Division of Archives and Records Service

An Extra Statute Found

Gina Strack
November 5, 2008

We are literally days away from finishing the enormous House Working Bills record series project, putting online all bill files discussed by the Utah House of Representatives from 1896 to 1989 (1990 to the present is on the Legislature’s own site). And sometimes you get a little more than expected.

Yesterday, while finishing up the last few, we discovered that we have essentially digitized the entire 1933 Revised Statutes of Utah, since it started out as House Bill 2 in the 1933 session. With little changes, it was later published in the form anyone doing historical research in compiled laws may be familiar with (a nice big volume with black cover). To add some value to this resource, I am working on putting up an extra version of the bill file with full OCR text search to make it useful and searchable. This will hopefully go along well with the other historical statutues digitized by the University of Utah’s Marriott Library.

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