Series 202

Governor Cutler Correspondence (incoming), i 1905-1908.

3.00 cubic feet and 5 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains letters to Governor Cutler. This was the Governor's primary way of communication with the Utah citizenry and other principal officials of other states and nations. The correspondence is in the form of letters, reports, and notices. Correspondence includes that with federal and state agencies as well as individuals. Education is a prominent theme, but many other subjects are also included.

Scope and Content

This series contains letters to Governor Cutler. This was the Governor's primary way of communication with the Utah citizenry and other principal officials of other states and nations. The correspondence is in the form of letters, reports, and notices. Correspondence includes that with federal and state agencies as well as individuals. Education is a prominent theme, but many other subjects are also included.
The correspondence covers a vast number of topics. Included are letters from citizens and private businesses asking for favors and offering advice, legal opinions, financial documents, and exchanges with other states and with federal agencies.
Education is a prominent theme. Letters and documents from the University of Utah, the Agricultural College of Utah, and Brigham Young College are included in the documents.
The State Experimental Station, developed by the Agricultural College, provided Cutler with information describing programs which improved agricultural production inseveral areas. Farmers' institutes were held explaining the most advanced farming methods. Six experimental farms were established throughout the state to investigate arid farming; experiments were conducted to determine the types of crops best suited for dry farming and to evaluate the commercial value of such crops.
Many letters are from departments of the United States government. Agencies such as the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Labor, the Interior, and the Treasury and War Departments are included in the documents. Likewise, correspondence from departments of the state of Utah is abundant and filed together.
During September 1905, a fire severely damaged several buildings in the mechanic arts department at the Utah State Agricultural College. During October 1906, a violent wind storm in the Ogden area damaged the School for the Deaf Dumb and Blind and the State Industrial School. In both cases, Cutler received appraisals describing the extent of the damages.The State Board of Examiners, of which the Governor was a member, provided funding for the rebuilding and for the purchase of new equipment.
Many folders contain the letters of individuals to Governor Cutler. These individuals include doctors, governors of other states, mayors of Utah cities, senators, and other public figures.

Research Note


Alphabetical by the surname of the correspondent or by the name of the agency, thereunder chronological.

When the Office of the Governor received enough correspondence from the same organization, individual, or agency, then they were gathered into one file. If Governor Cutler received only one or two letters from the organization, individual, or agency, then they were filed alphabetically in a miscellaneous folder.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

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This series is classified as Public.

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These records are available for reproduction and use.

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Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

Microfilming will protect the original papers, which will also be preserved. This series was processed in January 2002, by Ryan Oldroyd.

Related Material

Correspondence (outgoing) from the Governor Cutler, Series 203, contains letters written by the Governor or his secretaries, in part responding to letters received.
Governors' executive orders and proclamations from the Lieutenant Governor, Series 85039, include proclamations of Governor Cutler which pertain to many of the topics in the correspondence.

Container List

111A 1905-1906
112A 1907-1908
113Adjutant General, Office of; 1905-1907
114Adjutant General, Office of; 1908
115Agricultural College of Utah; 1905-1907
116Agricultural College of Utah; 1908
117Agriculture, U.S. Department of; 1905-1908
118American Mining Congress; 1905-1908
119Austro-Hungarian Consulate; 1905-1908
1110B 1905-1908
1111B 1907
1112B 1908
1113Brigham Young College; 1905-1908
1114British Consulate General; 1905-1908
1115Butchel, Henry A., Governor of Colorado; 1907-1908
1116C 1905
1117C 1906-1907
1118C 1908
1119California; 1905-1908
1120Chipman, S.; 1905-1907
1121Christensen, James, State Treasurer; 1906-1908
1122Coal Mine Inspector and Investigation; 1906-1908
1123Commerce and Labor, U.S. Department of; 1905-1908
1124Commerce Club; 1905-1908
2125Cruelty to Animals; 1908
2126Cummings, H.L., Secretary of the Senate; 1905
2127D 1905-1908
2128Denver Post, The; 1908
2129E 1905-1908
2130Edwards, John A., State Auditor; 1905-1908
2131F 1905-1906
2132F 1907-1908
2133G 1904-1906
2134G 1907-1908
2135Glassman, William, Mayor of Ogden; 1905-1908
2136Good Roads Convention; 1908
2137H 1905
2138H 1906-1907
2139H 1908
2140Howell, J.A.; 1905-1908
2141Hoyt, George B.; 1908
221I 1905-1908
222Idaho; 1907-1908
223Indians, Invasion of the Southern Utes; 1907-1908
224Industrial School of Utah; 1905-1908
225Interior Department, Geological Survey; 1905-1907
226Interior Department, Indian Affairs; 1905-1908
227Interior Department, Land Office; 1905-1908
228International Fisheries Congress; 1908
229International Mining Exposition; 1908
2210Iowa; 1906-1907
2211J 1905-1908
2212Jamestown Exposition; 1907-1908
2213Japanese Consul; 1907-1908
2214Jefferson, Thomas, Memorial Association; 1905-1907
2215K 1905-1908
2216Kiesel, Fred J.; 1905-1908
2217Kleybolte, Rudolph; 1905
2218L 1905-1908
3219Lakes to the Gulf Deep Waterway Association; 1908
3220Leslie, Andrews; 1905-1907
3221Lewis and Clark Expedition; 1905-1907
3222Lincoln's Birthday Observance; 1908
3223M 1905-1906
3224M 1907-1908
3225Mayo, Dr. H.N.; 1904-1905
3226Meaken, John P.; 1905-1907
3227Miller, Robert; 1908
3228Mc 1905-1908
3229McCauley, Col. C.A.H., Chief Quartermaster, O.S. Army; 1905-1908
3230McDonald, J.G.; 1905-1908
3231N 1905-1906
3232N 1907-1908
3233National Arbitration and Peace Congress; 1907
3234National Civic Federation; 1907
3235National Conference of Charities And Corrections; 1903-1908
3236National Conservation Committee; 1908
3237National Good Roads; 1905-1908
3238National Irrigation Congress; 1905-1907
3239National Irrigation Congress; 1908
3240National Prison Association; 1905-1908
3241National Rivers and Harbors Congress; 1907-1908
3242National Tax Association; 1907-1908
3243National Wool Growers; 1906-1907
3244New York Board of Trade and Transportation; 1906-1907
3245O 1905-1908
3246Odell, George T.; 1905-1906
3247P 1905-1906
3248P 1907-1908
3249Pennypacker, Sam, Governor of Pennsylvania; 1905
3250Peterson, John, State Food Inspector; 1907
3251Portland Commercial Club; 1905-1908
3252Public Lands Convention: 1907
3253Q 1906-1908
3254R 1905-1908
3255Robinson, E.W., Mayor of Logan; 1905-1908
3256Rossi, Peter De B., Italian Chamber of Commerce; 1905-1908
3257Russian Consulate; 1906-1907
331S 1905-1906
332S 1907
333S 1908
334Senate Chamber; 1907
335Smoot, Senator Reed; 1905-1908
336Spanish American Memorial Association; 1907
337Spencer, D.S., Ticket Agent, O.S.L. Railroad; 1905-1908
338State Board of Equalization; 1905-1907
339State Board of Land Commissioners; 1905-1908
3310State Department, U.S.; 1905-1908
3311State Industrial School; 1906-1908
3312State Mental Hospital; 1905-1906
3313State Mental Hospital; 1907-1908
3314Sutherland, Senator George; 1903-1908
3315T 1905-1908
3316Tanner, Caleb, State Engineer; 1905-1908
3317Tingey, Charles S.; 1905-1907
3318Trans-Mississippi Congress; 1905-1908
3319Trans-Missouri Dry Farming Congress; 1905-1908
3320Treasury Department, U.S.; 1905-1908
3321U 1905-1908
3322University of Utah; 1905-1908
3323University of Utah School of Mines; 1905-1908
3324Utah Federation of Labor; 1905-1908
3325Utah Indian Wars Veterans Association; 1905-1907
3326Utah Light and Railroad Company; 1905-1908
3327Utah Medical Society; 1905-1908
3328Utah School for the Deaf and Blind; 1905-1908
3329Utah State Board of Sheep Commissioners; 1905-1907
3330Utah State Board of Sheep Commissioners; 1905-1907
3331V 1905-1908
3332Van Cott, Allison and Riter; 1907-1908
3333Vigus, W.E., Chief Clerk of State of Utah House of Representatives; 1905
3334W 1905-1906
4335W 1907
4336W 1908
4337War Department; 1905-1908
4338Western Union Telephone Company; 1905-1908
4339Y 1905-1908
4340Z 1908