About the State Records Committee

The State Records Committee is a public body established in 1992 by the Utah Legislature under the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).  Utah Code § 63G-2-501 defines the Committee’s membership and method of appointment. Utah Code § 63G-2-502 outlines the Committee’s duties and responsibilities. The State Records Committee is a public body and meets in accordance with the Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code Utah Code 52-4). Administrative Rule Title R35 further defines how the Committee functions.

The State Records Committee meets monthly, typically on the third Thursday of each month. The Committee hears appeals of government’s determinations to deny access to records. These denials can be based on restricted classification or other reason for denying access, including an unreasonable denial of a request for a fee waiver. The Committee’s decisions and orders are available online.

The seven-member committee is comprised of the director of the Division of Archives and Records Services or his designee, a Utah League of Cities and Towns representative, two citizen representatives, a media representative, a private sector records manager, and an individual with expertise in electronic records and databases.

Committee Members


Brian Swan, Assistant Attorney General, serves as legal counsel to the Committee.


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