Designation and Classification Form

Utah law requires governmental entities to report to state archives the designation and classification of the record series they create (Utah Code 63A-12-103(8 and 9)). The following worksheet is designed to assist you in determining appropriate classifications. If the worksheet does not adequately answer your questions, please feel free to contact a RIM specialist.

Identify Your Record Series

Types of Classifications

Public Records

All records are public unless otherwise expressly provided by statute (UC 63G-2-201(2)). The following information is public. Please refer to UC 63G-2-301 for an exhaustive list and any exceptions.

Records that are public: UC 63G-2-301(2)

  • Laws
  • Names, gender, gross compensation, job titles, job description, business address and telephone, hours worked per pay period, dates of employment, relevant education, previous employment, similar job qualifications.
  • Final opinions, orders
  • Final interpretations of statutes or rules
  • Minutes, transcription of open meeting
  • Judicial records
  • Records filed with clerks, treasurers, surveyors, zoning commissions, etc., title or encumbrances or restrictions to real property, tax status for real or personal property
  • Incorporations, mergers, name changes, and uniform commercial code filings
  • Compensation paid to contractor or private provider
  • Summary data
  • Voter register records excluding driver license number, social security number, or identification number

The following records are normally public: 63G-2-301(3)

  • Staff manuals, instructions, policy statements
  • Compliance with terms of a governmental contract
  • Records documenting services provided by a contractor or provider
  • Contracts
  • Records of receipt or expenditure of funds
  • Records relating to relocation of business to Utah
  • Chronological logs
  • Initial contact reports
  • Correspondence which states an opinion on the rights of government, the public, or any person
  • Empirical data in drafts
  • Drafts circulated outside of government
  • Drafts used to carry out action or policy
  • Original data in a computer program if program not disclosed
  • Arrest warrants after issuance
  • Search warrants after execution and filing
  • Formal charges or disciplinary action if completed and sustained against an employee
  • Records relating to mineral production on government lands
  • Final audit reports
  • Occupational and professional licenses
  • Business licenses
  • Actions taken against persons regulated by a governmental entity

Private Records

Private records are open to the individual to whom the records pertain, and other authorized persons or agencies as outlined in UC 63G-2-202. The following list is not exhaustive, please refer to UC 63G-2-302 for a complete description of private records.

The following information must be classified as private: 63G-2-302(1)
The following information are private if classified properly: 63G-2-302(2)

Controlled Records

A record is controlled according to UC 63G-2-304 if:

Protected Records

Protected records usually contain non-personal data, that are open to the person submitting the record and authorized persons or agencies as outlined in UC 63G-2-202. The following list is not exhaustive, please refer to UC 63G-2-305 for a complete description of protected records.

Records classified as protected may contain the following types of information:

Exempt Records

Exempt records are records where disclosure is limited or prohibited expressly by statute, regulation or court rule.

Primary Classification

Based on the information provided above, please select one of the following classifications as the primary classification assigned to this record series. The primary classification is based on the classification assigned for the majority of the information contained in the record series.

Secondary Classifications

Based on the information provided above, assign the following secondary classifications to this record series. A record series may have more than one secondary classification.

Please list the information covered by the secondary classification.

Reasons for collection and use of record series designated private or controlled

UC 63G-2-601(1)(a)

Select reasons to collect private or controlled records:

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