Series 7375

Division of Archives and Records Service Legislative bills copies, i 1963-1986.

104 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains unofficial copies of the text of legislative bills the Archives has collected over the years. Generally these are copies produced and distributed to the public by the legislature so individuals can monitor the introduction or see the final version of a given bill.

Scope and Content

This series contains unofficial copies of the text of legislative bills the Archives has collected over the years. Generally these are copies produced and distributed to the public by the legislature so individuals can monitor the introduction or see the final version of a given bill. They were gathered by the reference section of the Archives and maintained for research convenience until the transfer of the record copies of the bills.
The term "bills," in the broad sense, refers to bills, resolutions, memorials, etc. In the specific sense, a bill is material a legislator wishes to have made into a law. Memorials and resolutions are position statements which do not have the weight of law, but are acted on in the same manner. A bill may be renumbered and/or undergo a number of rewrites during its course in the legislature; with the exception of an occasional substitute bill, those changes are not recorded here. Neither does this series include the signature sheets nor the criticalbacking sheets which log the bill's progress through committees, amendments, and votes.
Bills are abbreviated in the container list, with the first letter indicating chamber of origin: House and Senate bills (HB and SB); concurrent memorials (HCM or SCM); joint memorials (HJM or SJM); concurrent resolutions (HCR or SCR); enabling resolutions, which permit the introduction of non-budget matters during a budget session (HER or SER); and joint resolutions (HJR or SJR). Sometimes final status sheets from the session have been filmed along with the bills. This provides a list of bill numbers, titles, sponsors, and status which may be of use. This series contains all the bills collected by the Archives through 1986. By the mid-1980s, the BILL DRAFTING AND RESEARCH RECORDS, Series 7073, created by Legislative Research and General Counsel are relatively complete and contain bill drafts as well as additional background material.

Research Note

Gaps in this series are too numerous to itemize. Filming through 1986 represents all that the Archives collected, but the collection did not always include all bills produced, and missing bills are too frequent to list.
As this is not a record copy of the legislative bills, use of this series necessarily provides an incomplete and sometimes inaccurate representation of the bill and the legislative process. However, this series may be useful in obtaining text for a bill, at some stage in its life cycle, if the record copy of the bill is missing. First consult the appropriate related series. If the bill is missing from series 432 or 428, it may have been renumbered, for example a bill which became a resolution; the House Journals or Senate Journals will note renumberings. If the journals do not indicate a renumbering, this series may be of use in completing the gaps.


Chronological by session, thereunder by bill number.

Arrangement is chronological by year, except for 1985 and 1986 which are mixed; thereunder, grouped by legislative session and originating chamber. Sessions from the same year may not fall chronologically. Bills may be split as introduced vs. final or intermingled. Bill types are grouped together, with the periodic exception of enabling resolutions, but are not in consistent order. Within bill type, the bills are usually, but not always numerically arranged.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

Microfilming was begun in the 1960s of all the duplicates gathered. The completeness of the Bill Drafting and Research Records by the mid-1980s rendered this series redundant and it was no longer maintained. The series was processed by A.C. Cone in 1993.

Related Material

Working bills from the Legislature. Senate, Series 428, are the official copies of the introduced and amended versions of the Senate bills.
Working bills from the Legislature. House of Representatives, Series 432, are the official copies of the introduced and amended versions of the House bills.
Legislative bills from the Lieutenant Governor, Series 4076, are the official copies of the final versions of passed House and Senate bills.
Bill drafting and research files from the Legislature. Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, Series 7073, contain drafts of bills along with related correspondence and background research.

Container List

11963, introduced HB 1-280
21963, introduced SB 1-227
31965, introduced SB 1-209, SJRs, SCR, SJM, SR
41967, introduced HB 1-303, HCR, HJRs
51967, introduced SB 1-231
61967, introduced SB 230-243, SCR, SJRs
71969, intermingled introduced and final HJRs, HB 1-171
81969, intermingled introduced and final HB 172-354
91969, intermingled introduced and final SCRs, SJRs, SRs, SB 1-90
101969, intermingled introduced and final SB 91-150
111969, intermingled introduced and final SB 151-193
121969, intermingled introduced and final SB 194-266
131969 first special session, intermingled introduced and final HJR, HB 1-19, SB 1-6, SJR
141970 intermingled introduced and final HCM, HRs, HJRs, HB 1-13, SJRs, SB 1-29
151971, introduced SCRs, SJRs, SB 1-247
161971, final SCRs, SJRs, SRs, SB 4-246, HCRs, HJRs, HB 3-363
171971 first special session, introduced HJR, HB 1-18, SB 1-15
181971 first special session, final SB 1-15, HRs, HB 1-18
191972, introduced HB 1-44, HER/HJRs, HERs, HJRs, SB 1-19, SER/SJRs, SERs, SJRs; final HB 9-42, HER/HJRs, HERs, HJRs, HR, SB 1-19, SCR, SER/SJRs, SERs, SJRs; 1972, second special session, final HB 6, SB 1A, SR
201973, introduced SCRs, SJRs, SB 1-149
211973, introduced SB 150-270
221973, introduced HCRs, HJRs, HB 1-149
231973, introduced HB 150-322
241973, final SB 1-270, SR, SCRs, SJRs, HB 1-322, HR, HCRs, HJRs
251973 first special session, introduced HB 1-14, HCRs, HJRs, SB 1-11, SCR, final HB 1- 10, HR, HCRs, HJRs, SB 1-11, SCR
261974, introduced SB 1-47, SCRs, SJRs, SR; final SB 1-47, SCRs, SERs, SER/SJRs, SJRs, SR; introduced HB 1-53, HJRs; final HB 3-53, HCRs, HERs, HER/HCRs, HER/HJRs, HJRs, HRs
271974 second special session, introduced HB 1-5, HJR, SB 1, SJRs.; 1974, final Hrs; 1974 second special session, final HB 2-5, HJR, SJR
281975, introduced SB 1-168
291975, introduced SB 169-330, SCRs, SJRs, HB 1-52
301975, introduced HB 53-372, HCRs, HJRs, HRs
311975, final SB 1-33, SCRs, SJRs, HB 1-373, HCRs, HJRs
321975 first special session, introduced SB 1-5, SJRs; final SB 2-5, SCR, SJRs; introduced HB 1-8, HJR
331976, introduced SB 1-76, SCRs, SJRs, SERs, SER/SJRs, HB 1-91, HCRs, HERs, HJRs
341976, final SB 2-77, SCR, SERs, SJRs, HB 1-91, HCR, HER/HJRs, HERs, HJRs
351977, introduced HJRs, HCRs, HRs, HB 1-114
361977, introduced HB 115-333
371977, introduced HB 333-462, SJRs, SCRs, SRs, SB 1-22
381977, introduced SB 22-170
391977, introduced SB 171-355
401977, final SCRs, SJRs, SRs, SB 1-301
411977, final SB 301-355, HCRs, HJRs, HRs, HB 1-462
421977 first special session, introduced HB 1-5, HCRs, HJRs, SB 1-7, SCRs, SJR; final SB 4, HB 1-3, HCRs, HJR, SB 1-7, SCRs
431978, introduced HJRs, HER/HJRs, HCRs, HER/HCRs, HB 1-110, HERs
441978, introduced SJRs, SER/SJRs, SCRs, SR, SB 1-81, SERs
451978, final SER/SJRs, SR, SB 1-80, SERs, HJRs, HER/HJRs, HCR, HB 1-110, HERs
461978 2nd special session, introduced HJRs, HCRs, HRs, HB 1-8, SJRs, SR, SB 1-6
471978 2nd special session, introduced SB 6; final HR, HB 1-7, SB 1-6
481979, final SR3; intermingled introduced and final SRCs, SJRs, SB 1-84
491979, intermingled introduced and final SB 84-166
501979, intermingled introduced and final SB 166-263
511979, intermingled introduced and final SB 264-345; introduced HRs; intermingled introduced and final HCRs, HJR 1-27
521979, intermingled introduced and final HJR 27-48, HB 1-107
531979, intermingled introduced and final HB 107-231
541979, intermingled introduced and final HB 231-426
551979, final HB 1-427, HJRs, HCRs
561979, final SB 3-345, SJRs, SCRs, SRs
571980, final HJRs, HCRs, HRs, HB 5-99, SCRs, SJRs, SR, SB 5-85
581981, introduced SCRs, SJRs, SB 1-74
591981, introduced SB 74-144
601981, introduced SB 144-250
611981, introduced SB 250-309, HRs, HCRs, HJRs, HB 1-60
621981, introduced HB 60-204
631981, introduced HB 204-404
641981, final SCRs, SJRs, SB 1-246 [see reel 65 for SB 134 and 237]
651981, final SB 134 and 237
661981, final SB 246-308, HCRs, HJRs, HRs, HB 1-267
671981, final HB 267-405
681982, introduced HB 1-159, HCRs, HJRs, SB 2-89, SCRs,SJRs
691982, final HCRs, HJRs, HB 6-159, SCRs, SJRs, SER/SJRs, SERs, SB 4-89
701983, prefiled HB 1-150
711983, prefiled HB 150-417
721983, prefiled HB 417-441, HCRs, HJRs, HRs
731983, introduced HB 1-209
741983, introduced HB 209-453
751983, prefiled SB 1-326, SCRs, SJRs
761983, introduced SB 1-187
771983, introduced SB 187-334
781983, final HB 3-453, HJRs, HR, SB 2-9
791983, final SB 9-335, SCRs, SJRs, SR
801984, prefiled HB 1-176, HCRs, HJRs, HR, SB 1-112, SCRs, SJRs,
811984, introduced HB 1-184, HERs, HCRs, HER/HJRs, HJRs, HRs
821984, introduced SB 1-115, SERs, SCRs, SJRs, SR; final HB 8-134
831984, final HB 134-185, HER, HCRs, HJRs, HR, SB 4-114, SCRs, SJRs, SR
841984 second special session, final HB 1-14, HCRs, HJRs, HR, SB 1-19, SJRs, SR; 1985 first special session, final HB 3-10, HCR, HJRs, HR, SB 1-10, SJRs, SCRs
851985, introduced HB 1-169
861985, introduced HB 169-286
871985, introduced HB 288-414, HCRs, HJRs, HRs
881985, introduced SB 1-108
891985, introduced SB 108-240 [see reel 90 for SB 232]
901985, introduced SB 240-290, 232, 291, SCRs, SJRs, SR
911985, final HB 3-414, HCRs, HJRs, Hrs; 1986, final HB 2-80
921986, final HB 80-404, HCRs, HJRs, HRs
931985, final SB 1-292, SCRs, SJRs, SRs; 1986, final SB 1-96
941986, final SB 96-260, SCRs, SJRs, SRs
951986, introduced HB 1-142
961986, introduced HB 142-315
971986, introduced HB 315-404, HCRs, HJRs, HRs, SB 1-50
981986, introduced SB 51-114
991986, introduced SB 114-260, SCRs, SJRs, SRs
1001986 fourth special session, final HB 3-7, SB 1-4, SCR