Series 25636

Governor Leavitt State Olympic office subject files, 1992-2003.

44.30 cubic feet and 98 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

Correspondence, planning committee minutes, summaries of events, contracts, photographs and audiovisual material created or received during Governor Leavitt's terms of office. Used to provide background and documentation of the administration activities in preparation for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Scope and Content

This series contains a wide variety of records that provide background and documentation of the administration activities that took place in the planning and preparation for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. There are a wide variety of records present including correspondence, planning committee minutes, summaries of events, contracts, photographs and audiovisual material created or received during Governor Leavitt's terms of office.


Alphabetical by subject.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Public. The secondary classification is Private: Utah Code 63G-2-305(11) (2020).

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Custody History

This series was transferred to the Utah State Archives by the governor's office administrator Michael Smith.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

This series was processed by Kenneth Williams in June 2008.

Related Material

Administrative constituent correspondence from the Governor Leavitt, Series 13368, includes significant correspondence related to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah.
2K2 Program Records from the Governor Leavitt, Series 26017, contains records of all Olympic programs and events.

Container List

111Budget and Financial plans 2000-2002
112Financial Statement 2003
113Invoices 2003
114Fiscal Impact Analyses 1989; 1991-1994
115Financial Review 1990
116Community Matching Program
117Bid Committee Budget 1994
118Governor's Office Budget Review 1999
119Governor's Office Budget Review 2000
1110Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1111Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1112Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1113Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1114Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1115Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
1116Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
2117Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
2118Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
2119Bank of America Monthly Report 1999-present
2120170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 1997
2121170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 1998
2122170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 1999
2123170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 2000
2124170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 2001
2125170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 2002
2126170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 2003
2127170,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility arranged by Nations Bank 2004
2128Auditor's Reports 1996-1997
21292002 Olympic Budget July 7, 1997
2130Sports Authority Budget Scenarios April 1995
2131Sports Authority Budget Scenarios April 1996
3132Final report of the EEP 1995
3133S.L.O.C. Budget FY 1998
3134S.L.O.C. Budget FY 1999
3135S.L.O.C. Budget FY 2000
3136S.L.O.C. Budget FY 2001
321Misc. Impact Statements, Correspondence, Financial info. and Reports 1997-1998
322Misc. Impact Statements, Correspondence, Financial info. and Reports 1997-1999
323Preliminary Cash Revenue 1996
324Preliminary Cash Revenue 1997
325Preliminary Cash Revenue 1998
326Misc. Documents sent to the Governor 1994-1997
327cont. 1994-1998
328cont. 1990's
329cont. 1990's
3210cont. 1990's
3211cont. 1990's
4212Olympic Budget 1994
4213Contract in brief 1994
4214Preliminary Cash Revenue 1996
4215Preliminary Cash Revenue 1997
4216Budget info. 1998
4217Budget info. 1999
4218Purchasing Policy 1998
4219Atlanta Comparison Budget
4221Budget Revenue 1998
4222Revenue Projections 1998
4223Olympic Review
4224Budget Development Process 1998
4225Financial Systems
4226Matching Revenue
4227VIK Revenue
4228Comparison 1996-1998
4230Accommodations Budget 1998
4231Budget Overview Sept. 1998
4232Staffing Budget
4233Venue development Aug. 1998
4234Revenue Report June 1998
4235Medical Budget 1998
4236Budget Review Checklist
4237Contracts Budget Review
4238Activity Templates
536Albertville 1992
537Georgia Economic Impact 1992
538Los Angeles 1984
539Lillehammer 1994
5310Calgary Agreements
6311Calgary Financial Assistance Agreements
6312Salt Lake City Bid Committee 1995
6313Calgary Reports
6314Calgary Reports
6315Olympic Questionnaire 1998
631697th Session of the International Olympic Committee 1998
6317Media Guide 1998
7318Olympic Bid 1998
7319Financial Information 1998
7320Bertchesgaten 1992
7321Salt Lake City Olympic bid 1972
741Sports Development Office Review 1988
742Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Impact 1998
743Estimated Fiscal Impacts 1998
744Estimated local Government Olympic Revenues 1998
745Annual Report of the State Olympic Officer 1999
746Budget Review of Salt Lake Organizing Committee 1999
747Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Impact 2000
748Annual Report of the State Olympic Officer 2000
749Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Impact 2000
7410University of Utah Olympic Coordination Final Report 2002
751Salt Lake Organizing CommitteeFinancial Reports
852Salt Lake Organizing Committee Financial Reports
853Salt Lake Organizing Committee Financial Reports
854Salt Lake Organizing Committee Financial Reports
855Salt Lake Organizing Committee Legal Fees
856Management Committee
857Management Committee
958Monthly Reports
959Monthly Reports
9510Monthly Reports
9511News Releases
9512News Releases
9513Quarterly Reports
1061Olympic Oral History Questions and Division of Information Technology
1062Olympic Oral History - Division of Facilities and Construction Management
1063Olympic Oral History - Division of Risk Management and Division of Finance
1064Olympic Oral History - Division of Fleet Operations and Division of Administrative Rules
1065Olympic Oral History - Division of Purchasing and General Services and Division of Archives
1066Olympic Oral History - DAS Employee Interviews
1171Aminco Financial Information
1172Account 6850
1173Account 6850
1174Account 6850
1175Account 6850
1176Account 6850
1177Account 6850
1178Account 6830
1179Account 6840
11710Account 6820
11711Paid Accounts
11712Paid Accounts
11713Paid Accounts
11714Paid Accounts
11715Paid Accounts
11716Paid Accounts
11717Paid Accounts
11718Paid Accounts
11719Paid Accounts
11720Utah Department of Transportation
11721Olympic Liaison Office Furniture
1281Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Oct. 1998
1282Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Nov. 1995
1283Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, April 1998
1284Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, July 1998
1285Management Committee Minutes, April 1999
1286Management Committee Minutes, June 1999
1287Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, July 1999
1288Management Committee Minutes, March 2000
1389Management Committee Minutes, Oct. 1999
13810Management Committee Minutes, Sept. 1999
13811Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Feb. 1999
13812Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Feb. 2000
13813Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Feb. 2001
13814Salt Lake Organizing Committee Board of Trustee Minutes, Feb. 2002
13815Recommendations for the Cultural Olympiad - Access Issues, June 1999
13816Background materials for S.L.O.C. Joint Board of Equalization Hearing, May 2001
13817Background materials for S.L.O.C. Joint Board of Equalization Hearing, May 2002
13818Policies and Procedures (Draft), 2001
13819Policies and Procedures (Draft), 2002
13820Policies and Procedures (Draft), 2003
13821Policies and Procedures (Draft), 2004
1491Exhibit B of Dept. of Transportation/Salt Lake Organizing Committee Properties, Jan. 22, 2002
15101Olympics Presentation, April 29, 1998
15102Transportation Infrastructure Needs, Feb. 19, 1997
15103Transportation Infrastructure Needs, Feb. 19, 1998
15104Exhibits A Schedule 1 and 2, B-F of Transportation/Organizing Committee Agreement
15105Exhibits A Schedule 1 and 2, B-F of Transportation/Organizing Committee Agreement
15106Exhibits A Schedule 1 and 2, B-F of Transportation/Organizing Committee Agreement
15107Exhibits A Schedule 1 and 2, B-F of Transportation/Organizing Committee Agreement
15108Exhibits A Schedule 1 and 2, B-F of Transportation/Organizing Committee Agreement
161111984 News Clippings
16112News clippings 1984-1985
161131985 Sierra Club News Clippings on Olympics
16114News Clippings 1995
16115News Clippings 1996
16116News Clippings 1997
17116News Clippings 1997 cont
17117News Clippings 1997
17118News Clippings 1997
17119News Clippings 1997
18121News Clippings 1997
18122News Clippings 1999
18123News Clippings 1999
18124News Clippings 1999
18125News Clippings 1999
18126News Clippings 1999
19131Olympic Reforms 1999
19132IOC 1999
19133Olympic Athletes 2000
19134Olympics and the Economy 2001
19135Olympic Venues and Rail Corridor 2002
19136Olympic Visitors, Tickets, and Opening Ceremonies 2002
19137Olympic Security, Ads, and Opening Ceremonies 2002
19138Olympic Ceremonies, Security, 2002
19139Olympic Volunteers, Money, and Gov. Mike Leavitt 2002
20141Olympic Operation Budget-Public Safety Command, 2001
20142Olympic Operation Budget-Public Safety Command, 2002
20143Olympic Operations Status Report, 2001
20144Olympic Security Review Conference, Oct. 24-25, 2002
20145Misc. Public Safety, 2000-2001
20146Dignitary Protection Team, 2002
20147Dignitary Protection Team, 2003
20148Dignitary Protection Team, 2004
20149Dignitary Protection Team, 2005
211410Olympic and Paralympic Operations Plan, 2002
211411Olympic and Paralympic Operations Plan, 2003
211412Olympic and Paralympic Operations Plan, 2004
211413Olympic and Paralympic Operations Plan, 2005
211414Law Enforcement Agreements
211415Law Enforcement Agreements
211416Law Enforcement Agreements
211417Law Enforcement Agreements
22151Deveraux House
22153Approved Emblem and State EmployeeJackets
221542k2 Hosting Corporation
22155Utah Olympic Safety Command and Summit County, 2001
22156Concession Contract-Soldier Hollow Legacy Foundation
22157Cauldron Plaza, Jan. 16, 2003
22158Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Escrow Agreement
22159United States Olympic Committee, Consent Documents
221510Security Interest Consent and Subordination Agreement, 1998
221511Security Agreement with Salt Lake Organizing Committee, 1998
221512Winter Sports Facility, Purchase agreement, 1994
221513Winter Sports Facility, Purchase agreement, 1995
221514Winter Sports Facility, Purchase agreement, 1996
221515Winter Sports Facility, Purchase agreement, 1997
231520Agreement Correspondence
231521Transportation Planning and Financing Agreement, Aug. 2001
231522Salt Lake Organizing Committee and Utah Transit Authority, Oct. 2001
231523Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake Organizing Committee, FY 2000
231524Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake Organizing Committee, FY 2001
231525Olympic Park and Ride Fund Reimbursement Indemnity Agreement
231526Transportation Reimbursement Agreement, 2002
231527Olympic Venue and Utah Department of Transportation Properties use Agreement
231528Cauldron Plaza Contract Amendment #3
231529University of Utah Agreements
241530University of Utah Agreements
241531University of Utah Agreements
241532University of Utah Agreements
241533University of Utah Agreements
241534University of Utah Agreements
241535University of Utah Agreements
241536University of Utah Agreements
241537University of Utah Agreements
241538Salt Lake Organizing Committee and Park City, 2001
241539Salt Lake Organizing Committee and Utah Department of Transportation, 2002
241540Utah Department of Transportation, 2002
241541Utah Department of Transportation, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Public Safety
241542Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake Organizing Committee
241543Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake Organizing Committee
241544Salt Lake Organizing Committee and Park City, 2002
241545Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake Organizing Committee
241546University of Utah
241547Medical Services
241548Medical Services
241549Medical Services
25161Misc.Correspondence 2002
25162University of Utah Ceremonies Legacy LLC
25163S.L.O.C. and D.C.E.D.
25164S.L.O.C. and Oquirrh Park
25165Utah Sports Authority and Robinson Waste Services 2002
25166Utah Sports Authority and B.F.I. Corporation 2002
25167Utah Sports Authority and American Landscape 2002
25168Utah Sports Authority and Cleanevent 2002
25169Utah Sports Authority and Servcorp 2002
251610Utah Housing Finance Agency and S.L.O.C. 2001
251611Property Reserve Inc. and U.D.O.T
251612Weber State University and S.L.O.C. 2001
251613Weber State University and S.L.O.C. 2001
251614Weber State University and S.L.O.C. 2001
251615Dee Events Center and S.L.O.C.
251616Weber State University and S.L.O.C. 2002
251617Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center and S.L.O.C. 2000
251618Utah Athletic Foundation and D.C.E.D.
251619Biathlon Facilities USA 1999
251620S.L.O.C. and USA
251621D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251622D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251623D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251624D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251625D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251626D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251627D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251628D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251629D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251630D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251631D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251632D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251633D.A.S. and D.F.C.M.
251634SLOC Marks and Definitions, Policies and Guidelines
251635Master License Agreement for SLOC (October 5, 2000)
251636Master License Agreement for SLOC (September 13,2000)
251637Master License Agreement for SLOC (September 15, 2000)
251638Master License Agreement for SLOC (February 13, 2000)
251639Master License Agreement for SLOC (May 18, 2000)
251640Single Use License Agreement for SLOC (November 22, 2000)
251641License Agreement for SLOC (May 18, 2000)
251642License Agreement for SLOC (June 29, 2000)
251643License Agreement between Ridge at Redhawk LLC and State of Utah
251644License Agreement between U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Equipment Room and Tower Space
251645License Agreement for SLOC (August 4, 2000)
251646License Agreement for SLOC (November 10, 1999)
251647Single Use License Agreement for SLOC (August 2, 2000)
251648License Agreement for SLOC (August 31, 2000)
251649License Agreement for SLOC (October 28, 1998)
251650Single Use License Agreement for SLOC (April 10, 2001)
251651University of Utah Co-Branded Merchandise License Agreement (February 28, 2001)
251652License Agreement between U of U and SLOC (November 28, 2001)
261653Single Use License Agreement between SLOC and Utah Department of Transportation (July 12, 2000)
261654Single Use License Agreement between SLOC and Utah Department of Transportation (July 13, 2000)
261655Single Use License Agreement between SLOC and Utah Department of Transportation (November 6, 2000)
261656Temporary License Agreement (January 31, 2002)
261657License Agreement between SLOC and UEN (October 6, 1999)
261658Single Use License Agreement between SLOC and Utah Highway Patrol Association (August 25, 2000)\
261659SLOC License Agreement with Weber State University (July 3, 2001)
261660Fax between Keith Steele (Turner Publications) and Kelly J. Flint (Senior Vice President)
261661SLOC Marks Approval Request with Utah Film Commission
261662Gary Johnson (State of Utah-DCED) and Teresa Upton (Brand Protection)
261663Murray Meszaros (Utah State Office of Education) and Teresa Upton (Brand Protection)
261664Sylvia Haro and Roman Hildebrandt
261665Colin R. Winchester (Utah AD, Criminal Division) and Neil R. Sarin (Brand Protection)
261666Sylvia Haro (State of Utah) and Teresa Upton (Brand Protection)
261667SLOC Marks Usage Request Form with State of Utah Division of Finance
261668SLOC Marks Usage Request Form with Governor's Office of Planning and Budget
261669SLOC Marks Approval Request with Utah State Historical Society
261670SLOC Marks Approval Request with Olympics Food Safety Workgroup
261671Application for State Trademark or Service Mark Registration
261672Multiple License Agreements with SLCC and Utah Department of Public Safety
261673Multiple License Agreements with multiple licensees
261674Lane Beattie (State Olympic Officer) and Neil Sarin (Brand Protection)
261675Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management and Diamond Parking, Inc. 2002
261676OPUS and Utah Department of Community and Economic Development 2002
261677First Amendment to Agreement Between SLOC and the "Division" 1999
261678Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority and SLOC 2001
261679MOU between SLOC and the State of Utah 2001
261681SLOC and Utah Arts Council, and Jim Glenn 2001
261682State Olympic Office Grant Agreement 2002
261683Memorandum of Understanding C2001-119
261684Multiple Correspondence (Sylvia Haro) and Multiple License and Pin Agreements
261685Multiple Approval and License Forms
261686License Agreements and SLOC Approval Form
27171I. A. 1 through I. A. 7 and I. B. 1
27172I. B. 2 through I. B. 3 and I. C. 1 through 1. C. 2
27173I. C. 3 through I. C. 6
27174I. C. 7 through I. C. 9
27175I. C. 10 through I. C. 11 and II. A. 1
27176II. A. 3 through II. A. 14 and II. B 1 through II. B. 4
27177II. B. 5 through II. B. 12 (II. B. 11 is missing)
27178II. B. 13 through II. B. 16 and II. C. 1
27179II. C. 2 and II. C. 7 through II. C. 9 (II. C. 3 through II. C. 6 are missing)
28181Summary, IOC vs. USOC Bid, Other Winter Olympics, and Revenue Detail (A through C)
28182Expense Detail (D through S)
28183Expense Detail (T through W), Financial Model, Economic Impact, and 2002 Olympics
29191Utah Winter Games 1986 Incorporation
29192Utah Winter Games 1992 Program
29193Utah Winter Games Annual Report 1991
29194Utah Winter Games Annual Report 1992
29195Utah Winter Games Annual Report 1993
291961987 Budget
291971986 Budget
29198Barcelona Olympic Budget 1992
29199Olympic Bonding
291910Graphs and Charts
2919111972 Salt Lake City Bid for Olympics
291912Calgary Information
291913Calgary Information ontinued
291914Misc. Budget and Impact
291915Misc. Budget and Impact continued
301916Pulse Publication, March 1987-July 1993
301917Lake Placid
301918Lake Placid
301919Income Summary
3019201990 Budget
3019211991 Budget
3019221992 Budget
301923Tax Return
301924Tax Return continued
n/a201School Children's Art
n/a211Paralympic Banner
n/a221Olympic Banner
31232Capitol Display
31233Christmas Tree
31234Conference Calls
31235Thank-you Dinner
31236Idaho Schools Information
31238Mansion Meeting
31239Media Coverage
312310Para Box
312311UEA 2001
312313Web Site
312314Assembly Performances
312315Calendar of Events
312316Declaration Event and World Leader
312317Deseret News Workshop
312318Downtown Stage
312319Flag Event
312320Gift Conference
312321Holiday and Mansion
312322Olympic Schedule
312323Opening and Closing Reception
312324Performance Letters
312327Sponsorship Announcement
312328Veterans Day
312329We Welcome the World
312330Business :Plan
312331Music and Education Plan
312332Internship Program
312333International Kids Choir
312334Ma Ma Media
312335Music and Education Proposals
312338Presentation Information
312339Talking Points
312340Music and Lyrics
312341Music and Lyrics
322342Music and Lyrics
322343Music and Lyrics
322344Music and Lyrics
322345Music and Lyrics
322346Music and Lyrics
322347Music and Lyrics
322348Music and Lyrics
322349Music and Lyrics
322350Music and Lyrics
322352Meeting Notes
322353Utah Music Educators Association
322355Performance Registry
322356Video Submissions
322357Agreements and Contractual Obligations
322358Agreements and Contractual Obligations continued
322359Music and Education Press Kit
33241Declaration that the State of Utah will be hosting the Paralympic Winter Games
33242Olympic Arts Festival book
33243Cross Country/ Biathlon Venue Site Construction Drawings (May 28, 1999)
33244Salt Lake 2002: Preliminary Venue Plans, Snow Venues
33245Salt Lake 2002: Preliminary Venue Plans, Snow Venues
33246Infinite Scale Design Group: Utah State Capitol Conceptual Development Booklet
33247Salt Lake 2002: Preliminary Venue Plans, Non-Camop Venues
33248Salt Lake 2002: Preliminary Venue Plans, Ice Venues
33249Picture of crowd at Salt Lake City Olympic Celebration (June 16, 1995)
332410Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center
34251Utah Business Magazine
34252Navajo Nation Pavilion
34253Operations Manual for CBD Businesses and Property Owners
34254Venues and Operations PowerPoint
34255Rodeo Correspondence
34256Memorandum/ Time Cards
34257Post-Olympic Correspondence
34258Correspondence/ Agreements
35259State Olympic Coordinating Council
352510Utah! Trade Missions 2003 -- Athens
352511Utah! Trade Missions 2003 -- Torino
3525122003 Utah Winterfest Booklet
352513Utah Sports Authority Final Report
352514License and Consent Agreement
352515Olympic Cauldron Park License and Consat Agreement
352516"Snow Job" Sports Illustrated Article
352517Consolidated Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report
352518Amendment No. 4 to Cauldron Plaza Agreement
352519Olympic Transportation Plan Draft
352520Certificate of Insurance for State of Utah
352521Federal Support Report
352522Olympic Public Safety Plan
352523Utah Sports Authority -- Preliminary Economic Impact Analysis
352524Sydney Olympic Experience
36261Budget and Finance c.1994
36262Budget and Finance c.1998 and USA Budget
36263SLOC Planning and Budgeting
36264SLOC Executive Committee
36265Salt Lake City Bid on Olympics
36266Agreements for Slat Lake City Bid on Olympics
36267Host City Contracts
36268Olympic Ceremonies Agreement
36269Licenses and Agreements for Venue Locations
362610Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees (July 10, 1997)
362611Revenue Status Report
372612Review of Upcoming Issues and Events
372613Board of Trustees, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws
372614Amended and Restated Bylaws
372615Organization of SLOC, Bid Effort History and Transition from bid to SLOC
372616Financing and the 2002 Olympic winter Games
38271Leavitt Administration Timeline -- 1992-2004
38272Leavitt Administration Initiatives -- 1993-2003
38273Republican Electors
38274Special Session -- 1985
38275Lt. Governor Certificates
38276Val Oveson Appointment -- 1984
38277David Monson Appointment -- 1980
39279Financial Statements -- 2001
392710SLOC Revenue and Allocations Report
392711SLOC Miscellaneous Board of Trustee Documents
392712SLOC Executive Committee Meeting -- Oct. 9, 1997
392713SLOC Preliminary Cash Revenue Estimate and Allocations to Functions
392714SLOC Preliminary Review Planning and Budget Procedures
392715SLOC FY97 Budget Request Draft
392716SLOC Board of Trustees Management Report -- 1997, Part I
392717SLOC Board of Trustees Management Report -- 1997, Part II
392718SLOC Board of Trustees Management Report -- 1997, Part III
392719SLOC Executive Committee Regular Meeting -- Nov. 20, 1997
392720SLOC Financial Revenues and Expenditures Draft -- 1994
392721SLOC Financial Revenues and Expenditures Draft -- 1994
392722SLOC Games Budget -- 1994
392723SL Olympic Bid Committee Games Budget
392724John Fowler Miscellaneous Letters and Memos
392725SLOC Board of Trustees Special Meeting -- July 10, 1997
40281Graphic Standards Manual
40282Drawing and Document Transmittal
41291Report to IOC Executive Board (1996)
41292Executive Committee
41293Winter Games -- Calgary
41294Winter Games -- Calgary
41295USOC Bid City Questionnaire
41296IOC Manuel for 2002 Bid
42297Letters from Citizens to Governor regarding Olympics
42298Correspondence Out
42299Thank You Letters
422910Look of Games Communities
422911MOU Gold Cross
422912Navajo Nation Contributions
422914Declaration of Independence
422915Utah Welcomes the World
422916Draft Budget 2000 Olympics
422918UWGFC -- Utah Winter Games Feasibility Committee
422919Oly Reference Committee
432920Executive Committee
432921Utah Games -- Magazines and Articles
432922Utah Games -- Magazines and Articles
432923Winter Olympics Background (March 16, 1984)
432924Winter Olympic Studies
442925Utah Olympic Studies
442926Public Participation
442927Critical Time Path
442928Olympics Rules and Organizers
442929Olympics Rules Organizers
442930UWGFC Feasibility Committee
442931Fund Raising -- UWGFC
45304Cities/ Counties
45305Federal Agencies
45306Federal Funding
45309Incoming Correspondence, 1997-2001
453011Legacy Endowment
453014Nagano (1998) and Sydney (2000)
453015Olympic Archival/ Historical Ad Hoc Working Group
453016Olympic Coordinating Council
453017Olympic Culture
453018Olympic Games 2002
453019Olympic Games Impact
463020Olympic Games Impact forms
463021Olympic Oral History (1 of 2)
463022Olympic Oral History (2 of 2)
463023Open Records (Olympics)
463024Outgoing Correspondence, 1997-2003
463025Paralympic Games
463028Salt Lake City
463030State Agencies
463031Surplus Merchandise
463032Trade Mission
463033University of Utah
463034U.S. Olympic Committee
463035Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (1 of 3)
473036Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (2 of 3)
473037Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (3 of 3)
473038Utah Athletic Foundation Budget Info. (1 of 2)
473039Utah Athletic Foundation Budget Info. (2 of 2)
473040Utah Sports Authority Memos and Reports (1 of 3)
473041Utah Sports Authority Memos and Reports (2 of 3)
48311Bid Evaluation Sheets, 1984
48312Bid Preparation
48314Calgary Olympics data
48315Conflict of Interest Statements, 1980s
48316Consultant mailing list
48317Critical concerns
48318Economic Impact Studies -- ERA Associates
48319Hosting Winter Games (1 of 2)
483110Hosting Winter Games (2 of 2)
483111Olympics and Winter Games (1 of 3)
483112Olympics and Winter Games (2 of 3)
483113Olympics and Winter Games (3 of 3)
493114Olympic Brochures
493115Olympic Charter and Reno bid for Olympics
493116Olympic Games
493117Olympic Games
493118Olympic Study Comments
493119Position Description for Winter Games Coordinator
493120Request for proposal
503121Staff analysis of Feasibility Study
503122United States Olympic Committee By-Laws
503123USOC Committee lists
503124Winter Olympics Task Force minutes, 1984-1985
503125Utah Sports Authority
503126Utah Winter Games Feasibility Committee
503127Utah Winter Games Feasibility Committee final report, 1985
51321Cache County
51322Corporate Volunteer Program
51323Declaration of Independence Tour
51324Department of Community and Economic Development
51325Department of Health
51326Department of Natural Resources
51329Human Services
513211Morgan County
513212National Guard
513213Native Americans, 2002
513214Olympic Issues for Leadership Discussion, 2001
513215Olympic Representatives
513216Park City
513217Public Safety Command
513218Public Safety Tabletop Exercise
513219Rio Grande Depot Request for Proposals
513220Senior Management Key Financial Report, 2002
513221SLOC Tax Exemption
513222SLOC Ticketing
513223Soldier Hollow
513224State Volunteers
513225Summit County
513227Toole County
513228Toole Chemical Disposal Facilities
513229Torch Relay
523232UOPSC Expense Budget (1 of 2)
523233UOPSC Expense Budget (2 of 2)
523234Utah Communications Agency Network
523235Utah's Liquor Laws
523236Wasatch County
523237Weber County
523238Westminster Lease Agreement, 2001
523239White House Task Force, 2000
53331Foot and Mouth Disease
53332Governor's File
53333Governor Issues
53334GRAMA Requests
53336John Fowler
533372001 Legislative Session
53338Leo Memmott
533310MOUs and Agreements in Process
533311Old News, Summer-Fall 1997
533312Olympic Legislature
533313Olympic Pins
533314Olympic Property Taxation
533316Public Safety
533318Review of the Sports Development Office
543319S.J.R. II Compliance Originals
543320SLOC v. Board of Equalization Affidavit of Lane Beattie
543321SLOC Financial Information
543323Soldier Hollow
543324State Employee Volunteers (1 of 2)
543325State Employee Volunteers (2 of 2)
543326State Olympic Coordinating Committee
543327State Tax Commission
543328Sydney Summer Olympics
543329Sydney Travel
543330Tax Material
553331Torchbearer Correspondence
553332Trade Mission
553334UOPSC Correspondence
553335UOPSC Meetings and Agendas
553336Utah Athletic Foundation
553337Utah Olympic Public Safety Command
553338Utah National Guard
553339Utah Sports Authority
553340Utah 2001 Events
553341Utah Sports Commission
553343Video Conference File
553344Visitor Information Services
553345Volunteer Policy
553346Westminster College Housing
56341The Governor's Music and Education Program "Dream With Me"
56342Mind, Body, Spirit v.3
563432002 Olympics Transportation Story E.100
56344Toole, Utah Welcomes The Olympic Torch (February 6, 2002)
56345Everyday Heroes Assembly Video
56346Voices of Friendship
56347The Safe Place, Dale Lambson
56348Hurricane High: "Torch Assembly"
56349"Governor's Music & Education Program" (KSL)
563410Olympic Videos (1-4)
563411Olympic Videos (4-6)
563412Discover Utah!
563413Carry the Flame
563414Sylvia Haro
563415SLOC Direct Reach
563416FIBT Skeleton
5634172002 Olympics Transportation Story (tape)
563418The Salt Lake Valley Watershed and You
563419Utah! Where Ideas Connect
563420No Excuses - The 2002 U.S. Disabled Ski Team
563421Light the Fire Within
563422Sports Venues
563423U.S. Congress Video, Version 3 (Captioned)
563424Salt Lake 2002 Venues
563425Hope of America Student Showcase: Olympic Salute 2001
563426Olympic Medley: Student Showcase - Marriott Center May 2001
563427Blooming Hills Elementary -- October 24, 2000
563428SLOC Legacy vs.. 2
563429The Best of Budapest: SLC's Olympic Bid Committee
5634302002 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony NBC -- February 8, 2002
57351Miscellaneous Olympic Correspondence
57352Miscellaneous Olympic Correspondence
57353SLOC Invoices
57354Olympic Related Expenses -- Part I
57355Olympic Related Expenses -- Part II
57356Olympic Related Expenses -- Part III
57357Olympic Contracts
57358Olympic Contracts
57359John Fowler Records -- Part I
573510John Fowler Records -- Part II
573511John Fowler Records -- Part III
583512Wasatch Mountain State Park Venue Agreement -- Part I
583513Wasatch Mountain State Park Venue Agreement -- Part II
583515SLOC Lodging Agreement with Weber State
583516SLOC/Weber State Cultural Olympiad
583517SLOC/Weber State Venue Agreement
583518Past Due Constituent Referrals
583519Unanswered Correspondence
583520Miscellaneous Correspondence
583521Negative Correspondence
583522Brand Protection Correspondence
583523Rodeo Correspondence
583524Model Planning Guide for Utah State Agency Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
583525Miscellaneous Olympic Correspondence
583526Olympic Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Impacts
583527State Olympic Officer Annual Report
583528Olympic Agreements -- Summit County Application
593529Olympic Agreements -- Law Enforcement and Public Safety Services
593530Olympic Agreements -- Public Safety Command
593531Olympic Agreements -- Extension Agreement
593532Olympic Agreements -- Public Safety Services (non-venue communities)
593533Olympic Agreements -- Sports Park Extension and Operating Agreements
593534Olympic Agreements -- Public Safety Command
593535Olympic Agreements -- Communications Services Agreement
593536Olympic Agreements -- Loan of DOD Material
593537Olympic Agreements -- Loan of Equipment
593538Olympic Agreements -- Public Safety Services
593539Olympic Agreements -- Utah Department of Corrections
593540Olympic Agreements -- Public Safety Services
593541Olympic Agreements -- Memorandum of Understanding: Heber Light and Power/Public Safety Command/DFCM
593542Olympic Agreements -- Memorandum of Understanding: Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc./ Public Safety Command
593543Olympic Agreements -- West Valley City Resolution #01-257
593544Olympic Agreements -- Memorandum of Understanding: UOPSC/Venue Service Districts
593545Olympic Agreements -- Equipment Sublease Agreement
60361Trees America Publication
60362Salt Lake City Bid Committee Pub
60363Olympic Beat Publication
60364Olympic Coordination Authority Pub
60365Olympic Winter Games for Athletes Pubs
60366Joe Quinney Geotechnical Investigation
60367Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center Business Plan
60368Utah Housing Authority 97/98 Annual Report
60369US Olympic Committee 97/98 Fact Book
603610Tom Welch Agreements
603611New Accommodations RFP Conference Meeting Minutes
603612Salt Lake 2002 Media Updates - Winter 2000
603613SLC Olympic Opportunities Proposed Master Plan
603614USSA Information Folder
603615Olympic Committee Reports
603616Olympic Venues
603617Olympic Village
603618Olympic Purchasing/Procurement Policy
603619Olympic Ethics/Policy
603620Environmental and Public Health Planning Summit -- 1998
603621Sports Authority Committee
603622Cross Country Ski Centers Report
603623Olympic Coordinator
613624Olympic Planning/Community/Time Lines
613625Olympic Insurance/Agreements
613626Olympics Federal Issue
613627Governor's Office Notes/Clippings
613628SLOC v. Board of Equalization -- Kelly J. Flint Affidavit
613629SLOC v. Board of Equalization -- Ed Eynon Affidavit/Brett Hopkins Affidavit
613630SLOC v. Summit County Board of Equalization -- Legal Opinion Part I
613631SLOC v. Summit County Board of Equalization -- Legal Opinion Part II
613632SLOC v. Summit County Board of Equalization -- Supplemental Legal Opinion
62371Joklik letter to Leavitt, 1998
62372ULCT letter to Leavitt, 1994
62373Leavitt Olympic speech, 1997
62374Memos, agendas 1999-2000
62375Olympic Bonds, 1999
62376Sports Authority Committee, 1997-1998
62377Projected Local Government Costs, 1999
62378SLOC Cash Flow, 1998
62379Sales Tax for Public Safety, 2000
623710SLOC Budget Review, 199962
623711SLOC Meeting of Management Committee & Board of Trustees, 1999
623712Olympic Repayment, 1999
623713Repayment Resolutions bill, 1997
623714Indemnification Agreement, 1991
623715Host City Contract, 1995
623716Articles and Clippings, 2002
623717Fiscal Impact Report, 1998
623718Olympic Budget, 1999-2001
623719Budget Reports
623720Budget Review, 1999
623721Fiscal Impact Forms
633722Paralympic Grants, 2000
633723SLOC Marks and Designation Usage Guidelines
633724Joint Task Force brief to Leavitt, 2001
633725Utah Athletic Foundation
633726Venue Contracts
633727Olympic Hosting Funding Issues
633728Olympic Thank You's
633729Olympic Schedule
6337301995 Correspondence
6337211991 Correspondence
633732International Olympic Committee, 1990
633733Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee
633734Salt Lake City Bid CommitteeMemos and Correspondence, 1991-1994
633735Speed Skating Facility
6337361998 Winter Olympics
633737Olympic Action Plans, 1991
633738Salt lake City Olympic Bid Committee
643739Dave Winder Fiscal Impact File
643740Celebration 2002
643741Cabinet Visits, 2002
643742Presidential Reception, 2002
643743Opening Day Schedule
643744Arrival of the Flame
643745Legislative Leadership Meeting on Olympics, 1998
643746Utah Sports Authority Meeting, February 1998
643747SLOC Budget Distribution
643748SLOC Risk Assessment Review
643749Utah Sports Authority Meeting, April 1999
643750Finance Review, 1999
643751SLOC Committee Meetings
643752Bid Committee Bribery Scandal
643753Alcohol at the Olympics
643754Leavitt Travel Itineraries
643755Meeting Agendas and Reports
643756Status Report, 1998
643757SLOC Venue Cities Meetings
65381UML Contract
65382Summary of Activity
65386Newspaper Clips
65387Calgary Report
65388Study Data UML
65389USOC Communication
653810Organizing Committee Miscellaneous c. 1993-1996
653811Organizing Committee Miscellaneous c. 1993-1996
653812Organizing Committee Miscellaneous c. 1993-1996
66391Alternate Housing and Governor's Mansion
66392Utah Sports Authority -- Facility Financial Analysis (1990)
66393Transportation Projects
66395Transportation Projects
67396Soldier Hollow Legacy Lodge (Planning Materials 2000)
67397Proposal Booklet volume 1
67398Proposal Booklet volume 2
67399Proposal Booklet volume 3
673910Special Olympic License Plate -- Operation Plan
673911Final Report by Utah Sports Authority
673912SLOC -- Media Update
683913SLOC Education Advisory Board
683914SLOC Brand Info.
683915SLOC License Agreement
683916Utah Athletic Foundation -- Presentation to Board of Directors
683917Utah Athletic Foundation
683918Annual Report -- State Budget in 2000
683919Stationary Bid
683920Olympic Flame Route
683921Community Matching Funds Program
683922Memmet Olympic Allocations
683923Community Funds Program
69401Pin Designs
69402Community Outreach -- Venue Placement
69403Articles of Incorporation
69404Governors Briefing Olympic Issues (April 12, 1993)
69405Souvenir Calendar
69406Utah Time Capsule 2001
69407Revenue Commitments
69408Transportation Management Services and Tax Commission
69409Event Schedule
694010Downtown alliance Manual for CBD Businesses
694011Health Department and Safety
694012Newspaper Clippings
694013Event Invitations and Announcements and Notice of Meetings
694014Housing Laws/ Telecommunications
694015Meeting minutes and correspondence
694016Reference order forms/ checklists/charts
694017Rich McKeown E-mail
694018Media Notes
694019Miscellaneous Correspondence
694020SLOC Board Appointments -- Part 1
694021SLOC Board Appointments -- Part 2
704022SLOC -- Miscellaneous Meeting Agendas
704023SLOC Organization
704024SLOC Meetings and Records
704025SLOC Power Point Presentations
704026SLOC -- Policy (Ethics etc.)
704027SLOC -- Environment
704028SLOC -- Volunteers and Miscellaneous Personnel
704029SLOC -- Media
704030Olympic Properties of the US (OPUS)
704031Olympic News Newsletters
704032International Olympic Committee -- Miscellaneous
704033Newspaper Clippings
704034SLOC -- Miscellaneous Correspondence
704035State Building Ownership Authority -- Part 1
714036State Building Ownership Authority -- Part 2
714037State Building Ownership Authority -- Part 3
714038State Building Ownership Authority -- Part 4
714039Miscellaneous Contracts -- Part 1
714040Miscellaneous Contracts -- Part 2
714041Miscellaneous Contracts -- Part 3
714042SLOC -- Budget, etc.
714043SLOC Budget Review Binder
72411SLOC Finance Committee
72412SLOC Executive Committee -- Regular Meeting of Board of Trustees (January 8, 1998)
72413SLOC Executive Committee -- Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees (July 9, 1998)
72414SLOC Executive Committee -- Regular Meeting (January 8, 1998)
72415SLOC Executive Committee -- Annual Meeting (July 9, 1998)
72416SLOC Executive Committee -- Regular Meeting (June 16, 1998)
72417SLOC Executive Committee -- Regular Meeting (November 12, 1998)
72418SLOC Correspondence, 1997-2002
72419SLOC Environmental Planning Summit, 1998
724110SLOC Board of Trustees -- Memos and Correspondence, 1997-1999
724111SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (September 13, 2001)
724112SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (January 13, 2000)
724113SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (July 13, 2000)
724114SLOC Board of Trustees -- Dissolution of SLOC, 2002
724115SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (July 8, 1999)
734116SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (May 10, 2000)
734117SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes (August 25, 2000)
734118SLOC Board of Trustees -- Minutes of Special Meeting (February 11, 1999)
734119SLOC Board of Ethics
734120SLOC Audit Committee
734121SLOC Audit Committee -- Agendas and Minutes, 2000
734122SLOC Internal Audit
734123SLOC Escrow
734124SLOC Financial Memos and Correspondence
74421SLOC Session (August 18, 2000)
74422Official Spectator Guide
75423Lee Benson's Inside Guide to the Games 2002
75424Salt Lake 2002 Venue Pocket Guide
75425Media Update
75426Forum for Government, Venue Communities and Non Commercial Licensees
75427Salt Lake 2002 Marketing Report
75428Salt Lake 2002 Accessibility Guide
75429Official Spectator Map
754210Peak Experience (Issues 3 &4) -- November 2001 and January 2002
754211Utah Spirit (January 2003)
754212Your Utah Guide to Playing It Safe!
754213State Government News (January 2002)
754214Team 2002 Memories
754215Community Spirit Decorations Catalog
754216Ski Salt Lake Vacation Planner
7542172002 Business Game Plan, One Thousand Days of Progress, Olympic Calendar, and Utah! Booklet
754218Light the Fire Within -- Olympic Highlights
754219Colonial Flag Brochure
754220Ticket Request Form Booklet
764221Master Plan Materials Management
764222Park City Olympic Master Plan
764223Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee
764224Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002
764225The Utah raptors and the First Winter Games
764226Memorable Photographs and Stories from the Games of 2002
764227Sports Advisory Council meeting (September 16, 1997)
764228Salt Lake 2002 Paralympics folder and Paralympics Media Update
764229Liquidating Trust
77431Preliminary Financial Review of Olympics
774322000 Legislation
77433Division of Parks and Rec., 2000
774342000 Lynne Comments
77435Courts, 2000
77436Div. of Environmental Quality, 2000
77437Div. of Community and Economic Development, 2000
77438Div. of Agriculture, 2000
77439Dept. of Health, 2000
774310Weber State University, 2000
774311University of Utah
774312Local Impact
774313Federal Funding
774314UDOT/ UTA Impact
774315All Other State Agencies
774316Public Safety
774317State Budget Impacts Report, 2000
774318Soldier Hollow, 1999
774319Economic Impact, 1999
774320Federal Transportation Request
774321Federal Report, 1996
774322Financial Notes and Review, 1999
774323Atlanta Law Enforcement Report for 1996 Games
774324Budget report, August 1999
774325Broadcast Rights Summary, 1999
774326Government Impact
784327News Clippings, 1998
784328Fiscal Impacts Report drafts, 1998
784329May Report, 1998
784330Agency Reply
784331Fiscal tables and charts, 1998
784332Final Fiscal Impact Report, 1998
784333State Impact Instructions, 1999
784334House Bill 366
784335Utah Sports Authority, 1999
784336John Fowler, 1999
79441Community Economic Development Program
79442S.L. Olympic Bid Committee Booklet
79443Sports Guide Magazine -- February 1994
79444Newspaper Clippings
79445Budget and Economic Information -- Part 1
79446Budget and Economic Information -- Part 2
79447Budget and Economic Information -- Part 3
79448Executive Summary
79449Olympic Games -- Fiscal Impacts
794410Budget Review
804411Economic Analysis of the Utah Winter Games
804412SLOC Coordination Commission Report
804413Avalanche Forecast Center Plan
804414Review of the Sports Development Office
804415S.L. Olympic Development Program
804416Utah's Olympic Circus Pamphlet
804417U of U Survey Research -- Olympic Survey Results
804418Olympic Planning Committee
804419Utah Winter Sports Facilities Master Plan
804420Preliminary Cash Revenue Estimates, and Expenditure Allocations by Function
804421Organizing Committee Work Up Draft
8044222002 Bid Book -- volume 1
8144232002 Bid Book -- volume 2
8144242002 Bid Book -- volume 3
814425Request for Transportation Projects Relate to the 2002 Olympic Games
8144261998 Olympic Committee Questionnaire
82451Cash Flow Schedule Options
82452Budget: 6 year budget; Timeline Prep.; Planning and Research of Timeline; FY97 Request
82453Utah Transportation and Olympic Venue Tour Briefing Book
82454Miscellaneous SLOC Information
82455Preliminary Cash Revenue Estimate and Expenditure Allocations by Function
82456SLOOC Marks and Designation Usage Guidelines
82457Amended and Restated By-Laws of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for 2002 Winter Games
83458Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence
83459Options for Budget and Utah State Olympic Coordinating Council
84461SOCC Meeting tapes from October 25, 2001 and April 2, 2001
84462SLOC Board of Trustees Lists and Correspondence
84463Memberships Lists and Minutes of Meetings for SLOC
85471Floor Plans for Utah State Capitol during the Olympics
85472Construction Plans for Olympic Venues
n/a481City and County Building decorated for the Olympics
n/a482Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics Prints
n/a483Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Miscellaneous Contact Sheets, Negatives, DVD's and mother Media
n/a484Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Susan Wilcox/ Photographer
n/a485Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a486Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a487Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a488Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a489Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a4810Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Chris Lewis/ Photographer
n/a4811Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Mark Hedengren/ Photographer
n/a4812Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Mark Hedengren/ Photographer
n/a4813Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Mark Hedengren/ Photographer
n/a4814Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Mark Hedengren/ Photographer
n/a4815Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Ben Quillinian/ Photographer
n/a4816Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Ben Quillinian/ Photographer
n/a4817Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics, Contact Sheets, Negatives & DVD's -- Debbie Bartholomen/ Photographer
n/a491Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a492Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a493Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a494Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a495Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a496Olympic Opening Ceremonies
n/a497Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics -- DVD's 50, 42, 38, & 43
n/a498Gov. Leavitt/ 2002 Olympics -- DVD's 49, 45, 36, & 54
n/a499Closing Ceremonies -- Book 1
n/a4910Opening Ceremonies -- Book 2
n/a4911Closing Ceremonies -- Book 2
86501Agreements -- Oquirrh Park and US Skiing
86502SLOC Reports
86504Utah Sports Authority
86505Utah Sports Authority
86506Agreement -- State of Utah/ Utah Sports Authority/ SLOBC/ Salt Lake City
87507Winter Games Hotel Agreement
87508Winter Sports Facility Purchase Agreement
87509Utah Sports Authority
875010Various Issues Binder
875011Utah Sports Commission Binder
875012Utah Sports Authority Planning Binder -- Part 1
875013Utah Sports Authority Planning Binder -- Part 2
875014Utah Sports Authority Planning Binder -- Part 3
875015Utah Sports Authority Audited Financial Statements -- 1996
88511Newspaper Clippings
88512Olympic Winter Games for Athletes Brochures
88513UOPSC Miscellaneous Correspondence
88514Venue Cities Proposal: Mitigation Fund
88515Olympic Venue Cities -- Miscellaneous
88516Wasatch County Olympic Coordinator -- Bob Mathis
88517Correspondence -- Miscellaneous
88518Displays -- Legacy Project -- Engen Museum
88519White House Visit (February 2002)
885110Post-Olympic Trade Missions
885111State Olympic Coordination Budget 2002-2003
885112State Post-Olympic Coordinating Council
885113Summary of Olympic Contracts
885114Utah Sports Authority -- Miscellaneous
885115Utah Summer Games -- 1999 Results
885116Envision Utah
885117Sports Council
885118Legislative -- Miscellaneous
885119U of U -- Miscellaneous
885120UOPSC -- Miscellaneous
885121Venue Cities
885122Venues -- Miscellaneous
895123Federal -- Miscellaneous
895124UAF -- Miscellaneous
895125State Agencies -- Miscellaneous
90521Actual Budget
90522Budget Drafts
90523State Education Foundation Invoices
90524GIFT Foundation
90525CD Project -- Light the Fire Within CD
90526CD Project -- Insurance
90527CD Project -- Market Plan and Information
90528CD Project -- Press Release
90529CD Project -- Invoices
905210CD Project -- Olympic Retailers
905211CD Project -- Sales Brochure
905212CD Project -- Sound burst Distributors
905213Contact Lists -- District Arts Coordinator
905214Contact Lists -- Miscellaneous Files
905215Contact Lists -- Olympic Liaisons
905216Contact Lists -- Orders
905217Contact Lists -- Utah Arts Council
905218Community Involvement -- Boys and Girls Club Addresses
915219Community Involvement -- PTA
915220Community Involvement -- Performance
915221Community Involvement -- Requests
915222Curriculum Notes
915223Utah Board of Education -- Core Curriculum Part 1
915224Utah Board of Education -- Core Curriculum Part 2
915225Olympic Music Education Foundation Report
915226Legal Agreements -- CD Contact Draft
915227Legal Agreements -- GIFT/ SLOC Agreement
915228Legal Agreements -- Mechanical and Royalty Information
915229Legal Agreements -- Producer Royalty Agreement
915230Legal Agreements -- Royalty Information and Checks
915231Legal Agreements -- Subcontractor Agreement
915232Legal Agreements -- Utah Power
915233Music Program -- Budget
915234Music Program -- Notes
915235Music Program -- Narration
915236Music Program -- Slides
915237Music Program -- Video
915238The Governor's Music and Education Program -- Light the Fire Within
92531Drafted Staff Responses
92532Economic Issues -- 1992
92533Prior Bid History
92534Olympic Report
92535SL Response to USOC Questionnaire
92536Olympic Report -- Economic and Financial Summary
92537Preliminary Economic Impact Report
925310Budget and Economic Impact
925311Constituent E-mails (CD)
925312Geographic Information Systems
925313IOC Questionnaire
925314Medical Health Services
925315Magazine Articles
925316Utah Winter Games Feasibility Study
935317Ski Areas
935319IOC Contract
935320Olympic Report -- Past Drafts
935322Report -- Olympic Promotion
935323Speedskating Oval
935324Speakers Bureau Training
935325Sports Authority
935326Revenues and Expenses
935327Expenditures and Revenue
94541White Gold Publication
94542Olympic Impact Estimates
94543Olympic Impact Estimates
94544Utah Foundation Report
94545Gary Doxey Files
94546Letters and Memorandum
94547SLOC Dissolution Letter
94548Master Plan
94549Report to IOC Executive Board
945410Budget Estimate Summary
945411Fiscal Year 1997 Budget
945412Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes -- February 11, 1999
945413SLOC Audit Committee
945414Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Impacts
945415SLCC Case -- Bruce Oliver Letters
945416Reports/ Memos/ Letters/ Budget -- Part 1
945417Reports/ Memos/ Letters/ Budget -- Part 2
955418Reports/ Memos/ Letters/ Budget -- Part 3
955419Reports/ Memos/ Letters/ Budget -- Part 4
955420Reports/ Memos/ Letters/ Budget -- Part 5
955421MOL Deposition
955422Miscellaneous News Clippings
955423Miscellaneous Correspondence
955424Education Correspondence
955425Miscellaneous Office Files
955427Jacalyn Leavitt/ Legislature
955428E-mails/ Correspondence
955429Document Inventory
955430Women's History Declaration
955431Whirling Disease
955432State of the State Speeches
955433JRNAF: Handouts/ Discs
965434JRNAF: Forum
965435JRNAF: Steering Committee
965436JRNAF: State Agency
965437JRNAF: Event
965438JRNAF: General Information
965439Economic Development
965440Coordinating Committees
965441Education Coordination
965442Human Services
965443Quality of Life Coordinating Committee
97551Utah Sports Authority Memos and Reports (3 of 3)
97552Utah Sports Commission
97553Venues (1 of 2)
97554Venues (2 of 2)
985612003 Utah Winterfest Booklet
98562SLOC Policy and Procedures Manual
98563Project Manual for Soldier Hollow Cross Country/ Biathlon Venue
98564Post Games Correspondence
98565Post Olympic Property Donation to Schools
98566UDOT Olympic Transportation Operations Evaluation
98567Correspondence/ Clippings/ Reports -- Part 1
98568Correspondence/ Clippings/ Reports -- Part 2
pending571Report to the Board of Trustees, February 8, 1999