Carbon County (Utah) Vital Records

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These are records that were created and maintained in the Carbon County Clerk's office prior to the advent of birth and death certificates from the State of Utah. Records may include birth registers, birth reports, death registers, and death reports.

Old register document showing handwritten entries for births

Carbon County (Utah). County Clerk Birth reports

Series 29770

This series contains various reports of births submitted to the county clerk. An 1898 law enacted by the State Legislature required physicians and midwives to record each birth at which they assisted professionally. In their absence, parents were required to make a report. They then reported quarterly to the county clerk or in the case of incorporated cities, to the local board of health, which would in turn report to the county clerk. (Revised Statutes of Utah 1898, Title 57, p. 474-475)

Carbon County (Utah). County Clerk Register of Births

Series 83869

This series contains a register used to record births in the county as reported to the County Clerk. Each entry in the register typically includes the date of birth, sex, race, color, parents, residence, name of informant making the report, and an assigned number. Most of the entries date from 1898-1905, but there are also two anomalous entries for the year 1918.

Carbon County (Utah). County Clerk Register of Deaths

Series 83870

These records contain death registers maintained by the Carbon County Clerk for the years 1898-1905.