Division of Archives and Records Service

Working out the kinks and finding aids

Gina Strack
September 9, 2008

Moving and/or creating a new website is never easy. Hopefully online visitors are not getting too lost (if at all) on the new Archives & Records Service site. A lot of the content is full-circle in that it has not really changed since implementing a content management system in 2005 (which unfortunately had a bad habit of using long confusing URLs). Even the research section–found at for the most part over the last 3 1/2 years–is returning largely intact, though instead of it is

The remaining missing element for researching Archives materials online are the finding aids. With an 18-month-long statewide grant-funded project wrapping up to upgrade and improve all our inventory finding aids, we are waiting to unveil them all at once. Hopefully by the end of the month! In the meantime, many apologies for any potentially confusing misdirections. We have implemented a temporary redirect to take any links beginning with to This, however, will not help links to new inventories which, when we finish, could number close to 800 (added to 900 existing). These are from offline “temporary lists” of often small record series with simple descriptions and maybe a basic box list. Even if we never get these “finished,” at least this much information will soon be online.

Discovered today: someone is “tweating” us on Twitter from!