About the State Records Committee

The State Records Committee is a public body established in 1992 by the Utah Legislature under the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) (Utah Code § 63G-2-101). It meets in accordance with the Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code Utah Code 52-4) and follows Administrative RuleTitle R35. Administrative Services, Records Committee regarding procedures.

The public body is required to meet at least quarterly review and approve state and local schedules for the retention and disposal of government records. Records retention schedules under review may be found here. In addition, it is charged to hear appeals from the public requesting records they were denied by the governmental entity. Their decisions and orders are available online.

The seven-member committee is comprised of a governor's designee, a Utah League of Cities and Towns representative, state history designee, two citizen representatives, media representative, and a private sector records manager. The Governor with the consent of the Senate appoints all members.

SRC members

Committee Members

Member Representing
Kenneth Williams Governor's Designee
David Fleming, Chair Private Sector Records Manager
Don Hartley Division of State History
Holly Richardson, Chair Pro Tem Citizen Representative
Patricia Smith-Mansfield Citizen Representative
Cindi Mansell Political Subdivisions
Tom Haraldsen News Media Representative

Paul H. Tonks, Assistant Attorney General, serves as legal counsel to the Committee.


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