Division of Archives and Records Service

Utah State Records Center Move Update

Joseph Sharp
March 1, 2012

The Utah State Records Center (RC) is still in the process of moving. On February 6th movers began to transfer boxes from the current Decker Lake records center location in West Valley City to the new location in Clearfield. Although this was not the start of the move, as planning and box preparation began previously, this date represents the moment that boxes actually began to move up the I-15 corridor to their new home at the Freeport Center in Clearfield. The center currently warehouses 115,440 boxes of records from local, county, and state agencies. 5,200 boxes, or approximately 4.5 percent of the RC’s total holdings, are being moved daily. At this rate all of the records contained in the RC will have been relocated to the new facility in March. The next step in the move process will be scanning the bar code label on each box and associating it with a specific shelf in the center so that the box can later be located and retrieved. The RC will begin to respond to and pull requested boxes and accept deliveries once all the boxes are scanned and assigned a box location number in the new facility. The Utah State Archives and Records Service expects that date to be on or before April 1st — and that is no joke.

The Archives will be hosting an open house of the new facility in June. Watch the blog for more details about the open house and tours of this normally closed facility.