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1977-1985, Democrat

About the Matheson Administration

Scott M. Matheson was Utah's twelfth governor since statehood, serving two terms from 1977 to 1985. During his administrations, Matheson dealt with issues including water management, federal and state land exchanges, wilderness designations, the possible basing of the MX missile system in Utah, the transfer of "Weteye" nerve gas bombs from Colorado to the Tooele Army Depot, and the effects of nuclear testing on southern Utah residents. One of Matheson's key interests was energy development in Utah. He also contended with problems resulting from severe floods and mudslides that Utah experienced in 1983. Federalism and regional development played an important role in Matheson's policy decisions. During his two terms, Matheson served as chairman of the National Governors' Association's Subcommittee on Water Management, the National Governors' Association itself, the Council of State Governments, the Western Governors' Policy Office, and the Four Corners Regional Commission.

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Records of Governor Matheson

Governor Matheson  
Administrative records, 1977-1984 Series 13697
Appointment books, 1977-1984 Series 19077
Association correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 4527
Board and commission appointments, 1977-1984 Series 219
Board of Examiner's records, 1977-1978 Series 4534
Budget records, 1976-1984 Series 19280
Campaign records, 1970-1980 Series 1644
Constituent records, 1977-1984 Series 1601
Correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 4468
County records, 1977-1984 Series 19269
Declarations and executive orders, 1917-1984 Series 5418
Executive protection records, 1979-1983 Series 4535
Extradition case files, 1975-1983 Series 1547
Federal correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 4530
Hotline records, 1976-1984 Series 4087
Interstate association and commission records, 1970-1984 Series 4527
Legal association correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 4533
Legislative bills case files, 1977-1984 Series 1595
MX missile records, 1977-1982 Series 1646
Natural resources working files, 1976-1984 Series 19161
Newspaper clippings, 1977-1983 Series 24105
Outgoing correspondence, 1976-1984 Series 4466
Photographs, 1978-1984 Series 22690
Prayer breakfast records, 1969-1981 Series 19279
Press releases, 4528 Series 4528
Publicity records, 1977-1984 Series 1642
Radiation records, 1950-1984 Series 4470
Schedules, 1977-1984 Series 4464
Speeches, 1976-1984 Series 4455
State agency correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 4532
State correspondence, 1977-1984 Series 19268
State scene newsletter, 1983 Series 6449
Utah Conference on Families records, 1979-1981 Series 24107
Weteye nerve gas bomb records, 1977-1982 Series 19410
Year of the child scrapbook, 1978-1979 Series 11681

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