Jan-Feb
1121State Applications; 1933; Education; Mar-May
1122State Applications; 1933; Engineer; Bacon, George, approval for
1123State Applications; 1933; Engineer; Bacon, George, protest against
1124State Applications; 1933; Engineer; Carver, H. C.
1125State Applications; 1933; Engineer; Humphreys, T. H.
1126State Applications; 1933; Fish and Game
1127State Applications; 1933; Fish and Game; Thompson, D. J.
1128State Applications; 1933; Geologist; Dobbs, Rolla G.
1129State Applications; 1933; Health
1130State Applications; 1933; Health; Barnes, Keith D.
1131State Applications; 1933; Health; Beatty, T. B.
1132State Applications; 1933; Health; Howell, Dr. F. J.
1133State Applications; 1933; Health; Oldham, E. P.
1134State Applications; 1933; Health; Reese, G. L.
1135State Applications; 1933; Industrial Commission
1136State Applications; 1933; Industrial Commission; Adamson, Andrew
1137State Applications; 1933; Industrial Commission; Krause, Brigham
1138State Applications; 1933; Industrial Commission; Monson, W. P.
1139State Applications; 1933; Industrial Commission; Tuttle, I. R.
1140State Applications; 1933; Industrial School; West, R. E.
1141State Applications; 1933; Insanity
1142State Applications; 1933; Insurance Company; Bloom, Werner
1143State Applications; 1933; Insurance Commission; Johnson, Ben B.
1144State Applications; 1933; Insurance Commission; McQuarrie, J. G.
1145State Applications; 1933; Insurance Commission; Smith, Lisle
1146State Applications; 1933; Insurance Commission; Spencer, John
1147State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court
1148State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Bernhisel, J. M.
1149State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Bosone, Reva Beck
1150State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Cheney, A. L.
1151State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Clark, Rulon
1152State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Clay, O. K.
1153State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Gee, H. L.
1154State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Harris, R. L.
1155State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Lambert, J. Carlos
1156State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Nelson, J. E.
1157State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Nelson, L. E.
2158State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Nielson, A. O.
2159State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Nielson C. M.
2160State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Passey, Roy
2161State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Peterson, N. L.
2162State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Powell, C. W.
2163State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Robinson, B. H.
2164State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Van Wagenen, Ed
2165State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Wilkens, Wren
2166State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Woods, Don C.
2167State Applications; 1933; Juvenile Court; Young, B. Spencer
2168State Applications; 1933; Land Board
2169State Applications; 1933; Land Board; Hallaway, J. W.
2170State Applications; 1933; Land Board; Howell, Joseph
2171State Applications; 1933; Legislature
2172State Applications; 1933; Legislature; Baker, Alma
2173State Applications; 1933; Legislature; McFarlane, Art
2174State Applications; 1933; Legislature; Olson, John
2175State Applications; 1933; Prison
2176State Applications; 1933; Public Utilities
2177State Applications; 1933; Road Commission
2178State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Alston, C. M.
2179State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Burton, T. T.
2180State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Cate, S. L.
2181State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Hyde, Gordon T.
2182State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Knox, Walter
2183State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Snow, J. S.
2184State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Tolton, J. F.
2185State Applications; 1933; Road Commission; Wilkins, Garrett S.
2186State Applications; 1933; Secretary and Stenographer to the Governor
2187State Applications; 1933; Secretary of State
221State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission
222State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Ajax, Ivor
223State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Bundy, Ora
224State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Carlquist, C. H.
225State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Elliott, Robert
226State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Ivins, H. Grant
227State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Knight, J. Will
228State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Olson, John K.
229State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Rowly, Silas
2210State Applications; 1933; Tax Commission; Willardson, Christian
2211State Applications; 1933; Treasurer
2212State Applications; 1933; University of Utah
2213State Applications; 1933; Water Storage Commission
2214State Applications; 1932-1933; Federal Appointments
2215State Applications; 1932; Miscellaneous Appointments, Nov
2216State Applications; 1932; Miscellaneous Appointments, Dec
2217State Applications; 1932; Miscellaneous Appointments; Perry, Joseph Jr.
2218State Applications; 1933; Miscellaneous Appointments; Quimby, Joseph Jr.
2219State Applications; 1933; Miscellaneous Appointments; Skidmore, A. J.
2220State Applications; 1933; Miscellaneous Appointments, Jan
2221State Applications; 1933; Miscellaneous Appointments, Feb
2222State Applications; 1933; Miscellaneous Appointments, Mar-Dec
2223State Applications; 1937; Abstract Commission
2224State Applications; 1934-1939; Agricultural College
2225State Applications; 1934-1937; Agriculture
2226State Applications; 1935; Bank Commission, Mar
2227State Applications; 1935; Bank Commission, Apr-May
2228State Applications; 1935; Bank Commission, Jun
2229State Applications; 1935; Bank Commission, Jul-Oct
3230State Applications; 1935-1937; Building Commission
3231State Applications; 1934-1939; Chemist
3232State Applications; 1934-1936; Civil Conservation Corps
3233State Applications; 1939; Committee of Nine
3234State Applications; 1935-1937; Education
3235State Applications; 1939; Educational Survey Committee
3236State Applications; 1935-1939; Fair Association
3237State Applications; 1935-1939; Fine Arts
3238State Applications; 1937; Fire Control Board
3239State Applications; 1935; Fish and Game, Jan
3240State Applications; 1935; Fish and Game, Feb-Apr
3241State Applications; 1937-1938; Fish and Game, May-Dec
3242State Applications; 1939; Fish and Game, Jan-Feb
3243State Applications; 1939; Fish and Game, Mar
3244State Applications; 1939; Health
3245State Applications; 1934-1939; Industrial Commission
3246State Applications; 1935; Industrial Commission; Cannon, Jesse F.
3247State Applications; 1935; Industrial Commission; McShane, O. F., Jan
3248State Applications; 1935; Industrial Commission; McShane, O. F., Feb-Mar
3249State Applications; 1935; Industrial Commission; Miller, George C.
3250State Applications; 1935; Industrial Commission; Monson, Walter
3251State Applications; 1937; Industrial Commission; Knerr, William
3252State Applications; 1939; Industrial Commission; Nebeker, B. D.
3253State Applications; 1936-1937; Insurance Commission
3254State Applications; 1934; Judicial Court; 3rd District, Sep-Nov
3255State Applications; 1934; Judicial Court; 3rd District, Dec
3256State Applications; 1938; Judicial Court; 3rd District, Sep-Oct
3257State Applications; 1938; Judicial Court; 3rd District, Nov-Dec
3258State Applications; 1940; Judicial Court; 6th District
3259State Applications; 1934-1940; Juvenile Court
3260State Applications; 1935, 1939, 1940; Land Board
3261State Applications; 1937; Land Board
3262State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission
3263State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission, Mar 4-21
3264State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission, Mar 22-31
3265State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Alton, E. R.
3266State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Anderson, Byron D.
3267State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Bowman, John F.
3268State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Brown, Hugh B.
331State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Call, V. Vosco
332State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Cluff, H. H.
333State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Day, J. F.
334State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Day, Miah
335State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Dillman, Ray E.
336State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Everitt, D. A.
337State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Fisher, George H.
338State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Holst, W. L.
339State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; James, John
3310State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Jones, Dr. Preston L.
3311State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Jugler, Frank A.
3312State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Kimball, W. R.
3313State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; McBride, Wallace W.
3314State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; McKay, James Gunn
3315State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Nibley, Joseph F., Feb
3316State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Nibley, Joseph F., Mar
3317State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Reid, William J.
4318State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Stewart, Frank Page
4319State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Vernon, Weston
4320State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Whitehead, W. A.
4321State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Williams, G. L.
4322State Applications; 1935; Liquor Commission; Wright, J. E.
4323State Applications; 1937-1939; 1935; 1935; Liquor Commission
4324State Applications; 1937-1938; Mental Hospital
4325State Applications; 1939; Mental Hospital
4326State Applications; 1940; Mental Hospital
4327State Applications; 1939; Pardons, Board of
4328State Applications; 1939; Pardons, Board of; White, L. Clark
4329State Applications; 1937; Prison Board
4330State Applications; 1937; Prison Board; Maugham, A. M.
4331State Applications; 1937; Prison Board; Nebker, Owen
4332State Applications; 1937; Prison Board; Packard, Paul G.
4333State Applications; 1937; Prison Board; Prison Site Committee
4334State Applications; 1937; Skidmore, George
4335State Applications; 1935; Public Utilities, Mar-Apr
4336State Applications; 1935; Public Utilities; May
4337State Applications; 1935; Public Utilities; Corfam, E. E.
4338State Applications; 1935; Public Utilities; Lewis, Hugh E.
4339State Applications; 1937; Public Utilities
4340State Applications; 1935-1939; Public Welfare
4341State Applications; 1934; Registration
4342State Applications; 1935; Registration
4343State Applications; 1938-1939; Registration; Anderson, W. H.
4344State Applications; 1938-1939; Registration; Golding, S. W.
4345State Applications; 1939; Registration
4346State Applications; 1939; Registration; Billings, G. V.
4347State Applications; 1939; Registration; Hansen, E. B.
4348State Applications; 1939; Registration; Harrison, J. B.
4349State Applications; 1939; Registration; Kendall, June
4350State Applications; 1939; Registration; Lindstrom, G. G.
4351State Applications; 1934; Road Commission
4352State Applications; 1935-1936; Road Commission
4353State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Abbott, George
4354State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Drury, A. F.
4355State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Fortie, John A.
4356State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Granger, Walker K.
4357State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Hammond, W. D.
4358State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Henry, Marion
4359State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Knox, Walter
4360State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Snow, J. S.
4361State Applications; 1935; Road Commission; Wynaught, L. A.
4362State Applications; 1937; Road Commission; Chambers, A. W.
4363State Applications; 1939; Road Commission
4364State Applications; 1935-1937; Secretary of State
4365State Applications; 1935; Secretary of State; Granger, Walter K.
4366State Applications; 1935; Secretary of State; Miller, George M.
4367State Applications; 1938-1939; Securities Commission
4368State Applications; 1938-1939; Senate
4369State Applications; 1934-1938; Supreme Court
4370State Applications; 1938; Supreme Court; Folland, William H.
4371State Applications; 1938; Supreme Court; Hanson, Ephriam
4372State Applications; 1938; Supreme Court; Wooley, Dillworth
4373State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission
4374State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission; Arnovitz, Irwin
4375State Applications; 1934-1935; Tax Commission; Brown, Hugh B.
4376State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission; Knight, J. W.
4377State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission; Olsen, John K.
4378State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission; Paul, J. H.
4379State Applications; 1934-1939; Tax Commission; Welling, Tracy R.
4380State Applications; 1937-1939; Tax Commission; Hammond, R. E.
4381State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act
5382State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; Brough, James
5383State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; Elder, D. C.
5384State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; Hansen, O. L.
5385State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; Lloyd, Don
5386State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; McGibbeny, J. H.
5387State Applications; 1937; Trade Practice Act; Wiscomb, J. E.
541State Applications; 1937-1939; Tuberculosis Sanatorium
542State Applications; 1935-1937; Uniformity of Legislation
543State Applications; 1935-1939; University of Utah
544State Applications; 1935; University of Utah; Lyman, Richard R.
545State Applications; 1935; University of Utah; Severson, Bertha A.
546State Applications; 1938-1939; University of Utah; Day, Dr. J. F.
547State Applications; 1939; University of Utah; Halverson, James E.
548State Applications; 1935-1939; Water Storage Commission
549State Applications; 1935; Weber College
5410State Applications; 1934-1939; Miscellaneous Offices
5411State Applications; 1935; Positions for Senate approval
5412Federal Appointments; 1934-1935
5413Federal Applications; 1938
5414Federal Applications; 1938; Brossard, E. B.
5415Federal Applications; 1938; Internal Revenue
5416Federal Military Positions; 1935-1938
5417Miscellaneous Applications; 1934
5418Miscellaneous Applications; 1935
5419Miscellaneous Applications; 1936
5420Miscellaneous Applications; 1937
5421Miscellaneous Applications; 1938-1939