Division of Archives and Records Service

House Working bills are Finished

Gina Strack
November 12, 2008
In celebration of a project complete

We even had the cupcakes to prove it–one for each session digitized and put online.

Naturally, it would be great to move onto the Senate Working bills. First, microfilming will need to completed, both for preservation and it is from the microfilm that we scan the digital images. Secondly, with the overall economic climate, resources are a little tighter and may affect upcoming projects.

Still, it is amazing to think of the numbers: 63 legislative sessions between 1896 and 1989 with 4,598 folders and 146,817 images now online. It has been about 11 months since the first image went online on January 4, 2008 (hey that’s Statehood day!), with scanning activities going back to late 2007. Now that the simple folders are available, we are looking at ways to add searching based on criteria such as individual bill numbers and subjects to be added. In the meantime, browsing is easiest by year.

Proper press releases will also follow along shortly.