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Working bills 1990-present online from Utah State Legislature

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Utah State Archives Series 428

This series documents the legislative process in the Utah Senate. The working copy includes the bill as introduced and any amendments made to it. The final official version of the bill is not part of this series unless it was vetoed by the Governor, returned to the Legislature while still in session, and the Legislature failed to override the veto.

Bill, in the broad sense, refers to bills, resolutions, memorials etc. In the narrow sense, bills consist of those documents which a member of the Legislature desires to have made into a Utah law. A bill normally consists of at least its number, a title, an enacting clause, and the main text. Sponsor name(s) appear on the face of the bill. Senate bills are introduced on the floor of the Senate and go through three readings before passage. In the process they are referred to one or more committees. The committee reports back with the recommendation that the bill be passed, amended, or rejected. A bill may also be amended on the floor at certain stages. If the bill passes the Senate after a third reading, it goes to the House where it goes through a similar procedure before returning to the Senate for acceptance of any amendments and is sent to the Governor. All these actions, with the dates taken, are logged on the back of the bill. By 1903, the backing sheets on the bills are consistently yellow, leading to the nickname "yellow backs." By the 1995 session, larger yellow backing sheets were no longer used, but the actions were simply logged on the last sheet of paper.

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