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Utah code unannotated, i 1982-

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Schedule Description

The Utah Code Unannotated was issued to meet "the need for the entire Utah Code to be readily available and compact enough to fit in a briefcase." It is printed by a private company. This series contains a copy of the current law for any given year. Entries are organized into numbered titles, chapters and sections. No historical or legal annotations are included. A set of three or four volumes is issued annually or biennially.

Scope and Content

For any given year, the volumes in this series provide a complete copy of the current laws. The laws are codified, i.e. organized into numbered titles, chapters, and sections. A set of three or more volumes is issued annually or biennially.
Each year, the legislature enacts new laws and repeals or modifies old ones. The changes are recorded in the Laws of Utah, series 83155. The complete set of laws were codified in the official copy of the Utah code, Utah Code Annotated 1953 (series 83238), and as each year's laws are passed, annotated updates are issued. The original 1953 edition required 10 volumes, and as pocket supplements and replacement volumes were issued, the Utah Code Annotated became more voluminous.
In 1982, a publisher, CODECO, "recognized the need for the entire current Utah Code to be readily available and compact enough to fit in a briefcase" (Utah Code 1982 Vol. 1. Provo, Utah: CODECO, p. 2). The compilation contains only the current codified copy of the law, without outdated sections, supplements, or historical or legal annotations. CODECO continued to published the Utah Code until 1988 when the Michie Company assumed publication of the Utah Code Unannotated. Lexis Law Publishing assumed publication in 1998.


Archives holdings are missing for 1997-1998.

Microfilming begun by the State State Archives in 1985; retakes of poorly filmed frames may appear at the beginning of the reel. Archivally processed by A.C. Cone in 1990. The series has been updated as required. In 2019, volumes from 2002 to 2017 were disbound and microfilmed, but no reference copies were created in either film or digital formats. The disbound paper was discarded. The volumes from 2018 to 2022 were processed by Gina Strack in February 2023 to remain in paper only with no reformatting.