Series 80388
Department of Corrections. Inmate Services Prison commitment registers

Dates: 1875-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

These logs are used to record information when an inmate is first admitted to prison. Personal information includes inmate's name, physical description, religion, education, birthplace, and occupation. Beginning in 1889, a photograph of the inmate accompanied this information. Criminal information includes the crime, sentence, discharge date, and prison record. Beginning in 1982, this log was also used as a back-up to the Offender Based Criminal Identification System (OBCIS). As the only facility in the corrections system, the State Prison was the creator from 1875-1982.

A consistent numbering pattern for entries gradually becomes established in book "D," which is the first book containing pictures. The first prison number written in this book is 551 (p. 12) and numbers after that are fairly consistent. On page 106 and 107 earlier numbers are entered 395-689, but on page 108 it picks back up where the numbering on 105 left off. The book covers admissions from 1889 to 1908, and many prisoners who are entered in earlier books are reentered into this one; therefore, there are quite a few duplicate entries and overlapping of admission dates between book A,B,C and book D. These entries often include references to page numbers in an earlier book; the duplicate entries are usually recorded for criminals convicted of serious crimes, who were still serving sentences when the new book was opened. By the end of book "D" entries are being made in order, both chronologically and by prison number, and this pattern continues. In the last book of archival holdings (reel 10) a few odd numbers are scattered throughout i.e., 11845A.

Upper front view pictures of the prisoners appear from 1889 through 1900. Upper front and side view pictures appear from 1900 through 1959. Upper front and side view pictures along with a full front body view appear from 1959 through 1976. Admission records for some prisoners have been expunged. Identifying data such as the name of the prisoner, picture, prison number, residence, relatives, place of birth, and date of birth have been concealed.

Many of the entries include the following data: name and age of prisoner, place and date of birth; physical characteristics; marks and scars; occupation; education; religion; nativity; relatives; marital status; habits of life (temperate/intemperate, peculiarities); aliases; crime resulting in imprisonment; trial and court data; dates of confinement; criminal history; copper allowed; date of discharge and whether paroled or sentence was terminated; and remarks. The item "copper allowed" referred to obtaining credit for good behavior.


For records created from 1875 to 1889, arrangement is chronological by date of entry into prison.

Even after inmate numbers were assigned, the number usually correlates with date of entry.

Related Records

Minutes from the Board of Pardons and Parole, Series 332, contain summaries for the hearings of many of these prisoners over much of the same period covered by this series.

Criminal extradition records from the Lieutenant Governor, Series 348, contain extradition records for some of the prisoners found in this series.

Wardens' administrative records from the Territorial Penitentiary, Series 3912, includes additional information on prisoners.

Joseph Henry Martin investigative files from Ogden (Utah). Ogden Police Department, Series 4101, include an entry for inmate no. 3073, John Henry Martin (a.k.a. Joseph Henry Martin), with a photo, physical description, and information about his incarceration at the State Prison.

Inmate photographs from the Department of Corrections. State Prison, Series 10398, are pictures taken usually upon admission to the prison and also entered in this register.

Criminal physical description record book from the Department of Corrections. State Prison, Series 11886, contains further, detailed anthropometric data, physical description, and certain background data on some of these inmates collected after admission.

Utah Territorial Prison painting from the Board of Pardons, Series 27827, contains information when an inmate is first admitted to prison, and can be used to conduct further research on inmate Frank Treseder.

Correspondence from the Board of Pardons and Parole, Series 80460, contains a variety of documents relating to prisoners during these years.

Inmate jackets from the Department of Corrections. Inmate Services, Series 84145, include additional prisoner information.

Custody History

The hard copy has never been transferred by the prison.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is primarily classified as Private: The records are regarded as private for 75 years as per UCA 63G-2-302(2). They contain information about race, national origin, and religion and disclosure of this and other personal information may constitute an invasion of privacy. The secondary classification is Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

The registers were first microfilmed during 1981; archival processing of the entire series was completed during 1989 by J. Brent Brinkerhoff. Page 188 of Volume A was missed in the original filming and was spliced to the beginning of reel 2 in 1991. Originals are kept by the Inmate Records Office at the Utah State Prison. Current retention is 5 years in the office and in the Record Center for 10 years. At that point the registers are ready to transfer to archives.

Finding Aids

Indexes: Name indexes are available for books B, D, and E on reel 1.

Indexing Terms

  • Crime--Utah--Identification.
  • Criminal investigation--Utah.
  • Prisoners--Utah.

Container List

1 n/a Index to Books B, D, and E
2 n/a Book A; 1875 Jun 3-1886 Aug 7
2 n/a Book B; 1886 Aug 12-1888 Nov 30
2 n/a Book C; 1888 Dec 1-1889 May 11
3 n/a Book C (cont.); 1889 May 11-1896 Jul 23
4 No # - 2181 Book D; 1889 May 6-1908 Jul 11
5 2182 - 2847 Book E; 1908 Jul 13-1912 Dec 10
6 2848 - 3500 Book E (cont.); 1912 Dec 9-1917 Mar 11
6 3501 - 4100 Book F; 1917 Mar 12-1922 Jun 20
7 4101 - 4703 1922 Jun 21-1926 Apr 22
7 4704 - 6767 1926 Apr 24-1938 Jan 12
7 6768 - 7482 1938 Jan 13-1943 Feb 1
8 7483 - 8299 1943 Jan 9-1948 Apr 6
8 8300 - 10455 1948 Apr 13-1959 May 18
9 10461-12095 1959 May 19-1966 May 13
10 12096-12181 1966 May 18-Dec 29
10 12182-13888 1967 Jan 3-1976 Nov 15

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