Records Request Forms for Government Use

The following forms have been prepared for use in the records request process. While use of these forms is not mandatory, they are designed to facilitate the records request process and to ensure that all of the necessary information is provided at each step.

The Utah Open Records Portal provides an online method to request records and governmental entities can respond within or outside the Portal.

GRAMA Response Forms

GRAMA Referral for a governmental entity to use to refer a requester to another entity for their request.

GRAMA Request Payment or Prepayment for a governmental entity to use to charge a reasonable fee to cover the actual cost of providing a record, or if a requester has asked for a cost estimate.

GRAMA Notice of Denial for a governmental entity to use to provide the reasons access to a record is denied.

GRAMA Notice of No Records for a governmental entity to use if the requested records are publicly availanle, do not exist, or were previously provided to the requester.

GRAMA Notice of Extraordinary Circumstances for a governmental entity to use if extraordinary circumstances will delay the response to a record request.

Other Forms

GRAMA Claim of Confidentiality for contractors and private providers to identify protected records or information.



Page Last Updated November 20, 2020 .